Statice Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Did you know there are over 120 species of Statice flowers? These beauties grow all around the world. If you are interested in Statice flower meanings, be sure they are very interesting to explore as this flower existed on the planet Earth for more than hundreds of years.

In this article, we will talk about the unique meaning and symbolism of the Statice flowers and tickle your interest in this flower even more!

What Is the Meaning of Statice Flower?

Statice has much to do with tiniest emotions we can relate to, so this is a great way to express them. This colorful, bright, scented flower can lift you up and change the course of the day so simply.

If we would want to describe Statice in a couple of words, we would say remembrance, sympathy, and success.

Statice symbolizes remembrance, so if you would want to remind someone of you, send them a bouquet, but if you grieve over someone, then Statice is the perfect flower for taking it to the cemetery and show that you will never forget that special someone in your life.

We talk here about a gorgeous flower that also symbolizes sympathy and support. If you care a lot about someone who lately had so much to deal with or someone who went through a lot in life, then Statice flowers will show off your genuine care for that person.

On the other side, these are the perfect gift even for those who want to succeed in life, their job – anything that seems important. Statice flowers will bring in the good energy, positive vibrations, and cheerfulness in your life.

The Etymology of Statice

Statice flowers come from the Limonium family, which means “leimon” in Greek, and meadow in English.

These flowers ideal habitat is wilderness – somewhere far away from modern civilization, so if people wanted to find them in the past centuries, they used to go to the forests and far away regions.

Today we have a better situation, so you don’t have to go over a thousand hills and mountains to find Statice flowers, as they are cultivated largely in the newer periods.

You will see Static flowers in numerous flower arrangements, but these don’t grow on wild fields. Even though Statice flowers grow all over the world, their natural habitat is the Mediterranean region.

The Symbolism of Statice

As we already mentioned, Statice flowers are a symbol of sympathy, remembrance, grief. People take these bouquets to the graves of people whom they respect, or to the graves of their friends or family.

This tells you how strong is the symbolism of the Statice flowers. We know how much people care about the symbolism of the flowers when it comes to gifting them to someone special.

Still, Statice flowers bring more symbolism, such as – success and reunion. This flower will send a powerful message to someone whom with you want to reconcile, express sympathy, eventually settle down some disagreements.

Statice flowers will for sure be an invitation for delightful and relaxed catch-ups.

Statice Color Meaning

Statice flowers have small petals and they are not big, so people use them with some other flower species more. It can be a great accessorize to a bouquet you are preparing for someone who is close to your heart.

What is more – you can choose between many vivid colors in the Statice colors’ spectrum.

• Pink

Gentle pink Statice flowers symbolize romance, tenderness, femininity, motherly love, mildness, kindness, and love. These are perfect for weddings – either you want them in a bouquet, or you want a touch of Static flowers everywhere around the place.

Statice flowers bouquet is a great option even if you are not connected with the person through romantic emotions, but that one is very dear to you.

• Red

Red is a color of love, desire, passion, power, strong emotions, romance, and success. Gift a bouquet of red Static flowers to someone whom you love, or want to express that you are strongly attracted to, or gift it to show respect and success in future projects and plans.

Red Static flowers make a beautiful decoration for any Valentine’s Day bouquet, so make sure you don’t skip these.

• White

White color symbolizes purity, honesty, innocence, dignity, truth, beauty, and spirituality. Any white Static flower in your bouquet will make a perfect detail and bring in brightness in it.

You can gift this type of bouquet to someone who is your friend, and whom you respect deeply.

• Yellow

If you want to express and send joy, happiness, optimism, and positive energy with a bouquet, yellow Statice flowers will brighten the day to anyone who is accepting it.

Yet, you can decorate your living room or your kitchen with it, as you will feel an inflow of positive and joyful energy in your home.

• Blue

Loyalty, support, respect, inspiration, peace, and intelligence – all these you can express through blue Statice flowers.

It doesn’t give a romantic note or maybe doesn’t seem like something too personal, but blue Statice flowers bouquet is a perfect gift to anyone towards whom you feel appreciation, support, and respect.

• Purple

Extravagant purple Statice flower signifies royalty, nobility, extraordinariness, charm, mystery, grace, and uniqueness. It simply goes perfectly with any brighter flower, as it makes contrast and shows how expressive you are.

Purple Static flowers bouquet is the proven way to leave a remarkable impression and stand out from the regular patterns.

Botanical Characteristic of Statice

We mentioned up above that people usually combine Statice flowers with other flowers, as they don’t have big petals, but are so cute and decorative that you can’t resist them. What is more, Statice flowers can survive a long time and don’t get dry as easily as other flowers.

What is more – not only that they keep the freshness and their vivid color, but you will feel their beautiful, discreet scent too. Statice flowers are a perfect way to decorate your home with bright and catchy colors that will lighten up even the rainy days.

You wouldn’t believe how big difference Static flowers bring in a flower arrangement. They are small and a bit tricky to combine with some flowers, but if you make the right choice – Static flowers will send the right kind of message you intended to.

If you would like to grow Statice flowers, you should know that you pick which herbal sort you want to plant. For example, people usually go for “Suvorov”, “Crimean Mix”, or “Bondewell”. When you see seeds of Static flower, you might think they are not seeds, but fruits, but these are not mean to be eaten.

It is not hard to grow Statice flowers. You don’t have to clean them or put into the sifter. Plant them in March or April, as these are the most convenient months for this type of flowers. March and April provide optimal temperatures and weather conditions for Static flowers to grow. Make sure the ground is light and loose. Fertilizer will make the seeds grow better and flowers will appear faster.

Once you make the ideal ground conditions, fill the pots with it and plant the seeds in. Statice flowers like watering, so do this regularly. It is better to use large pots, so they have more space. Moist the ground before planting the seeds and give it some time to grow. Make sure the pots are a bit taller, as Statice flowers have long vertical roots.

Even if you don’t plant them into the pots, backyard soil is also a solid option for growing Statice flowers in it. In this case, don’t water them too much. Statice flowers bloom in the late spring or early summer, depending on when you plant them.

These beauties love the Sun and the light, but still, don’t plant them in places where the Sun might burn them, as Statice flowers are a bit sensitive to high temperatures. In case you want to move the flowers from one place to another, do that in May, as in this month Statice flowers stay in a permanent position.

You wouldn’t believe how big Statice flowers bushes can grow! Leave up to 30cm of space between the seeds when you plant them, so each bush has enough space to grow to the optimal size.

Statice – Fun Facts

Another name for Statice flower is a “sea herb”, “sea foam”, and “marsh rosemary”.

The most typical Statice flowers colors are purple and blue.

You can use Static flower as an herb, as this is a cure for tooth pain, ulcers, and piles. It is also great for aromatherapy sessions, as it brings in peace, relaxation, well-being, and releases you from tensions.

Even though it likes water, Statice flower is tolerant of drought and can survive long periods without rain or water.


If you want to express fond feelings, respect, support, sympathy, or if you want to send a message of remembrance, Static flowers bouquet might be the right option for you.

The delicate color, mild but permanent scent and sweet appearance of Static flowers won’t leave anyone indifferent.