Purple Rose Flower – Meaning and Symbolism

Roses seem to have and talk in a specific language of roses, sending a strong message to a receiver. This flower is considered to be the queen of love among the flowers, as it clearly says “I love you”.

There are numerous colors of roses, but we will talk about Purple rose flower in this article. Purple rose is developed by humans, as we all are constantly looking for some new ways to express our emotions through flowers.

This color of rose has become one of the favorites, as it symbolizes falling in love, gentle emotions, tenderness – love in general.

Purple rose has something magical within, as it attracts sights all the time. If you are looking for a flower that will show off your deepest emotions towards someone, the purple rose flower might be the right choice.

What Is The Meaning Of Purple Rose?

Purple rose has several meanings, such as:

• Enchantment,
• Love at first sight,
• Charm,
• Deep magnetism,
• Gentle desire,
• Flirt,
• Glory,
• Majesty.

The first thing that will cross your mind when you see Purple rose is that this flower is completely enchanting. Its tender color reminds you of the tiniest emotions and the most beautiful memories you have with someone special to your heart.

Purple rose at the same time represents love at first sight. Just as you might fall in love at first sight, you will remember the first time you saw your beloved one and surrendered your whole heart for eternity.

Being a little bit flirty is sometimes a great thing. Purple rose is just like that – flirty and charming that you will feel the warmth it gives off. This color is indeed specific, as purple is the color of love, femininity, tenderness, romance, and open heart.

Do you feel some kind of attraction, gentle desire, or deep magnetism towards someone? Well, you can express what you feel in the most subtle way – by gifting that person a bouquet of purple rose flowers. A person who will receive it will find this bouquet irresistible so that you might draw some attention to yourself and get a chance to tell something more about you.

Bouquet of purple roses is a flirty invitation too, as we mentioned above, so you can be assured of positive effects it can trigger.

In the end, purple rose flower stands for majesty and glory. Royalties loved purple rose flower since forever, as it is classy, decent, not too showy, but still leaves an impression of aristocratic ambient and symbolizes high society.

Purple color means elegance and opulence too, so if you might want to attract some in your life, decorate your living space with purple rose flowers.

The Etymology of Purple Rose Flower

Purple rose flower saw the light of the day in the 1800s. It is actually a mix of European and Chinese roses. The flower got its name by its specific and unique color for that time. Some of the variations are named Ebb Tide, Night Owl, Midnight Blue, depending on its shade and strength of the color.
The Symbolism of Purple Rose Flower

Purple rose flower symbolizes the eternal quality and love at first sight above all, but we can widen our horizons about this beautiful flower too. Some people believe purple roses carry some kind of magic within as if they came from the whole other world. Other important symbolic meanings purple rose flower consists are: infinite possibilities, openness, and creativity.

You have seen numerous rose colors, while red is the most common. However, if we take a look at purple rose color, you can really feel that type of creativity it symbolizes. As we already mentioned, this rose is developed by humans, which means it is a symbol of human creativity. Humans made something beautiful and unique – a purple rose flower that symbolizes only good and positive things in life.

As purple rose flower comes in different shades, each of them symbolizes different, still similar qualities. Purple color generally symbolizes royalty, extravagance, mysticism, and love.

A lighter shade of purple rose flower symbolizes falling in love at first sight with someone, strong but tender emotions, and fidelity. Darker shades of purple rose flower symbolize mysticism and royalties.

This rose has amazing fragrance and impressive appearance – that is why purple rose captures the hearts of millions of people across the worlds. If someone gifts you a bouquet of purple rose flowers, that means that person has fallen head over heels for you.

Another meaning of the purple rose flower is fascination and attraction towards someone.

Some types of purple rose flowers don’t have thorns. If you get a bouquet of these, that means someone has fallen in love at first sight with you.

Purple Rose Flower – Color and Meaning

Glory, sophistication, elegance, grandeur, luxury – these are the qualities dark purple flower represents.

Even kings and queens considered dark purple flower as a perfect gift. As purple rose flower signifies beauty and elegance, you can gift them in any occasion.

It might be that light-colored purple flower means passable/permanent attraction, but doesn’t stand for long-lasting love.

Dark purple rose flower means that someone is truly dedicated and loyal to you so that you two can sail into an intimate and deeply rooted relationship. This color stands for profound romance, the richness of emotions, and enduring love. People use dark purple rose flowers for wedding decorations and anniversaries, as these flowers represent the love that will last forever.

Every relationship goes through some ups and downs, but if you two still stayed together and went out of it all stronger than ever, gift your beloved one a bouquet of purple rose flowers.

Botanical Characteristics of Purple Rose Flower

Purple rose flowers vary in cultivation. They grow in bushes, but you can also see some species of purple rose flower growing in single blooms. It also has longer stemmed and shorter variations, depending on your needs.

For example, longer stemmed purple flowers are used for making floral arrangements and are easier to shape.

We all know how stunning purple roses are as they make any garden seem magical, but these might be hard to grow. If you would like to have deep purple shade roses in your garden, try with Ebb Tide or Midnight Blue Rose, as they showed as a bit easier to maintain.

On the other side, choose Blue Moon or Intermezzo if you like lighter, lavender shades. You can grow purple roses through cross-pollination, from seeds, and from cuttings.

Probably the easiest way to grow purple roses is to get a flower from a florist and then use it to make more purple roses. You need a fresh rose with a root, which one you will put into a vase with water and hold it there for a day.

Afterward, put your purple rose in a pot, water it regularly, hold it in a warm place but never expose it to the direct sunlight. Remove the leaves from the rose and make sure to put some grit into the compost.

If you know someone who already has purple rose flowers, ask them to make cutting so you can grow your own roses. Make sure to cut the flowers in the late summer or fall and take about 8 inches off a couple of healthy and green growths.

Growing purple rose flowers from seed is definitely a tricky try, but you still can experiment a bit. You might be disappointed if the purple child flowers don’t match the parent rose by their height, color, or richness. If you decide to go this way, you would have to find a purple rose flower bush and wait about 4 months after the plant grows its rose hips.

After these 4 months, cut the hips in half and you will get the seeds. Put the seeds in a compost mixed with grit and water them regularly, waiting for your purple rose flowers.

Purple Rose Flower – Fun Facts

There is something you should know about the number of purple rose flowers you are gifting. If you want to express how grateful you are for just having someone in your life, then pick a bouquet of purple rose flowers.

On the other side, gifting only two roses means that a receiver should expect an engagement shortly after. Unless you intend to propose, we don’t suggest picking a couple of purple roses. In the end, gifting a single purple rose means that you love and appreciate someone’s simplicity.


Purple rose flower reminds us that love is the most powerful, yet most subtle force on the planet.

We should always find some time to show our love to people who are close to our heart by gifting them flowers. Purple rose is a fascinating allure if you want to flirt with someone and express your affection.

It will tickle a receiver’s imagination, as the purple color is famous for its exclusivity, mysticism, extravagance, and magic.

Go for deeper variants of purple rose flowers if you and your beloved one went through many things together, but nothing could set you apart. Deep purple rose flower symbolizes eternal love and belonging to each other forever.