Primrose Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Have you ever felt like you can’t live without a person you are in love with? This phase in life usually comes to us when we are young.

Primrose is a flower which symbolizes youth and inevitability to have a realistic image of the world when we are in love.

What Is The Meaning of Primrose Flower?

Primrose flower represents women and various stages of life, as it goes through fixed cycles.

The main meanings of Primrose flower are:

• Youth,
• Love,
• Birth,
• Femininity,
• Superstition.

As Primrose flower blooms in the early spring, they represent youth, new beginnings, new life, or birth. As women bring new lives to this world, Primrose flower also stands for women, their beauty, but their ability for reproduction.

However, as life passes us by, there is an end to each life on this planet, which is another message behind Primrose flower.

When we are young and we are in love, we usually don’t see what is actually happening around. We live in our own world, believing we are always doing the right thing.

Yet, although love is the most beautiful feeling, it sometimes takes us to wrong directions and blinds us a bit. Primrose flower represents young years, our fallacies about love and other people, that lead to disappointments, but also teach us important lessons.

The Etymology of Primrose Flower

Primrose flower got its name by Old French and Medieval Latin. In the Old French and Latin premerosa, prima rosa, or Primula Vulgaris, which mean the first rose.

People knew Primrose flower as its pale yellow color in the beginning. It is the first flower that blossoms after the snow and frost.

The Symbolism of Primrose Flower

Even though Primrose is a small flower, people consider it as a symbol of protection and safety. As this flower is related to fairies if you want to encourage them to come and bless your house and your family members that live there.

Another superstition about Primrose flower and the fairies is that you might see one if you eat the flower. Primrose flower’s taste mostly reminds you of lettuce. People in the medieval age used to eat the flowers if they needed some help of the fairies.

As fairies obviously were guardians of Primrose flowers, people took care of these little beauties. Letting Primrose flower die was a terrible offense for fairies, so that medieval age people water the flowers they plant regularly, in order not to offend the fairies.

Ancient Celtic believed they saw a gateway that leads into the fairies’ realms and guess what? Primrose flowers paved the road do the fairies.

The English believe that bringing Primrose flowers into your home bring you luck, good health, new beginnings etc, but be careful about the number. You should collect 13 Primrose flowers, as any more or less than 13 might bring you bad luck.

Freya is Norwegians’ goddess of love and they consider Primrose as a sacral flower. They use is to honor the goddess and layout bouquets of Primrose flowers on the altar to express admiration to Freya.

One more legend narrates the story about Saint Peter, heaven’s guardian. Saint Peter was sleeping when some noise from the outside woke him up. Actually, someone was trying to enter Heaven’s door on the wrong entrance (as everyone enters through the front door). As Saint Peter was so sleepy, he dropped his keys on the floor. Flowers grew in that place where the keys had fallen. As these were the first flowers that spring, they got the name of Primrose. The Germans call it “Key flowers”, while the English call them “Herb Peter”.

Victorians consider Primrose flower as a symbol of bashfulness, inconsistency, young loves, and neglected merits.

Primrose Flower – Color and Meaning

The most know color of Primrose flower is yellow, but you can see white, blue, pink, and purple ones too (and many hybrid colors).

However, all of these have one thing in common – the yellow, tiger eye in the center. Even though Primrose doesn’t have impressive shape and size, it makes up with the beautiful color. If you see Primrose flower without the yellow eye, that means you are holding hybridized species.

Each Primrose flower has five round-shaped petals. Even though the petals are small, they have a wide spectrum of colors and sometimes have colored edges.

Alba Plena is one of the most common varieties of Primrose. It’s white and symbolizes good health, purity, honesty, and clean ways in front of you. If you want to gift someone a nice flower for new beginnings (for example childbirth), then Alba Plena Primrose flower might be the right choice. Similar to Alba Plena is a Bee’s Primrose that has deep-pink to purple petals with yellow centers. These are very discreet and elegant, pure and bright, so you can use them for wedding decorations or bouquets.

Bumble Bee is bright-yellow colored Primrose flower trimmed in black. This is a perfect flower that brings in positive energy, joy, and happiness, while the black edges add-on extravagancy and make the flower elegant, so you can gift it to a lady who likes it classy.

Common Cowslip is a brilliant yellow flower with vivid green leaves that add on optimism wherever it is. If you plant it in your garden, this flower will attract many envious looks because of its beauty. Yellow Primrose is great for decorating your house so that you can welcome the spring, the sun, and the new energy new season bring is. You can gift it to someone who is in a hospital, as Common Cowslip will make anyone feel different about life and be more optimistic.

Japanese Primrose in purple, deep and light-pink and red color represents the true meaning of Primrose flower – love, charm, passion, rapture, blindness, imagination, and beauty. This intense-looking, eye-catching Primrose flower with wonderful fragrance is the best option if a man wants to show his affection and love towards the beauty of a woman. Primrose flower will show off how spellbound he is with her overall appearance and her traits, that he can’t even see a flaw within his beloved one. These rich and bright red and pink-colored Primrose flowers bring some degree of fatality within – same as true love.

Juliana is bright-red or velvet Primrose flower with the yellow center. As this flower has a bit milder colors, it shows off femininity, tenderness, softness, and motherly love. If you want to give a flower to your mother and show her how much you care about her and how much you appreciate everything she has done for you, give her bouquet of Primrose flowers.

Orchid Primrose is one of the most unusual species of this flower, as it has a different shape than the others. It has tiny light purple and pink petals with red bottoms, spear-shaped light-green leaves, and long, cone-shaped figure. This is a perfect option for anyone who likes to be different, stand out from the crowd, and send a direct message with it. Orchid Primrose signifies daring, boldness, courage, passion, and straightforwardness, so if you want to leave a strong impression, then you won’t make a mistake with this Primrose species.

Botanical Characteristics of Primrose Flower

As we already mentioned, Primrose blossoms in abundance in early spring – May and April, and the second time in the fall. Primroses love humus-rich soil. It would be great if you have some rotted leaves, homemade compost, or aged cow manure to spare.

Primroses love mild, yet warm temperatures, but still, dry climates and high temperatures might damage them, so you should put a shade. England and Europe are perfect habitats for Primroses, as they grow in open fields beneath the clouds, so the sunshine can’t affect them.

Be aware of the fact that drought is a far more severe enemy to primroses than cold. Additionally, you should water them regularly, especially during July and August – otherwise, they will look ratty.

When planting Primrose flowers, make sure to leave 6 to 12 inches of space between them and dig into 4 to 6 inches in the ground. Water the flowers generously after planting and add a layer of mulch that will retain moisture. When collecting seeds, wait until the end of summer or early fall, then store them in a dry and cool place until the next season.

Primrose Flower – Fun Facts

Primrose is not a poisonous plant for humans and you can eat it if you want, but if an animal ingests it, the flower might induce some health issues.

Numerologists give number 5 to Primrose flower and they relate it to adventures, visions, new perspectives, and expansiveness.

Dried primrose is consumed as tea, while people make wine of its young blossoms.

Primrose flowers cure headaches, insomnia, congestion, PMS, and even help with weight loss. Mixed with cowslip’s juice, these two plants are great for treating wrinkles and facial spots.


Even though Primrose is a simple-shaped flower, it still gives you wide spectrum of vivid colors that will take anyone’s breath away. The second you see it – Primrose makes you fall in love with it. That is why people relate it to first loves, inspiration, ravishment, and enthusiasm. Primrose flower is a clear sign and message of love, passion, admiration, and honesty.

On the other side, its energy is on peek, as the first spring flower brings all the positive things and new energy. Primrose’s bouquet in your home will make all the members more movable, energetic, and joyful. If you want to tell a beautiful woman that you care about her and appreciate her beauty, red or pink bouquet of Primroses will do the right job.