Snowdrop Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

If you take a deeper look, flower symbolism is all around us. Flowers are used in art, literature, for special occasions and events, you can gift them to someone or to yourself. Snowdrop flower has a magical past behind it we are about to reveal in our article. This amazing flower hides messages that can make someone you love excited, appreciated, and happy.

The moment you see the Snowdrop flower, you will know spring has arrived, as this flower is the first sign that the winter is over. Warmer days are just around the corner, so make sure to get to know something more about the Snowdrop flower.

What Is The Main Meaning of the Snowdrop Flower?

As we mentioned, each flower has a special meaning and we should take it seriously, as we say a lot about ourselves by gifting flowers. Beautiful Snowdrop flower connects us more with nature and helps us realize the inevitable phases and cycles of life.

Of course, the Snowdrop flower carries specific and unique meaning associated with marvelous stories and myths people talk about it.

The main meanings of the Snowdrop flower are:

• Sympathy,
• Rebirth,
• Hope,
• Innocence,
• Purity.

Snowdrop flower sends a message that you care about the person who is receiving the flower. If you want to show someone you love they are important to you and remind them of your love, the Snowdrop flower would be a perfect gift.

You can also show off your support and consolation by gifting the Snowdrop flower. We will always be the for people we love, no matter what is happening, especially in the hardest moments when they need us the most.

Snowdrop might seem like a small and fragile flower, but it actually represents rebirth and power of overcoming issues in life. It reminds us of the fact that no matter of our past mistakes, there is still a chance to make something great in the future if we only set out minds a bit differently. You are powerful and nothing can take you down. You will rise as the Snowdrop flower rises over and over again each spring, despite the cold and the ice of the winter. If we truly believe in our goals, success is about to come – that is one of the main meanings of the Snowdrop flower.

Linked to the past meaning, we will mention hope also here. Snowdrop flower gives you hope in better tomorrow and in better times in general. There is no reason why you should give up on your dreams.

Snowdrop flower is a light at the end of a tunnel, so gift it to someone who is in a tough situation and needs some support and hope.

Snowdrop flower also represents innocence and purity, as it is white. You should always stay true to yourself and follow the signs nature is giving to you. No one is you, which is your biggest advantage, so make sure to take chance and let no one limit you.

Show your honest and open emotions, compassion, and care for people you love, but also don’t forget to love yourself.

The Etymological Meaning of the Snowdrop Flower

Snowdrop flower’s Greek name is Galanthus nivalis. Galanthus is translated as milk, while nivalis means snow-white. When you combine these two words, you get a snow-white milky flower that represents snow.

People nowadays also use this name for the flower, as it describes it in the best way.

The Symbolism of the Snowdrop Flower

Snowdrop flower carries a rich and deep symbolism. As we already mentioned, many legends narrate of the Snowdrop flower, such as the one about the Garden of Eden. Snowdrop flower represents Eve’s tears.

According to the Bible, God banished Eva and her husband Adam from the Garden of Eden. Eve was crying so hard as she was desperate. An angel saw her tears and felt sorry for her. That is why the angles picked a snowflake and gifted it to Even to make her feel better. The snowflake was actually the Snowdrop flower that became a symbol of hope and compassion.

Other, German legend says that God used the snow so that he could gather flowers, as flowers didn’t want to give off their colors. As God created snow, the gentle Snowdrop decided to make an offer with God. It was decided that the Snowdrop flowers will blossom first every spring, but it had to make an exchange and give its color to God. People believe this is the main reason why Snowdrop flowers blossom first after the snow.

Moldovan legend narrates a legend about the historic battle between the Lady Spring and Winter Witch. They actually fought over the reign over the Earth. Lady Spring hurt her finger during the battle.

Snowdrop flower appeared out of the melted snow that fell on the ground. This was the sign that Lady Spring won the battle and took her reign over the Earth.

Snowdrop flower represents birth or rebirth in the USA and everybody born in January usually get this flower as a gift.

However, despite its most positive and well symbolic, the Snowdrop flower symbolized death in Victorian times and the Victorians considered it as bad luck if you take it inside your home.

Snowdrop Flower – Color and Meaning

Colors might be a bit tricky, as you sometimes believe they represent one thing when it is the opposite. What is more, numerous shades and colors might confuse you, while the other flowers come in only one color.

One of these is the Snowdrop flower who comes in white color only. Despite the modesty when we talk about colors, the Snowdrop flower has high value and worth.

The white color of the Snowdrop flower signifies hope, birth and rebirth, purity, and innocence. These are the values we appreciate the most so that you can never make a mistake if you gift someone the

Snowdrop flower. If you know someone who is in the dark place at the moment or someone who lost hope or is going through the rough times. Snowdrop flower has valuable and true values, that is why it gives us hope, strength, and optimism to move forward and fight for what we believe in. As we mentioned the legend about Eve and Adam, you can notice the Snowdrop flower also has spiritual and religious symbolic.

The white color is mostly used in religious rituals and the Snowdrop flower is no exception. Even though it is so small and modest, the Snowdrop flower proves us that we can do big things despite the fact we might seem small in comparison to the whole world.

Botanical Characteristics of the Snowdrop Flower

Snowdrop flower is the courier of spring, which means it often lurks underneath the snow. However, you can grow your own Snowdrop flowers in pots and create a beautiful visual effect in your garden or your home. The great news is that the Snowdrop flower is easy to grow, but if you are growing it in your garden, make sure you find a place exposed to sunlight through all the seasons. It would be great to plant it somewhere near the edge of your lawn and a bit lower than long branches of other plants.

If you decide to grow the Snowdrop flowers in pots, try to make the soil as close as possible to the forest soil when it comes to texture, lushness, and sourness. Add some nutrients and a little bit of clay to the soil too. If you could find some forest ground, it would probably be the best solution, as forest ground is the natural habitat of the Snowdrop flowers. Sew the bulbs of the Snowdrop flowers in September and October, as these are optimal months for planting these followers, at depth of 10 cm maximum and a spacing of 10 cm.

As you probably want to plant a group of Snowdrop flowers, plant around 15 to 20 of them in one place. Avoid planting new Snowdrop flowers in the place of the older ones, as this way the new ones might not grow well. Each Snowdrop flower produces numerous bulbs, so you can expect the whole surface in your garden will be covered with them in a few years.

When the Snowdrop flower matures, you will notice a yellowish fruit breaking out, from whose drop new seeds develop. Bees adore the Snowdrop flower’s blossoms, while they are pollinators of the Snowdrop flower too. You can reproduce the Snowdrop flowers from seeds. After flowering, you will notice yellow-green flowers that will eventually break down when they release the seeds. Then ants and other insects disperse the seeds further.

When the flowering period ends up, then comes the sleeping period for your Snowdrop flowers and the plants dry down. Transplant your Snowdrop flower every three years, but be careful with the bulbs – separate them by hand and plant them in forest ground or mineral-rich soil. The best time to transplant the Snowdrop flower is in July or August.

The original Snowdrop flower grows in wild environments, but some species of this flower are cultivated, such as Crocus, Sunflower, Leucoium, Anemone, etc. Their seeds grow Snowdrop flowers in different colors. If you want to make a big impression of your garden, plant a couple of species of the Snowdrop flower and make your garden seem like a fairy tale.

Snowdrop Flower – Fun Facts

Snowdrop flower actually got this name after earrings women wore in the 15th, 16th, and 17th century. These earrings were dangly and drop-shaped, so-called “eardrops”.

Snowdrop flowers collapse when it is freezing cold, but they freeze out as soon as the temperature rises, thanks to their natural anti-freeze feature.

Snowdrops bulbs are poisonous for humans. People in the past centuries mistaken their bulbs for onions and ate them. However, there is no clue someone died of the Snowdrop bulb.

Actually, the Snowdrop flowers are used in medicine for treating dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The USA Military Police had the nickname “snowdrops”, as their uniforms were olive green and their caps white, which resembled of the Snowdrop flowers.


Flower meaning and symbolic is twice useful, as we can easily choose the color and the species for the right occasion, but we can also learn a lot about the world around us and about amazing species that surround us. As you read, the Snowdrop flower has a long history and many myths mention it.

This flower is even related to the Bible and other religious moments. One thing is sure here – the stories about this beautiful courier of spring will live on through the following centuries.

The hidden message within the Snowdrop flower is that we all need something that will make our lives more meaningful and valuable. If we want to achieve our dreams and reach for the stars, we have to be optimistic, positive, and have a generally bright look over the future – that is what the Snowdrop flower is telling us.

There will always be a new chance, a new start in our lives if we are willing to make a step further – this is the rebirth of our souls. In the end, despite the modest size of the Snowdrop flower, it still has a strong meaning and teaches us a valuable lesson. That means the most important things in life are not that noticeable visually, but they are still there, in our hearts.