Single Red Rose – Meaning and Symbolism

Probably the most meaningful and the most common flower of all is a single red rose. Its meaning has always been significant, as red rose symbolizes love and strong emotions.

People mostly gift the red rose, as you can never make a mistake if you go for it. Red rose is fiery and luxurious so that you will send the right message with it.

What Is The Meaning of Single Red Rose?

A single red rose signifies love and romance. People from the past centuries used to gift single red rose to each other to show their love and desire towards the other person.

A single red rose was initially a symbol of the Roman goddess – Venus, who has the goddess of love, the original meaning of the single red rose is “I love you”.

Other meanings of single red rose are:

• Romance,
• Pleasant atmosphere,
• Desire,
• Passion,
• Inspiration.

As it is clear – love is the most important meaning that stands behind the single red rose. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere, just spread the single red rose petals all across the room, light up some candles and there you go!

Just imagine the image of you and your beloved one in front of a fireplace and some red rose petals around you.

Another great way to style your interior is to let the red petals float in the bathtub, while some gentle and romantic music is playing in the background.

It is no wonder why people believe single red rose to give you inspiration and wake up your passions. If you are a romantic, poetic soul, write a poem for your beloved one and add some red petals into the letter.

You will get her heart at an instant!

The very red color of a rose is a natural source of inspirations for writers, painters – artists in general, as it makes anyone seek deeper into their souls and speaks volumes.

The Etymology of Single Red Rose

Red rose obviously got its name by its color, as there is definitely no more need to describe this beautiful flower – it speaks for itself.

The Ancient Romans believed the single red rose represented the Virgin Mary, while the Greeks linked it with Venus.

The Greeks have a legend about the Gods and Goddesses of Olympia.

Goddess Aphrodite was running across a field, rushing to her beloved one who was dying, while the thorns pricked her legs. That is why the Greeks also associate red rose to sentiments of pain, even though the main one is love. The Goddess got her heart broken, which means that love sometimes brings us pain and suffering.

The Indians have a legend that speaks about Lord Vishnu, who created Goddess Laxmi from small rose petals. They believe single rose flower stands for sacred and divine beauty.

Shakespeare spoke about the single red rose and its sweetest smell and its eternal beauty. R

obert Burns even found some similarities in his life to a life of the single red rose.

The Symbolism of Single Red Rose

People believe that a single red rose is a gift from Heaven. It symbolizes magic, a wonder without explanation, and unconditional and unexplainable love.

According to some other beliefs, single red rose represents a lonely person with a huge amount of energy that can be compared to the universe.

The power of single red rose is capable of moving mountains and is concealed to a human soul, whether you are in love with someone or you are searching for love.

When gifted, single red rose, symbolizes a deep desire for someone. If you have a person who drives you crazy, but in a positive way, and leads you to ecstasy, making you crave for her love, gift your beloved one a single red rose.

You will show her that even though you might stand alone, your love for her will never end.

However, the lady won’t have the heart to let you down and she will respond pleasantly, giving you the green light to open up more.

The single red rose definitely speaks for your heart and soul and whispers the words of love, asking your beloved one to accept the gift from the heavens and your endless love.

Single Red Rose – Color and Meaning

Red rose comes in a rainbow of colors, as you can find numerous shades of it, which carry different meanings.

However, you can count on their message of love, no matter which shade you pick.

For example, a light colored single red rose stands for a fulfilling love life and mutual love, while burgundy red rose symbolizes the love that still needs to be accepted from the other side.

Red is the color of love, passion, desire, blood, fire, and romance. Pick the single red rose as a gift for someone towards whom you want to express the purest and deepest affection.

The single red rose is the most common gift for Valentine’s Day, but you won’t make a mistake even if you gift it on some other day.

However, the single red rose doesn’t have to be a sign of romantic love, as you can gift it to your mother, sister, or a friend, sending off your love to them.

Deep Secret is one of the most famous types of red rose. It has a beautiful fragrance and soft petals that take breaths away. Its buds are perfectly shaped, framed with black color, while the leaves are purple.

Darcey Bussell is the right type of red rose flower for hopeless romantics and poets. It reminds you of the old school by its appearance, while its strong scent puts people in delirium.

Velvet Fragrance rose has classic blooms and numerous seductive petals. This type of red rose is easy to grow and maintains all conditions well.

If you are interested in something a bit dramatic, Precious Time is the right pick for you. This deep-red and black rose flower sends off a strong message of passion and mystery.

Botanical Characteristics of Single Red Rose

Red rose is not complicated to grow and maintain, which is the result of its wide representation across the world.

Many people grow red rose flowers in their gardens, but here are some tricks to ensure your red roses growth.

Red roses crave for sun, so it would be great to plant them in a place that is exposed to the sun at least 6 hours a day.

However, red rose young plants need some shade, as the sunlight might burn them. They also love coarse mulch and regular watering. When watering your red roses, avoid watering the leaves or the flowers, but sip the water directly to the soil and coarse mulch.

Check if there are some insects or diseases on your red rose flowers and prune them regularly.

Single Red Rose – Fun Facts

The Brothers Grimm were inspired by red roses to write “Snow White” and “Rose-Red” fairy tales.

The War of Roses is famous for the fight among Lancaster (whose symbol was a red rose) and York (white rose).

The red rose – Lancaster prevailed in this war, but the kingdom was eventually unified afterward.

Venus and Cupid are famous for appreciating red roses and are portrayed with these, as red roses are symbols of love.


Single red rose reminds us of love and passion.

There is no force on the Earth that can compare to the power of love, which is a secret message behind the single red rose.

You don’t have to buy huge bouquets to impress someone or to show your love.

The single red rose will be just enough to prove your love to someone and show how much you care. If you are preparing a romantic surprise for your beloved one, don’t skip the red rose petals.