Stock Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flowers are a part of our life. We all have flowers in our gardens and in our homes as well. We use flowers for both good and bad occasions in our lives, such as weddings, birthdays, funerals and many other occasions. Flowers have a beautiful scent and many colors. Flowers decorate our environment and make it look better.

But, have you ever wondered what is the secret meaning of flowers? Have you ever thought about flower symbolism? When you want to buy a flower, do you know what this special flower can mean? Have you chosen the right flower for a certain occasion? It is very important to know what a certain type of flower can represent, because each flower has its own symbolism. Maybe you did not know, but flowers have different meanings.

We can say that flowers in general symbolize joy and happiness, but they also remind us of changes that are happening around us. You probably know that a red rose is a symbol of love. But there are also many other flowers that can have special meanings. When you buy flowers for someone or when you receive flowers as a gift, it is good to know the symbolism of these specific flowers.

In this text we will talk about a stock flower, its meanings and symbolism. We will also tell you in which colors this flower can be found and what each color can symbolize.

Before we start telling you about the symbolism of this magical flower, we will tell you some basic information about it. If you would like to find out everything about stock flower, its characteristics and symbolism, we recommend you to read this article.

What is a Stock Flower?

Botanical name of a stock flower is Matthiola. A botanist from Italy, whose surname was Matthiola, cultivated stock flower because he believed in its medical power. As you can see, a stock flower was named after this scientist.

Sometimes this flower was also called gillyflower. Stock flower is great for bouquets and also for arrangements. If you are making a wedding and you need beautiful flowers for the arrangements, we recommend you to choose stock flowers.

Stock flower is known for its beautiful scent that is very strong. This flower belongs to the mustard family. Other plants in this family are turnips and broccoli. It is known that all members of mustard family have a spicy cinnamon scent and also a scent of cloves.

It is interesting to know that this flower has even more than 140 species. Stock flower appeared for the first time in South Africa, but in the XVI century this flower was exported to England and very soon has become very popular. It was said that in England this flower was used as a currency. According to another theorie, stock flower comes from Greece, but there is no doubt that it grows best in the Mediterranean climate.

Today this flower can be found in the whole world and it is one of the most beautiful and popular flowers. It is interesting that man can eat this flower, so it is usually used for making a salad or for garnishing a dessert. People who have eaten this flower have said that it not only smells good, but tastes very good as well. But, before you decide to eat stock flowers, you should know that not all parts of these flowers are edible. There are also parts that you should not eat and those are the roots and the leaves of a stock flower.

Now when you know basic information about this flower, we will tell you what is its meaning and symbolism.

Also, we will tell you in which colors this flower can be found. If you are interested to know more about this beautiful flower, we recommend you to continue reading this article.

Meaning and Symbolism of a Stock Flower

First of all we have to say something about the symbolism of stock flower in the past. During the history this flower was considered to be a romantic flower for lovers. A stock flower is very often attached to love themes and even today it is the most popular flower for wedding decorations.

As we have already said, stock flower is one of the most favorite flowers for bouquets and different decorations. First of all we have to say that this flower attracts attention with its beautiful scent and blossoms. Its scent is spicy like cinnamon or clove, so it is very special. But, have you ever wondered what is the meaning of this flower? Stock flower has special symbolism and we will help you to find it out.

Actually, since the earliest times stock flower was considered to be the symbol of happiness and joy. It symbolized a happy life and all beauty that exists in this world. In the past this flower was used as a symbol of longevity and happiness.

Also, it was used as a symbol of beauty that will not disappear with time. Stock flower can also symbolize purity, spirituality and joy that exists in this world. There is no doubt that a stock flower is a symbol of adoration and connection with the God as well.

When we talk about the symbolism of a stock flower, we should also mention that this flower is related to sensitivity and sincerity. As you can see, all good feelings in this world are connected with a stock flower.

This life is beautiful, so you should enjoy it as much as you can. It is the message that a stock flower is bringing to us. We have already said that this flower is usually used for weddings. It is the best way to show your partner how much you love him/her. Stock flower is a symbol of love and nature, birth and happiness. If you celebrate a birthday from your child, you can also use this flower for decoration.

Even though stock flowers are always great for most bouquets, you should not pair them with some flowers that have negative symbolism. We have already said that a stock flower symbolizes a long and happy life full of success and good things. If you choose stock flowers for any happy occasion, you will make the right choice. There is a belief that stock flowers will help us achieve paradise on this planet.

Now when you know what is the symbolism of a stock flower and what are the secret meanings of this flower, you will have the opportunity to see something about different colors of stock flower and their symbolism. When you are buying or receiving stock flowers, a color of this flower is of the crucial importance.

Colors of a Stock Flower

As we have already sad, it is important to know what a certain color of flower can mean. Stock flower comes usually in pink, purple, red and white color. It is interesting to know that every color has its own meaning. According to that, we can say that a white stock flower is most suitable for weddings.

On the other side, a red stock flower is a symbol of passion, as well as a pink stock flower. White and pink can also be a symbol of purity. We can also find stock flowers in purple and blue colors, so they are usually used as a symbol of joy. When stock flowers are yellow or orange, they also represent happiness. When you want to buy stock flowers for a special occasion, it is always good to know the particular meaning of each color.

We have already mentioned some occasions in which you can use stock flowers. Appart from weddings and birthdays, stock flowers are ideal for anniversaries, first communions and other special and happy events.

Stock flower has a very strong message for all of us. It tells us that we should enjoy the life, because life is beautiful. Life is too short, so we should not waste any moment, because later we will regret it. Even though it may seem to you that there are many problems in your life, the truth is that life is made of love, happiness and beauty. If you believe in that and if you have a positive attitude towards life, then a stock flower is the best flower for you.

In this article you had the opportunity to see what a stock flower is and why it is so special and popular all over the world. As we have already said, this flower comes probably from the Mediterranean and it was always regarded as a symbol of love.

Today it also represents love, adoration, sensitivity and purity, so it is used in many special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. There is no doubt that this flower attracts attention with its beautiful strong smell and colorful blossoms. We have also said that these flowers are mostly edible, so you can enjoy not only in their beautiful scent, but also in their good taste.

The symbolism of a stock flower is very important because it is connected with the sense of our lives. When you see this flower, you should know that it is giving you an important message. Life is something beautiful and you should not waste your time on irrelevant things. There is so much happiness and beauty on this world and you should be able to recognize them. Problems that we have are only temporary and you should not pay much attention to them. Stock flowers are telling us to focus on good things that exist all around us.

We hope this article has been useful for you, because it helped you find out the most important information about a stock flower.

Also, we hope we have given you many interesting details about this flower and its symbolism. If you are planing a wedding or if you are celebrating your anniversary soon, we are sure that you will choose stock flowers for decoration.

Now when you know what a stock flower can mean and why its symbolism is so important, we are sure that you will not miss the opportunity to have it as a part of all happy occasions that you have in your life. We hope you have enjoyed this article and you will pay more attention to the symbolism of flowers in general.