Rhododendron Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flowers have always been symbols of human life and, because of that, you might want to dig up a bit deeper into what every flower signifies.

We are going to talk about Rhododendron flower in this text, and bring you closer its symbolism that is hiding beneath its beauty. Many cultures appreciate Rhododendron flower, but let us reveal all of its meanings and symbolism and present your true colors of this beautiful flower.

What Is The Meaning Of Rhododendron Flower?

The main meanings of Rhododendron flower are:

• Elegance and wealth,
• Passion,
• Taking care of someone,
• Temperance,
• Home-sick,
• Abundance,
• Death-threat.

Rhododendron flower represents elegance and wealth, so if you want to add a dash of elegance into your living or working space, you can get one of these magnificent flowers.

On the other side, if you would like to attract wealth into your life and you believe in the law of attraction at the same time, Rhododendron flower will enchant you.

You can also gift it to anyone you like, no matter if we are talking about someone you love or someone you just want to show your attention to.

Still, as Rhododendron flower also relates to passion and feeling attracted to someone you like and grow sympathies for, you can choose it in order to catch more attention.

On the other side, as women adore flowers, not only that you will draw some attention, but your lady will like the attention you are giving to her. Rhododendron flower generally represents strong emotions, passion, and desire, things are going to be very clear once you gift it to a woman.

You care about yourself, your family, or your partner while gifting Rhododendron flower might be the right way to show off how much you care about the person. What is even better, this flower will show that person that you know they care about you and you are responding in the same way. If someone close to you might not feel well in the last period or is just passing through tough times, Rhododendron flower will express your wish to see that person gets better and find the way out.

Temperance is one of the greatest virtues, represented by Rhododendron flower. Some people like it more to distance themselves from everyday pleasures and restrain themselves in some way. If someone close you live an ascetic life, stays away from sins, is always kind and calm, and modest, without the need to represent a false image, gift a Rhododendron flower to that person. This gesture will show how much you appreciate that person and the way of living their life.

Rhododendron flower signifies being homesick. Every one of us has sometimes felt homesick, but we didn’t know how to express our feelings in the right way. Rhododendron is the answer to being a bit nostalgic and homesick. If you are far away from home and people you love, send them a bouquet of Rhododendron flowers to tell them you miss and love them. Rhododendron will say “I can’t wait to see you again and I miss you”, which is the exact message to send to your family when you are not with them, but you would want to be.

We already mentioned that Rhododendron flower symbolizes wealth, which is related to abundance and affluence. Rhododendron flower in this aspect represents material things, luxury, a lot of money, great expensive stuff, and pleasures. If you want to wish someone success, going to nice places, and enjoying material goods, then make sure to send a Rhododendron flower to that person. It would be nice to gift one of these to yourself too, especially if you are building your path to living in abundance.

Rhododendron flower used to be a symbol of a death threat in the past centuries. There are many stories that talk about this meaning of Rhododendron and we will tell you more about this in the next chapter but bear in mind that Rhododendron flower doesn’t send any messages like this in the time we live in.

The Etymological Meaning of Rhododendron Flower

Rhododendron is actually a Latin name for a flower called Azalea. The family of Azaleas is split into two similar groups, but we are talking about Rhododendron pentantheran sort here – as this sort of flowers loses their leaves every year.

However, the Greeks engaged in growing Rhododendron flowers too. In Greek, the word azaleas mean dry, even though it doesn’t have much to do with the flower itself. Ancient Greeks gave this name to Rhododendron flower because of preference for light soil and its quick draining.
The Symbolism of Rhododendron Flower

Rhododendron flower has a rich history in many cultures. The old Victorians associated this flower with temperance. It was believed that you would be modest and more sober if you carry Rhododendron flower with you. Rhododendron stands for all the mild, calm, patient, and cautious people who didn’t have the need to exaggerate or be keen to anyone.

People would usually send Rhododendron flower to someone who tends to change their life completely, or who is about to make a big and important decision. People from China and Japan associate Rhododendron flower will nostalgic and homesick feelings, which also carry a certain degree of sadness and love at the same time. If they were away from home and couldn’t come back to see their family, they would send a bouquet of Rhododendron flowers to show their love and regret.

Rhododendron flower also symbolizes a bit fragile love, as it sometimes fails to blossom and falls easily off the bush, even if you touch it really slightly or if the wind is blowing. Just as not all relationships grow into something more serious, Rhododendron flower breaks off even by the most gentle touch. Some cultures associated Rhododendron with the dark side, native aspects, and death, but this symbolism of the flower are mostly left in the past.

Rhododendron Flower – Color and Meaning

Colors compliment with each flower’s meanings in a perfect way, so make sure to study through the most beautiful nuances of Rhododendron flower we are about to present in the next chapter.

Rhododendron or Azalea flower comes in white, which is a symbol of faith, innocence, civility, and purity. If you are having a reception or a wedding, picking white Rhododendron flowers for decoration would be a perfect choice. It doesn’t matter if you use them only, or combine Rhododendron flowers with other species, as both ways you will send off a lovely and touching message to the guests.

If you are thinking about a flower gift for Valentine’s Day, then don’t think twice about Rhododendron flower in red. Red color generally represents fiery emotions, passion, romance, strong feelings. You can also gift a flower or a bouquet of Rhododendron flowers to someone towards whom you don’t feel romantic attraction, as it doesn’t have to symbolize a connection between a man and a woman, but strong connections in general. Further, if you want to decorate your home or office with a powerful colored flower, try with Rhododendron. As this flower stands for luxury, success, wealth, and material pleasures, you might want to have Rhododendron close to you in whatever ambient you spend a lot of time.

Pink or dark pink Rhododendron flower will send a personal message, as these are the colors of romance, passion, love, and tenderness. No matter if you are sending you to love to your partner or a member of a family or a friend – dark pink will leave a strong impression, while just pink one is perfect for people towards whom you want to express appreciation, bonding, and build a long relationship with.

Purple Rhododendron flower is a symbol of nobility and royalty, so don’t expect it to send a strong emotional message to someone you love, but it will surely show off how good and prominent your taste with flowers is. On the other say, purple Rhododendron might say “thank you”, so if you feel grateful for something, then send a nice bouquet of purple Rhododendrons.

Rhododendron in bright, yellow color is linked to positive energy, happiness, and joy, friendship, optimism, good chances in life, progress. Everyone would like to have a yellow Rhododendron flower in their homes, so you can send some of these to your family and friends, but don’t forget to buy a bouquet for yourself first.

Botanical Characteristics of Rhododendron Flower

We are talking about an evergreen flower that is grown all across the planet – Rhododendron. If you would like to grow it in your own garden, then make sure to read through our guide to growing and taking care of Rhododendron, as you want to maintain its health and beauty.

You might think at first that Rhododendron flower originates from Indian, but the truth is that its country of origin is Japan. However, as people of that time believed that everything that came from the Far East actually came from India and that is why Rhododendron is so much related to this country.

Interesting, Rhododendron disappeared from the face of the Earth completely during the Second World War. No one could find any Rhododendron flower in flower shops or private gardens. The secret is within the lilac tree bushes from Belgium and Netherlands, but the trade was limited in that time, so there was a lack of these flowers. Rhododendron usually lurks in December, but at this period, it bloomed from January to March.

As we mentioned Rhododendron is an evergreen plant, you can find it all places in the world – Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia. We are talking about a perennial plant with dark and large leaves and perfectly fragrant flowers that serve as perfect decoration for any event or ceremony.

Here is the good news – growing and maintenance of Rhododendron flower is not complicated or demanding at all. If you want to plant it, pick a half-shaded and airy place, but never expose it to direct sunlight. Rhododendron grows best in well-drained and humus acidic soils, you if you want to provide its utmost development, prepare the ground well. Additionally, Rhododendron is low tolerant to lime, so avoid soils that contain it.

Rhododendron also has shallow roots, so make sure the planting phase doesn’t last for too long. It is important to water and prunes the flower so that you prevent leakage of Rhododendron’s leaves. If you want to provide optimal conditions, then water it with rainwater, as it doesn’t contain calcium and has doesn’t affect the acidity of the soil. Still, don’t exaggerate with the watering – once a week is just enough for Rhododendron.

It might be a bit complicated to maintain your Rhododendron flowers to bloom the next year too, but if you provide the optimal conditions, each breeder will give your beautiful flowers for a number of years. If you grow it indoors, make sure to keep the flowers with open buds in a light place, but still, keep them from direct sunlight. Rhododendron doesn’t tolerate large differences when it comes to temperature and lighting, so make sure to keep it in a steady place. Cut off dry flowers in order to provide your Rhododendron to create new, fresh ones.

Rhododendron Flower- Fun Facts

Charles L’Ecluse, a Flemish botanist, was a man who discovered Rhododendron in the 16th century.

The British named Rhododendron as Alpine Rose, as they first saw in the 17th century on European Alps.

The Quaker Peter Collinson and botanist John Bartram brought Rhododendron nudiflorum, viscosum, maximum, and canescens (native American sorts) in 1736 to England.

The state of Washington official floral emblem was made of Pacific/Coast Rhododendron.

Leaves of Rhododendron might cause stomach irritation, coma, abnormal heart rate, or abdominal pain, so don’t consume the leaves or flowers of this plant.


Rhododendron reminds us to think about ourselves and our beloved ones more.

As you can see, Rhododendron has many positive meanings and carries interesting symbolism, so if you want to surprise someone with a bouquet – go for this magnificent flower.