Sampaguita Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Sampaguita is a beautiful flower grew originally in South Pacific and Southern Asia. Still, many countries didn’t know its beauty because of it, until the flower spread all over the world. Civilizations that grew it gave Sampaguita flower couple of symbolic meanings we are about to explain in the following paragraphs.

People from tropical areas associate Sampaguita flower with love, devotion, and dedication.

What Is The Meaning Of Sampaguita Flower?

Gorgeous Sampaguita flower will stun anyone with its beauty. People believe this divine flower helps you share your deepest emotions with people you love and that you transfer the message in the right way.

All meanings of Sampaguita flower are closely tied together and are related to love.

The main ones are:

• Hope,
• Fidelity,
• Love,
• Devotion,
• Dedication,
• Purity.

Sampaguita flower is a symbol of divine hope. As white color is mostly associated with hope, white Sampaguita flower’s main meaning is hope.

The white color also represents optimism for the future and good chances, so you can decorate your home with it or use it as a floral arrangement for weddings and other beautiful ceremonies.

Fidelity is another meaning of Sampaguita flower and a perfect way to show your love and faith into any relationship. If you want to send a message of truthfulness and sincerity to someone, Sampaguita flower is the right choice.

No matter of the nature of a relationship, Sampaguita will show your purest and most genuine emotions by gifting it to someone you truly care about.

Probably the most important meaning of Sampaguita flower is love, as it already contains all the other meanings within. A tropical Sampaguita bouquet will make anyone feel special and enchanted. People from South Pacific and South Asia linked this flower to love and emotions initially, so that other people across the world accepted it too.

Sampaguita flower represents devotion and dedication too. If you feel endless love towards someone and have a desire to spend your whole life with that person, gift them a bouquet of Sampaguita flowers. Being in love someone means you are surrendering your soul to the person you love, which is the perfect form of dedication.

In case you need something unique and impressive that will send the right message to your beloved one, pick a bouquet of Sampaguita flowers.

South Pacific and South Asia also believe Sampaguita flower has a meaning of purity and innocence. They use Sampaguita flowers in religious ceremonies, weddings, and baptisms.

The Etymology of Sampaguita Flower

Sampaguita flower, same as the Arabian or Philippine Jasmine, belongs to the Jasminum sambac family, with some differences. The main difference is that Jasmine grows in shrubs, while Sampaguita grows in the shape of an evergreen vine.

Otherwise, these flowers have a similar scent and they are overall very similar.

This flower got its name by the “sumpa kita”, which means in Spanish “I give you my promise”. People from these countries believe in a legend about a beautiful princess Lakambini. After the death of her father, the princess inherited the kingdom. Prince Lakan Galing offered her help, as the princess seemed pretty inexperienced with ruling the kingdom. They fell in love with each other and married soon, while the whole ceremony was ornamented with Sampaguita flowers, as a symbol of eternal love and devotion to each other.

However, the prince Lakan went on a journey one day, as the kingdom fought with many enemies. Lakambini waited for him patiently, but as the prince didn’t show up ever again, she started to believe he was dead. The princess then went up to the hill where they married, but the emotion of grief was so strong that Lakambini died at the place where they promised eternal love to each other. People noticed a small vine in the spot where the princess died and called the flower – Sampaguita.

The Symbolism of Sampaguita Flower

As we told you the legend about Lakambini and Lakan, you can already conclude that Sampaguita flower carries a symbolic meaning of eternal love, devotion, and belonging to each other. Sampaguita has a strong love symbolism behind which stands purity and divine hope.

People from tropical areas where Sampaguita flower mostly grows use the flower in religious ceremonies and at weddings. Newlyweds exchange rings at their weddings, which is already known, but in South Pacific and Southern Asia they also exchange Sampaguita flowers, giving a promise to each other their love will last.

Philippines and Indonesia claimed Sampaguita as the national flower. The Chinese believe Jasmine symbolize femininity and gentleness, while Sampaguita represents the same values as it belongs to the family of Jasminum sambac family. Sampaguita has a strong, but tender and pleasant scent, so that it is used for making perfumes and essential oils. This beautiful scent might even cure anxiety and depression and bring relaxation to our bodies and our minds.

One more legend about Sampaguita flower says that you should put a small dried bundle of Sampaguita flowers under your pillow so that you will live through a happy and long marriage with your partner. It would be best to do this ritual on your marriage anniversary.

Sampaguita Flower – Color and Meaning

Sampaguita flower comes in white and yellow color. Even though there are only two colors of this divine flower, they both represent strong and deep emotions.

White Sampaguita flower represents innocence, honesty, purity, and reverence. This flower is one of the flowers that are mostly used for wedding decorations, as it symbolizes pure love and dedication. If you want to send a strong message to someone, then a mix of innocence and love might be the most powerful combination you can think of, while Sampaguita ensures the other person gets the message right.

Yellow Sampaguita flower will enlighten your home with joy and happiness. This flower will invoke new beginnings and positive conditions into your life. No matter to whom you want to gift it, yellow Sampaguita flower will ensure a positive reaction and put a smile on that person’s face.

If you need some encouragement and optimism in everyday life, put a yellow Sampaguita in your living room or in your office.

Botanical Characteristics of Sampaguita Flower

Sampaguita flower grows in vines and you can plant it in your garden or backyard. If you have some bushy plants in your garden, Sampaguita flower will like it a lot – as it needs some support and lifting up.

Make sure to plant your Sampaguita flowers into the neutral or mild sour ground. This gorgeous flower doesn’t take much time to maintain, but you still should pay some attention to watering it, especially during summer times. You can expect first Sampaguita flowers in your garden in the late spring, but if you live in tropical areas – you will have beautiful Sampaguita flowers all year round.

As this beauty likes the light, plant it in a sunny place, but Sampaguitas are also shade tolerant. Sampaguita flower reaches a height of 1,2 metres, while you can expect its leaves to grow up to 12 cm in length.

As this flower doesn’t bear seeds, you will have to reproduce your Sampaguita flowers by cutting. Sampaguita gets bigger each year, so if you are growing it in a pot, transfer the plants into bigger pots each year. In order to boost its growth, fertilize your Sampaguitas with mild and balanced fertilizer from spring through fall.

Fun Facts

Sung, the Chinese emperor, grew Sampaguita flowers all around his palace, as he was enchanted by the scent of this beautiful plant. Kings from Persia, Nepal, and Afghanistan also appreciated Sampaguita flower.

People from China, Philippines, and India use Sampaguita flower as hair decoration, while the Malaysians mix coconut oil for hair with Sampaguita flowers.

Sampaguita has soothing effect with migraines or anxiety and promotes well being and living healthily. It is also used to treat snake bites or wounds, as Sampaguita leaves have antipyretic properties.


Sampaguita flower sends a strong and deep message and carries the same emotions – love and dedication. If you want to surprise someone you love and transfer the message of love, gentle Sampaguita flower will be a perfect choice.

On the other side, if you want to give a promise to someone, white Sampaguita flower will transfer those words easily. However, you can also gift a flower to yourself, as yellow Sampaguitas bring in positive energy into living space and call in new opportunities in your life.