Stargazer Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Stargazer flower has its own truthful followers for decades now. Flowers generally are important, as sometimes we don’t have the right words to express our feelings, even though we are overwhelmed. After all, people all around the world use flowers for all types of ceremonies and special occasions.

Can you even imagine a wedding without white, pink, lilac, or red flowers all around? Stargazer flower carries interesting symbolic and is meaningful for many cultures. If you want to find out more about the Stargazer flower, this article will tell you everything that you should know.

What Is The Meaning Of the Stargazer Flower?

Just like every other flower, Stargazer has a secret meaning which is created over the centuries. People formed different myths and legends about the Stargazer flower.

We are talking here about much more than plain fragrance and beautiful appearance, as the Stargaze flower has deep meanings.

The main meanings of the Stargazer flower:

• Prosperity,
• Purity,
• Optimism,
• New opportunities,
• Heaven on Earth,
• 30th anniversary.

Stargazer flower symbolizes prosperity and well-being in general. If you want to wish someone all the best and success in whatever they do, the Stargazer flower would be a perfect choice.

However, you can get the Stargazer flower for your home too, as this is a great decorative piece that draws in positive vibes and good energy. Stargazer flower has a meaning of optimism, as it gives you some chills the second you look at it. No one will deny its beauty, but what is the most important thing – the Stargazer flower carries specific, pleasant energy.

We mentioned that the Stargazer flowers mean “heaven on Earth”, which further means it hides some kind of divine or supernatural energy but blessed one. We all are truly blessed to have somebody that loves and accepts us just the way we are, while the Stargazer flower is there to remind us of that.

Stargazer flowers mean innocence and purity too. Decorate your rooms with white Stargazer flowers if you would want to have a baby, as this flower is mostly used for baptisms, baby birthdays, and wedding ceremonies. Many stories and legends point out to this meaning of the Stargazer flower and we will explain them in the following paragraphs.

Do you need some additional motivation to keep on fighting for what you believe in or to make a big step in life? Stargazer flower brings you limitless opportunities and gives you strong motivation. After all, its shape gives you hope that you will reach the stars. Someone who just graduated, or recently got a new job, would appreciate the Stargazer flowers bouquet.

Love is one of the deepest meanings the Stargazer flower carries. However, we are talking here about extraordinary, long-lasting, even eternal love. That is why spouses gift the Stargazer flower to each other for their 30th anniversary. This flower means you two respect, love, and care for each other. Stargazer flower might be a crown of your life spent together.

The Etymology of the Stargazer Flower

Leslie Woodruff was the first person who studied the Stargazer flower in detail – its color, shape, and petals back in 1978. She actually gave the name to this flower as its petals and flowers clearly pointed towards the sky, as if they would like to be up there.

The scientific name of the Stargazer flower is Lilium Stargazer.

The Symbolism of the Stargazer Flower

Sometimes we can say a lot more without words than with them. Other times we want to transfer a secret message so that no one else but the person we are sending that message to understands it. People used different types of communication to express themselves over the centuries.

Gifting flowers was always a popular method for love statements. Stargazer flower is impressive when we talk about its shape, fragrance, and overall appearance.

As we mentioned above, the Stargazer flower symbolizes eternal, everlasting love, and is a perfect gift for 30th anniversaries. It stands for optimism, good vibes, new opportunities, and fresh beginnings. Its symbolism is also related to success and prosperity in a financial aspect. If you want to attract some money or business opportunities, decorate your home and office with the Stargazer flower.

After all, a spark of motivation is never a bad thing, right? Motivate yourself or someone you like with the Stargazer flower.

Stargazer Flower – Color and Meaning

The color of a specific flower tells a lot about the message it sends. As we want to send the right message to someone, we want to pick the right color and avoid sending the unwanted message. Stargazer flower comes in pink, orange, yellow, white, purple, and blue color – each of them having its own specific meaning.

Pink Stargazer flower stands for romance, tenderness, gentle feelings, femininity, and love. If you have a crush on someone, you might want to gift that lady a bouquet of the Stargazer flowers and say a lot about the way you are feeling. Pink Stargazer sends a message of eternal love and deep appreciation too, which means you can also gift it to someone you love in a different way than romantic – to a member of a family or to a friend.

Orange Stargazer is a symbol of strong feelings, love, passion, optimism, and positive energy. As you could already conclude, the Stargazer flower represents love from different aspects, but this is its main symbolic. Orange Stargazer is a great flower to say someone you love them with the passion but to also lift up your energy and your mood. Some days are simply too gray that we need to lighten them up with some bright colors, such as orange.

Orange Stargazer attracts attention and wakes us up from the moody or nostalgic conditions. No matter how you feel, the orange Stargazer will make you feel better instantly. You can gift it to anyone who needs some cheering up, support, and motivation.

Similar to the orange Stargazer, yellow one stands for optimism, positive vibes, joy, happiness, and a nice time. Invite some positive energy into your life by decorating your home with a couple of the Stargaze flowers.

Millions of people around the world associate the red color to love, passion, and romance. Red Stargaze flower will surprise your partner in a positive way and send a strong message of how deep your love and affection it. If you choose to pick the red colored Stargazer, you can be assured that the message will be transferred in the clearest way.

We already mention the Stargazer flower is used for baptisms and wedding ceremonies as it stands for innocence, spirituality, purity, and sincerity. Still, you can gift a couple of the Stargaze flowers to someone without a special occasion, just to tell them how much they mean to you.

Beautiful purple Stargazer flower symbolizes extravagance, nobility, royalty, and luxury. You can use it individually, but it also goes great with the white Stargazer, adding on originality and strength of the emotions you want to express with it. Purple Stargazer catches looks easily, so if you want to draw some attention, don’t think twice.

Blue Stargazer is a symbol of respect, loyalty, trust, honesty, and inspiration. It can be a perfect decoration for weddings or a gift for 30th anniversary with your partner.

Botanical Characteristics of the Stargazer Flower

If you are buying the Stargazer bulbs, make sure they are packed in ventilated plastic bags and wrapped up in a damp substrate. If it is possible, it would be best to crop them right after the purchase.

The optimal time to plant your Stargazer plants is in the fall, but you can also plant them in spring. Madon Lily is the only exception when we talk about the Stargazer flowers. If you pick this species of the Stargazer flower, plant it in the late summer or in early fall. The bulbs like moist earth with a lot of organic material within. That means fresh manure is not allowed for the use, but only dry and granulated organic fertilizer. Add some fertilizer to your Stargazer plants during May and then again after you notice growth.

On the other side, if you buy a grown plant that is about to flower, make sure to add some potassium fertilizer to the earth around the plant in order to have larger and brighter-colored Stargazer flowers. In case soil in your garden is heavy clay or sandy, you can easily improve it by adding some leaf, peat, and compost.

You plant your bulbs as deep as the species of the Stargazer flower demands. As some Stargazer flower grow roots on bulb basis, the other grow them underground, so you should be careful about the depth of planting. Optimum depth would be around 20 cm at the deepest point, while you should cover the top of the bulbs with around 5cm of soil. Madoni lily is an exception with this matter again, as these Stargazers like their bulbs to be covered with maximum 2,5 cm of soil.

If you are dealing with big bulbs, go for 30 cm with no worries. As the Stargazer flowers are a bit sensitive to wind, give the stems some support if you are living in a windy area.

While your Stargazer plants are growing at their fullest, regularly water them. They like soaked soil when you are planting them, which should be kept at a bit lower level once you are done with planting, but you should still give your plants enough water. Stargazer flower likes muddy and sappy soil with a lot of compost. When transiting to autumn, add some more ground around your Stargazers to prevent stress because of the temperature changes. Stargazer flowers enjoy sunlight and Sun, so plant them in a place that is exposed to light for at least 6 hours a day.

You can leave the Stargazer bulbs in the ground during winter with no worries. However, here is the catch – if the soil keeps the moisture for a while, then it is better to remove the bulbs from the ground and store them somewhere else before spring arrives.

Stargazer Flower – Fun Facts

Stargazer flower has a sweet and pleasant, but strong scent that might fill up the whole room.

Once the Stargazer grows its plant, it will last for about two to three weeks.

If you have a cat, be careful with planting the Stargaze flowers, as they appear as extremely dangerous for cats’ health. No other animal is sensitive to the Stargaze flowers as cats.

For all of you who suffer from allergies, but love the Stargazer flower, here is the good news – the pollen from the flowers is easy to remove so that you can take them into your living space.


Flower symbolism has always been important to regular people and artists, as this is one of the perfect forms of expressing our emotions without saying them out loud. Stargazer flowers are an important part of numerous ceremonies that celebrate love, purity, eternity, and success. This beautiful flower reminds us that we should stay positive and cheer up even through gray periods, as nothing lasts forever.

Stargazer flower is there to say “I will love you forever”, or “Thank you for everything”, or “I will always be there for you and be your support”. Getting a flower like the Stargazer will surely make our day much better, as we would feel loved and appreciated, which is the most important thing in life.