Tulip Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Everybody loves gorgeous Tulip flowers as they remind us of the spring and summer. Just one glance at the Tulip flower will make you feel all bubbly, optimistic, and positive on the inside as well on the outside, no matter of what we are dealing with at the moment. Just imagine a filed full of the Tulip flowers and you will get an optimism injection and feel the warmth and optimism. As their beauty is extraordinary, the Tulip flowers are a bit complicated when it comes to growing and taking care of them, but it is all totally worth it.

People in the past centuries used flowers to connect with nature, divines, and deities, which is a common custom even in the modern ages. Every flower is appreciated and worshiped because of its symbolism and special meaning, but what we should do first is to get familiar with their meanings. There is actually a lot more to discover about the flowers than it might seem at first glance.

Tulip flower’s original habitats are Europe and Asia, while the other parts of the world got the chance to admire its beauty thanks to the development of commerce and trade. These flowers always represented romance, love, optimism, but the Tulip flower has some additional meanings too. Tulip flower is proclaimed as the national flower of a couple of countries and symbolize well being and harmonious relationships with other people.

As with every flower, you can discover and learn a lot about interesting and fun facts about the Tulip flower if you read through our article. This is the chance for you to know more about the gorgeous Tulip flower, so keep your eyes wide open.

What Is The Main Meaning of the Tulip Flower?

Tulip flower carries different meanings in different cultures and some of its main meanings are:

• Love,
• Perfection,
• Passion,
• Prosperity,
• Indulgence,
• 11th anniversaries,
• Royalty,
• Abundance,
• Indulgence,
• Neglected love,
• Support for the less fortunate.

As we already mentioned, the Tulip flower represents love and affection. If you want to show someone that your emotions and intentions are serious, then the Tulip flower or a bouquet would be a perfect gift.

Tulip flowers are generally considered as symbols of love and perfect relationships, so you can be assured that you will send an unmistaken message to your beloved one. You will often see the Tulip flowers as decoration on many weddings or in bridal bouquets.

On the other side, the Tulip flower represents passionate love towards someone.

However, this is not an aggressive, but overall subtle way to say to someone how much you like them and open yourself about the attraction you feel towards that person, but in a romantic way. If you have a crush on someone and find that person extremely attractive, the Tulip flower will say more than words to them. Pink or red Tulip flowers are a perfect gift that shows off your creativity and love.

Royal families have been using Tulip flowers as decoration inside their homes and ceremonies they celebrated. Tulip flowers are a bit pricey and, as we mentioned, are a bit hard to grow, which adds on their value. Their beauty is highly appreciated among the royalty, as the Tulip flowers mean someone has a lot of money and are considered as a symbol of prestige.

That is another meaning of the Tulip flower – prosperity, wealthy, and abundance. Royal families grow the Tulip flowers in their gardens and along the pathways, creating an impression of living in a fairy tale. Tulip flowers are specific in so many ways, standing out from the average, just like the royal families.

If you want to show your beloved one you remember each anniversary and it is the time for your 11th anniversary, the Tulip flower is the best way to express your love and appreciation for all those years spent together.

On the other side, if you two maybe decided to renew your vows, you can use the Tulip flowers for decorating the special place where you are going to do this.

Even though the Tulips represent romantic and happy love in general, they can also represent neglected love as well. Unfortunately, pain is sometimes inevitable when we are talking about love. For example, hopeless romantic poets and artists gifted the Tulip flowers to their beloved ones, as this flower hides a message of secret and neglected love.

Helping people who are in need is such a nice gesture. Tulip flower also stands for supporting the ones who had a bit less luck in life. These flowers remind us not to forget about people who need some care and support. Be humble, be kind, and be gentle – that is the final meaning of the Tulip flower that motivates us to be better persons and share whatever we have with people who have less. It is good to put ourselves first sometimes, but putting other’s needs in front of ours says a lot about us as persons.

The Etymological Meaning of the Tulip Flower

Tulip flower obviously has a short name, but its history is pretty long and complicated if you take a deeper look. The name of the Tulip flower dates back to the Persian Empire. Persians used the Tulip flowers to decorate their turbans or delbands.

Another explanation of this word claims that the name of the flower is actually a mix of several languages. People shaped the name of this beautiful flower over the centuries and came up with this specific name. Probably this is the reason why people all around the world have a similar name for the Tulip flower.

The Symbolism of the Tulip Flower

There is no man on earth who has never seen the Tulip flower. This flower has a high position on the list of the most beloved flowers in the world. Tulips have been used as symbols of lover over the centuries, especially in art and literature. You can often find it in famous paintings or hear its name in some of the most beautiful poems.

Tulip flowers come in optimal size – they are not too big either too small, they are not aggressive but subtle and elegant, but nothing excessive. Many people consider the Tulip as an ideal flower for gifts or home decorations, as it really does bring in color in everyday life.

Persia is the natural habitat of the Tulip flower. Many Persian poets wrote about it, especially Musharrifu’d-din Saadi, who compared the Tulip flower to Heaven itself and understood it symbolized abundance and richness.

The Turks call the Tulip flower “lale”. When you write that word in Turkish, you will notice the same spelling as the word Allah, which is the reason why the Turks consider the Tulip flower a religious and holy symbol. They also relate the Tulip to the House of Osman, which is all covered with decorative symbols of the Tulip flower – tiles, crockery, and vases. People who lived in the Ottoman Empire also believed the Tulip flower symbolized wealth and plenty of everything materialistic. What is more, the Ottomans called their whole era by the Tulip – the Tulip era and this is the wealthiest period of the Empire.

We explained the Tulip flower has a meaning of helping the others and being kind and generous. The Victorians considered the Tulip flower as a symbol of poor people and charity. The Iranians painted the Tulip flowers in emblems as a symbol of memory for all warriors who died for the sake of the country. Some people considered the Tulip flower as a symbol of the east and the west. Tulip flower is believed to signifies shortness of life in Netherland, as they live for a brief period of time. Yet, the Netherlands see the Tulip flower as a symbol of their culture and heritage. Carolus Clusisus was the first man to write the first book about the Tulip flowers in 1592. Dutch Golden Age glorified the Tulip flowers through art and literature.

Alexandre Dumas wrote a novel – historic romance The Black Tulip, inspired by the beauty of this flower. The story revolves about the reward to a person who manages to grow a black Tulip flower. The very story takes place in Dutch city Haarlem.

If you know the Major Arcana cards – Arkansas Zero, One, Four, and Fifteen are symbolized with the Tulip flower. The new age associated the Tulip flowers with love completely and it is a very common flower in wedding ceremonies and gift for Valentine’s Day.

Tulip Flower – Color and Meaning

Colors have both positive and negative meanings – that is why we should study through flowers colors. As the Tulip flower comes in the whole spectrum of colors, you should get familiar with special meaning hidden behind each color.

We already talked about the main meaning of the Tulip flower – love and passion. Bright red Tulip flower might catch your attention if you want to surprise someone you love or towards whom you feel strong affection and passion. You maybe wouldn’t want to send the bright red Tulip flower to a family member, as the Tulip flower in this color stands for romance. Even though the red color might symbolize aggression or danger, the Tulip flower doesn’t represent negative emotions so you can send them to someone you love with no doubts.

Purple Tulip flower is a symbol of royalty, wealth, prosperity, extravagance, mystery, luxury, independence, and devotion. You can gift it to anyone, as the purple Tulip flower will send your good wishes to a receiver. If you get a bouquet of the purple Tulip flowers, that means the sender wishes you well being, richness, and luxurious life.

As the red Tulip flower is not the happiest solution for family members, the pink one surely is. Gift the pink Tulip flower to members of your family and your friends, as it will send a message of love, but not in a romantic way. The pink color of the Tulip flower symbolizes kindness, femininity, inner peace, and subtle nature.

Yellow Tulip flower is a symbol of neglected, hopeless love, as a person you love doesn’t feel the same. You still can send a bouquet of the yellow Tulips to that person to express your regret and pain because of the unreturned love. On the other side, yellow Tulip flower also stands for enlightenment, clarity, freshness, friendship, optimism, and happiness.

Negative meaning of the yellow color is jealousy, deceit, sickness, and cowardice, but as you probably wouldn’t want to send flowers with negative emotions, send them to someone who will understand this color truly. Yellow Tulip flower obviously has very strong power and meaning, so be careful. You still can buy the yellow Tulip flowers to decorate your home and bring in some positive energy, as they make a beautiful decoration.

Botanical Characteristics of the Tulip Flower

Tulip flower is a member of a great family of Lilies. Some people even like to eat them, as the Tulip flowers are edible and make an interesting flavor in dishes. Some flowers have a medicinal purpose, but the Tulip flower is not believed to cure any disease yet.

During World War II, people in the Netherlands ate the Tulip flowers as they were the main source of food for the starving population. Tulip flowers contain a high concentration of starch in their bulbs so that they make you full.

You can grow your Tulip flower in your backyard or garden, wherever you live. Still, the main problem with the Tulip flower is that it doesn’t last long. When they blossom, you will be amazed by their beautiful colors, but only for a short period of time. Then they disappear and you won’t see the Tulip flowers until the next year. If you want to grow nice and healthy Tulips, fertilize them well and water them regularly. Before planting the Tulip bulbs, put them in the refrigerator for some time, but avoid mixing them with other fruit.

Make sure your Tulip bulbs are dry and ventilated when you are planting them. The optimal time for planting them is from September to December, otherwise, they won’t grow the next spring. Give your Tulips some space, plant them in a sunny place without shade as possible and 5-10-5 fertilizer to the ground. Pine mulch will also please your Tulips, while shredded leaves will protect them during the winter.

Tulip Flower – Fun Facts

Tulip flowers come in about 150 species and up to 1500 varieties.

Tulip flower is a symbol of Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.

In the 1600s the Tulip flowers’ cost was 10 times more than the average salary in the Netherlands.

The period from 1634 to 1637 was named as Tulip mania and this is the most expensive period of the Tulip flowers.


Tulip flower somehow manages to amaze and impress us every time we look at it. This flower catches attention easily as they are special in so many ways. Tulip flower reminds us to be humble, kind, loving, and honest. It might happen that you will get your heart broken by someone you love, but sooner or later you will understand the reason for everything.

Tulip flower symbolizes love and devotion, but always love yourself first and never forget your inner beauty.