Plumeria Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flowers have been an endless source of inspiration for numerous artists, but also for regular people who are in love or who are dealing with any kind of emotion.

We are able to see the true colors and the real face of the world through flowers and even create reality the way we would want it to be. The world would be colorless, depressive, and boring without flowers.

Not only that people are interested in different colors flower to come in, but we want to know their symbolic meanings and hidden messages behind beautiful appearance. Little by little, the humans made flowers an important part of everyday life and an inevitable part of ceremonies and events.

We will talk about the Plumeria flower in this text, its importance, meaning, and colors. As any other flower, the Plumeria flower also has a special purpose on this planet so why wouldn’t you take a deeper look into knowing it better?

What Is The Main Meaning of the Plumeria Flower?

Plumeria flower has a meaning that is a mix of the belief people built about it and its purpose in general.

This is one of the flowers that carry positive and nice meanings, while the main ones are:

• New beginnings,
• Beauty,
• Gracefulness,
• Charm,
• Spring.

Plumeria flower represents new beginnings in our lives. You can make decorations for weddings or baptisms, as the Plumeria flower also stands for new beginnings, births or rebirths, new chapters in life and letting go of the past. We all go through some gray periods in our lives but always bear in mind that warmer days are coming. You will start a new life – spring of your life, where all the effort would pay off. Saying goodbye to cold and gray days and welcoming better, shiny ones – that is what the Plumeria flower brings.

Even though the Plumeria flower seems subtle and modest, it still carries strong symbolic value. If you, or someone you care about, are on the crossroads of life or starting a new life, the Plumeria flower will be the crown of it all and bring in some positivity in the future.

On the other side, if you are invited for a baby’s birthday or baptisms, buy a bouquet of the Plumeria flowers, as it signifies purity and innocence. The white color is the color of angels, so you can gift your little angel the Plumeria flower.

This gentle flower also symbolizes gracefulness and charm. Plumeria flower’s simple appearance gives off an impression of calmness and equanimity. If you want to show your love to someone, a bouquet of the Plumeria flowers might be the right pick for you. No one can stay immune to charm and positive energy somebody is sending off, so if you want to make that person know you noticed them, send them a bouquet of Plumerias.

In the end, the Plumeria flower reminds us of non-intrusive beauty. We live in a world where everything is too enhanced, there is no natural, pure beauty.

However, sometimes the simplest things and modest appearance catch our attention the most. People should realize that this kind of beauty actually captivates our hearts and last forever, that is the secret of the Plumeria flower.

The Etymological Meaning of the Plumeria Flower

A French Botanist Charles Plumier is the one to “blame” for the name of this flower. He was the first one who described the Plumeria tropical flower. The botanist thought he discovered a new species in that part of the world, so the plant got its name by him. The scientific name of the Plumeria flower is Frangipani flower.

As you can notice, this is an Italian word. Italian nobleman who designed scented gloves back in the 16th century came up with this term. Now that we mentioned the scented gloves, this is the right time to reveal that the Plumeria flower has a strong and beautiful scent. The French gave the name Frangipanier to the Plumeria flower, which in French means coagulated milk.

The Symbolism of the Plumeria Flower

Plumeria flower symbolizes positive and joyful things in life. People from all around the world narrate stories and myths about this flower, but the story is always evolving about its beauty and impressive scent. Plumeria flower wakes up the same feelings, no matter of the part of the world it grows.

For example, Plumeria flower symbolizes positive energy in Hawaiian culture and they use it to make decorations for celebrations and joyful events. It also symbolizes the relationship status of a person wearing it. If a lady wears the Plumeria flower behind the right ear, she is single, while wearing it behind the left ear sends a message that the lady is taken.

Hindu culture sees the Plumeria flower as a symbol of devotion and dedication to someone. Buddhists consider the Plumeria flower a symbol of immortality. The reason why the Plumeria flower carries such symbolic is the fact it produces new blooms even though you root it out. People from Laos believe this flower is sacred and related to faith so they plant it near shrines and temples. Plumeria flower is an extremely long-lived flower, as it can survive up to hundreds of years, which is fascinating for humans.

According to Mexican legends, the Plumeria flower is a mother of all Gods, while it represents life and birth in Mayan culture. To summarize, the Plumeria flower carries a very deep and strong symbolic and many cultures appreciate it, which means people will worship the Plumeria flower in the following centuries also.

Plumeria Flower – Color and Meaning

As the Plumeria flower comes in a couple of different colors, each of them stands for a different meaning. Flower colors accentuate its symbolic and tie it to human emotions. Plumeria flower comes in white, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and green.

The white color is a representation of spirituality, faith, innocence, purity, sincerity. That is why the white Plumeria flower decorates numerous weddings, baptisms, and other joyful ceremonies. White Plumeria colors are very elegant and natural at the same time, which only adds on spiritual and religious symbolism of the event, while it makes everything seem classy and pure.

Yellow Plumeria flower is the best gift for your friends, as it represents optimism, happiness, joy, and friendship. If you are wondering which flower to gift to some of your friends and show off how loyal you are, then get them a bouquet of the Plumeria flowers.

Similar to the yellow Plumeria flower, orange is a color of positive energy, openness, beauty, but it also symbolizes passion is some occasions. Orange is a bold, beautiful color that will amaze anyone who likes bright and ingenious flowers, such as the Plumeria flower.

Are you looking for the right flower through which you can show off your emotions in the most romantic and tender way? Then the pink Plumeria flower might interest you a lot. The pink color represents femininity, romance, love, gentleness, and daintiness, which is something no lady can stay immune to.

Red Plumeria flower is one of the most beautiful gifts you can gift to someone you love and towards whom you feel the passion and magnetic attraction. Anyone who gets a bouquet of the Plumeria flowers will be enchanted by its beauty and symbolic.

Purple Plumeria flower symbolizes royalty, nobility, extravagance, and luxury, so if you want to drag some attention this is the right way to do it. Gifting a bouquet of purple Plumeria flowers to someone will send them a message how special they are and that you know that very well.

The green color is a color of nature, energy, renewals, prosperity, and optimism. Gift a bouquet of green Plumeria flowers to someone to wish them prosperity and new opportunities in life, but don’t forget to decorate your home with these bright flowers to attract new positive energy in your life.

Botanical Characteristics of the Plumeria Flower

Plumeria flower is a colorful tropical plant with an amazing scent. People know it as Frangipani too, which is the flower’s Italian name from the 16th century. Nobleman Marquis Frangipani designed scented gloves, which made a boom in that time, and guess what the scent of the gloves was? Right, the Plumeria flower gave the scent to those gloves.

You can grow the Plumeria flower as a little tree or decorative shrub, depending on the type of the flower and method you are applying to grow it. If you want it to resemble of a Bonsai tree, then you want a decorative shrub type of Plumeria flower. People from the continental areas grow their Plumeria flowers in pots, as this helps their plants to survive the warm winters.

Plumeria flower belongs to the family of Apocynaceae (oleander) and comes in eight different species but also has thousands of cultivations. Charles Plumier whom we already mentioned traveled through America and collected information about the plant and its breeding. Plumeria flower’s original habitat is Central America, but it is spread through all tropical regions in the world. Plumeria flower grows up to 6 meters, while it reaches fascinating 15 meters in tropical regions.

Most species of the Plumeria flower are deciduous, but there are some exceptions. Plumeria flower also has different shapes of leaves, while its stems are fragile and soft. In case something damages the stems, you will notice a juice coming from it, but be careful not to touch the juice as it is poisonous.

You can expect your Plumeria flowers to bloom through about three months, while Plumeria species – peas and obdusa give you flowers all year long. Plumeria flowers are always grouped, while their size varies from 2 to 10 cm. As we already mentioned the Plumeria flower has an opiate scent, you will notice the scent is the strongest in the evening.

Plumeria flowers represent beauty, charm, grace, new life, birth, new beginnings, creativity, and spring. This flower also represents a symbol of eternal love and is widely used in religious rituals, especially in the Hindu culture. They believe the Plumeria flower stands for devotion, while Buddhists see it as a symbol of immortality. Hawaiians knit the Plumeria flowers into a wreath and give these beautiful garlands to visitors, while women put them in hair. Sweet tropical scent of the Plumeria flower is perfect for making colognes, perfumes, and essential oils and that is the reason why this flower respire with one of the most popular scents in the world.

Plumeria Flower – Fun Facts

Plumeria flowers don’t produce nectar so they deceive their pollinators who fly from flower to flower searching for nectar but don’t find any.

Plumeria flowers are very resistant to high temperatures, as they can bear up to 500 degrees.

Plumeria flowers are so rare in China that they are more precious than the very orchids.

When someone gifts their beloved one the Plumeria flower in China, this is highly appreciated as the most perfect way to say to someone who special they are to you.


Plumeria flower tells us to always stay optimistic and have an open approach towards new things in life. New things can’t come until we release the old ones. Plumeria flower will take your breath away with its beautiful appearance and scent, but you will be even more amazed by its symbolic of love, devotion, spirituality, faith, and beauty.

Even a simple flower, the Plumeria flower adds so much texture and elegance into space you are decorating.