Sunflower – Meaning and Symbolism

Through centuries people have been trying to discover the secret of the meaning of flowers, they tried to interpret their language and to discover the symbolism of their messages.

Through centuries, flowers have been inspiration to numerous writers, poets and romancers. It is impossible to find any song or poem in which its meaning is not mentioned.

Their tenderness, warmth, innocence and honesty have always been a source of inspiration to artists, and to those people who knew how to value their meaning.

In this article we are going to talk about the special characteristics of sunflower, discover what messages this flower is sending, what its hidden meaning is, and what kind of energy it brings.

You will learn how and when you can give this flower to the loved one, also, you will learn numerous botanical facts and interesting information about this flower, such as where it grows, how it grows, how it is maintained, what kind of climate suits it etc…

It’s possible that their meaning is not known to people and that most people will not believe in their meaning and role, but when we think a little better, it’s obvious that flowers are all around us. Flowers play a major role in the growing up and maturing of a child, no childhood can be imagined without collecting the flowers, the recognition of their scent, and the making a crown of flowers.

In addition to this role, it is certain that the flowers play a significant role in religion and art, every sculpture or some other kind of artistic work will contain flower motifs.

In addition to this role, literature is full of stories about the significance of flowers, the world’s greatest writers such as William Shakespeare, Tomas Man, or poets like Charles Baudelaire have tried to conquer the beauty of flowers, their innocence and purity.

In many of their works you can find the idea that there is no creature in the world that can be cleaner than them, because their aura and beauty are special. Through their description, poets tried to describe and express their emotions, in order to describe the purity and depth of human love.

Meaning of Sunflower

Each flower carries a different symbolism and brings with it a special energy; people have been familiar with the significance of flowers since ancient times. Throughout the history of numerous cultures, there has been found lots of evidence indicating that the flowers had a special significance and that it played a very important role in everyday activities people.

Each flower brings with it several different meanings, in addition to these meanings; a key factor that helps and contributes to the symbolism is the color of the flowers.

You must be familiar with the claims that the color of the flowers reflects their meaning, that is true, and in the next part of the text, we will pay attention to this meaning.

The picture of the sunflower itself tells us that this is one of the longest and most powerful flowers; its appearance inspires confidence, strength and courage. It is not one of the smaller flowers, it is completely opposite to it and its height takes it to the sky, therefore it is considered one of the rulers of every gardens, this flower is always turned towards the sun, therefore it brings with it special energy, relieves people of stress, helps to relieve them of anxiety, to give them confidence and courage.

Now let’s introduce some of the famous flowers:

  • Positive energy

Sunflower is a symbol of positive energy, it is not strange that his body and face is always sunbathing, he is one of the collectors of positive energy. His message is that you should think optimistically, that you must be aware that there is always a solution to any problem and that you need to believe in love, kindness, sincerity, and attention.

  • Independence

With its appearance, it’s no wonder that this flower reflects independence and confidence, its proper body, and its head that is always up, is a real sign that you must be sure in yourself. Its meaning says that you trust only in yourself, that you cannot rely on other people, that you must use your skills and that you should always develop and defile your talents.

  • Long life

This flower can survive during very high summer temperatures, it can fight with them, bravely and upright, so the meaning of a long life is attached to it. This message relates that you must fulfill your life with challenges, opportunities, chances, and that you have to believe in yourself and let people know you, that you must travel, meet new cultures, learn languages, expand your aspects and upgrade your life with the beautiful experiences.

Be sure that life is not measured over the years but with beautiful moments, given opportunities and well-used opportunities.

  • Good luck

This flower brings happiness which relates to career, work, love, and to other segments in life. Every success is possible with little luck, and there is no person who can dare and say that happiness does not exist, because it is so strong that it can overcome even the biggest obstacles.

  • Loyalty and care

This flower is also a symbol of family and love; it brings warmth of home and love, it sends messages related to family relationships as well as relations with friends and colleagues. If you neglect someone important in your life, this flower will remind you that you need to change this situation, you must pay attention to that person and you must be sure that you will again establish a strong relationship between you. You must not lose people who are important to you, this flower talks about true values and always puts them in the foreground

Sunflower – Etymological meaning

The name of the word sunflower originates from the Latin language, and it is made out from two words that are merged into one which is the sun and the flower.

This name comes from the fact that this is the only plant that is always sunbath and that it is always looking at Sun, many facts come from this phenomenon, and many important features like energy, long living and happiness are related to this phenomenon.

Interestingly, this flower actually has the shape of a sun, its upper body, or its face has the same look as the sun, some people interpret it as a result of constant looking into the sun, while some of them overwrite particular significance. This flower is specific because it can withstand a very high temperature, and the Sun only adds it more energy and life.

Sunflower – Symbolism

Sunflower is a symbol of life, love and strength, this flower is considered one of the most active and brightest flowers. With its appearance it certainly separates from the majority and carries with it special charm and special energy.

This flower has a completely different look from others, its shape and its standing is special, its appearance reminds people of Sun. Throughout the past, especially in Ancient Greece and Rome, people admired his appearance, and they thought that he was the only connection between the Sun and the Earth. They believed that it was magnificent and that its beauty was unprecedented.

Numerous cultures worshiped this flower and believed that it was the symbol of the God of the Sun.

With its appearance, energy and attitude, this flower brings special energy to your home, it is especially related to the family, home and love, it is believed that it enhances love relationships and makes people happy.

The meaning of this flower can be presented as metaphors, so this flower indicates that life is one, and that you must use it the best you can, you must not give up, and you must not lose hope because it always exists. You must be sure that each problem has its own solution, as well as it is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

This message of this flower can be understood as metaphors, the sun during the day flashes this flower, but during the night it disappears, just like when we think that our problems are trampled and that we cannot solve certain situations, but as soon as the sun is up this flower gets it energy and needs, just like there is a solution to every problem.

This flower also says that you must believe in yourself and that you must be aware that only you can help yourself and no one else, even when you lose hope in yourself, you must know that you can solve every problem with the help of your abilities and you must know that they are huge, but they need to be upgraded and smartly used.

This flower can help you to move on, it can help you to get motivation that you need, sometimes in life, there is a lot of situations when you are just stuck in one same place, and you need something which will help you to overcome it and to forget about past. This flower can remind you that everything will pass, that life is short and you need to use it and enjoy in every giving opportunity, you also need to be grateful that you are alive and that have chance to enjoy in it, to feel free, to do the thing that you like and to learn interesting facts about people around you, about your family and friends and about yourself.

We need to remind you that each flower has its own story and that each flower can help you to understand much better life and it meaning.

The color of the flower significantly influences its meaning, energy, and its secret messages. Each flower contains of one or more colors, these colors can help you to understand better the energy and significance of that flower. You’ve probably heard so many rumors that red color means love, blue means freedom, while yellow means jealousy. You have to understand that it is not easy to characterize a flower with a color that has only one meaning, each color in it contains a different story and refers to different segments.

The yellow color, in addition to being a symbol of jealousy, brings with it the warmth of home and optimism. The sunflower is sunbathing, and it is enough to just look at it and inspire you with positive energy and motivation, the appearance of this plant simply rests our eyes, relieves us of stress, leads us to relaxation and helps us forget all our obligations and live only at one moment.

When it comes to love relationships, this color refers to jealousy.

In addition, we must say that the yellow color denotes love, family holidays that symbolize communion, warmth and love.

Sunflower – Botanical facts and characteristics

The sunflower keeps the origins from South America, it is believed that the Mayan Tribe began with the sunflower cultivation first. The significance and existence of this plant was very important for them, it was believed that this plant was the God of the Sun, so for a time it was subject to worship, not only for this tribe, but also for other tribes throughout America and later in Europe.

Sunflower played a significant role in the development of the numerous cultures, many of them believed that this flower represented the Gods and that it was the symbol of the god of the Sun. In many caves that were the habitat of our ancestors, the drawings of this plant were found, besides this many objects such as vases and plates, contained the motives of these flowers.

Later, these flowers were cultivated as an ornamental plant, which was located in houses or yards, until more useful use of this plant was found, and this is the production of oil. Thanks to this plant we are enabled to use oil in the nutrition. In addition to this, this plant produces materials for the production of numerous products, as well as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paints and etc.

If you want to grow this plant, you must be sure that all necessary conditions are provided. Obviously, for a good growth of this plant, a lot of sunshine is needed, because it draws all energy from it, 80% of its body is turned towards the sun because it provides it with all the necessary conditions for progress. Water is also a very important factor for the favorable growth of this plant, it must be supplied with water regularly, otherwise, it will not be possible to fight with long summer days and very high temperatures. The land must be fertile.

The minimum temperature at which this plant can survive is 3 degrees, while the maximum temperature is 25 degrees, we can say that the optimal temperature which is suitable for the growth and development of this plant is from 15 to 20 degrees.

This plant can reach a height of up to 2m, its stem is very strong and can resist very strong winds, in addition, a large amount of light helps her develop her leaves.

The inside of the sunflower is edible; it contains seeds that can be used in the diet, and for medicinal purposes. Sunflower petals are used to produce teas which help lower blood pressure and improve heart rate.