Wisteria Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Since the earliest times it was believed that the flowers have special language. They have many symbolic meanings and they can tell us important messages. Each flower has its own symbolism, which arouses a great interest and curiosity among all flower lovers. If you love flowers, then you would certainly like to know what they can mean and how we can understand their symbolism.

In order to know which flower is appropriate for which situation, it is important to know the symbolism of the flowers.

In this article we will talk about the wisteria flower. Have you ever heard of this flower? Do you have this flower in your garden? Do you know how this flower looks like? Do you know what the wisteria flower may symbolize and in which situations it is best to use it? If you continue reading, you will find out all you need to know about this beautiful flower and its symbolism.

It is usually said that the wisteria flower is not only beautiful but also very mysterious. In this text you will get to know something about the mistery of this flower and its symbolism. After that you will appreciate this flower even more and you will know in which situations you should use it. If you continue reading this article, you will certainly find useful information and facts that will help you understand better the symbolism of the wisteria flower.

But, before we start talking about its symbolism, we will tell you something about this flower in general and its most important botanical characteristics. If you love flowers, then you will certainly enjoy this article and you will find interesting information.

What Is the Wisteria Flower?

The Wisteria belongs to the family called Fabaceae. Actually, it is the pea family in which there are also other beautiful flowers. The wisteria is a flowering plant and it comes from Asia, but today it grows mostly in the eastern part of the US and also in Asia, especially in China, Japan and Korea. It is interesting that the wisteria flower was brought to Europe at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

This flower was named after the anatomy professor from Germany, whose name was Dr Kaspar Wistar. The original name of this flower in China is “Zi Ten“, which has the meaning of a blue vine. There are at least 20 species of the wisteria flower and it is one of the most favorite plants in the gardens in Asia.

The wisteria grows usually in the form of a vine and the flowers of this plant have beautiful fragrance. The flowers of the wisteria plant may be purple, blue, pink or even red-violet, but more about the colors of this plant and their symbolism, you will see below in this text. It is interesting that the blossoms of wisteria can be eaten and they are very sweet.

However, it is important to avoid cut flowers of wisteria because they may contain different pesticides. If you decide to use the flowers of this plant, you should cook them well and make a tasteful jelly. You can also use the wisteria leaves, if you want to make a tea that is considered to be very healthy. Even though the wisteria flower is edible, it is important to know that not all parts of this plant can be eaten. You should avoid stem, bark and also the seeds of the wisteria flower because they are not edible.

Now when you have read the most important information about the wisteria flower, we will tell you something more about its meaning and symbolism.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Wisteria Flower

There are a lot of things that we should mention when we are talking about the symbolism of the wisteria flower. In most cultures this flower is a symbol of good luck. It refers especially to our love situation and our job. If we are going to get married, the wisteria flower means that this marriage will be successful and very good.

The same situation is when we are starting a new business. In this case the wisteria flower also represents a lot of success in our career. Because of that the wisteria flower is usually used in weddings, as well as in events when we celebrate the beginning of a new business. It is believed that for wedding it is best to give someone the blue wisteria flowers.

Another symbolic meaning of the wisteria flower is related to the birth of a child or its birthday during the young ages. Actually, this flower symbolizes youth and vitality, so it is usually associated with children and young people.

Also, the wisteria flowers are often used for birthdays that we celebrate during the spring, especially during March and April. Actually, the wisteria flower blooms in that period, so it is usually used for birthdays.

If you want to say welcome to someone who is coming in a new home or maybe in a new town, then it is the ideal occasion tu use the wisteria flower. Also, if you are meeting someone for the first time, the wisteria flowers are a great way to express your own affection to that person.

There is also another meaning of this beautiful flower. If you are seriously devoted to something or to someone, the wisteria flower is the ideal flower to show your devotion. Another great occasion to use the wisteria flowers is when a new member of your family is born.

We have already said that the wisteria flower comes originally from Asia, so its symbolism is mostly associated with the cultures of China und Japan. In China the wisteria flower is used in art, but also in celebrating a wedding. The wisteria flower is considered to symbolize a new life and new beginnings, especially because it blooms in spring. That’s why this flower is usually recommended for a baby shower and also for an opening of a new business, as we have already mentioned above in this text.

There is no doubt that the wisteria flower is a symbol of love but also a symbol of loss. Actually, this flower can teach us how our heart can endure and go on even though we have lost someone or something very important for us.

We can also say that the wisteria flower is a symbol of fertility, love, beauty longevity, grace, immortality, victory, endurance and honour. As you can see, the symbolism of this plant is related to many different meanings and we hope you have understood well all these meanings.

Now when you know the most important meanings of the wisteria flower, we will tell you something about its colors and the meaning of these colors as well.

Colors of the Wisteria Flower

The color of a flower plays a very important role when it comes to flower symbolism. Because of that we will tell you what is the color of the wisteria flower. The color of the wisteria flower is usually light purple, but sometimes this flower can be found in white, pink and blue color as well. Each of these colors has its own meaning and symbolism.

If you choose the white wisteria flower, then it will certainly bring you good luck. The white wisteria flowers are usually used for weddings. The blue wisteria flower is a symbol of new beginnings and new adventures. Of course, we have the pink wisteria flower as well, which is usually used for baby girls and it is believed to be a symbol of love.

Now when you know the meaning and symbolism of the wisteria flower, we can tell you what is the message that this flower is giving to us. Actually, this flower is telling us that we should celebrate all good things in our lives and focus on them. There are many new beginnings that should be celebrated, so we should forget all negative things that may exist around us. We should believe in our good luck and enjoy our lives.

In this article you had the opportunity to learn something about the wisteria flower and its symbolism. We have told you that the wisteria grows mostly in the wine form and it has very fragrant blossoms. The wisteria flower is not only nice and edible, but it is also known for its symbolism. The symbolism of this flower comes mostly from China and Japan because the wisteria flower is native to these countries. Today the meanings of the wisteria flowers are interpreted all around the world.

We hope you have found interesting and useful information in this article and we are sure that you will pay more attention to the symbolism of this beautiful flower. Now you know in which situations you can use this flower and what it will symbolize.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and you will think more about the flower symbolism before you use a certain flower for something. Don’t forget that the symbolism of flowers is very important and it will help you choose the appropriate flower for any occasion.