Pink Roses – Meaning and Symbolism

Roses are probably the most common gift for people we would like to impress, start a relationship with, or show love. Pink roses carry the meaning and symbolic of romantic love in the first place, but they can also symbolize friendship, appreciation, and other sentiments.

Rose flower in pink color gives off an impression of an elegant and graceful lady. Pink rose invokes history, memories, first dates, romance, love, smiles, and many more.

If you are interested in pink roses or you want to give a bouquet of pink roses to someone, it would be best to study through their meaning and symbolism by reading our article.

What is the Meaning of Pink Roses?

Pink roses are represented in paintings and many works of art, as people always admired them. If a receiver got a bouquet of pink roses thousand years ago, that person would still understand the message the sender wanted to transfer. Pink roses truly have a widespread meaning of love, but is there something more?

The main meanings of pink roses are:

• Love,
• Beauty,
• Love at first sight,
• Femininity,
• Tenderness,
• Motherly love,
• Gratitude.

As it is obvious, pink roses carry many beautiful meanings and we can relate to almost all of them, right? The beauty of pink roses is undeniable and you will certainly take them into consideration when you enter a florist shop. The pink color is a warm and gentle color that expresses emotions well and that is the reason why many people grasp for them as a gift. The great thing is that we can anticipate the true meaning of pink colors as they give off such beautiful, sweet, charming, and gracious energy.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone at first sight? If you are single and looking for love, you can never guess when it is about to happen. Falling in love at first sight is something unexplainably beautiful but you should be prepared for it, at least in some aspects. Pink roses, surprisingly, aren’t traditionally related to romantic meaning, but they are one of the best options when you want to give a nice gift to your beloved one.

If you fell in love with someone, at first sight, give that person some of thornless varieties of pink roses. This will show that you have fallen hard for that person and are enchanted by their beauty and charm.

However, be careful when giving pink roses to your friends, as you don’t want to send a romantic message to someone who is a friend. Or, you would maybe want to do that exactly?

When we are in love, we tend to idealize our partner. Still, we usually do this in the phase of early and young love, after which our eyes widen bit by bit. Pink rosebuds carry a meaning of young love, pure emotions, innocent heart, open intentions. If you are a teenager getting ready for prom, you should give a bouquet of pink rosebuds to your prom date.

Another meaning of pink roses is femininity. Just a look at the pink rose will instantly make you think about a woman who is special to your heart – your mother, friend, cousin, or partner. Pink roses, especially the ones that come in lighter shades look a bit fragile, but tender, sweet, and caring, that we cannot resist their charm. We should celebrate women, as without them this world wouldn’t be such a beautiful place and without special women in our lives, we wouldn’t be such persons.

Obviously, pink roses have pretty much versatile meanings, but all of them are associated with positive aspects of life – love, beauty, motherly love, thankfulness, congratulations, and care. Pink roses don’t mean romantic love originally, but this is the meaning people assigned to them over the centuries as pink roses remind of women beauty, fragileness, and tenderness.

However, if you would want to show off your romantic emotions to a lady, go for the ones without thorns, or combine pink and rose colors in a bouquet.

The Symbolism of Pink Roses

Pink roses belong to the longest living rose species. This means pink roses have a rich and interesting history that dates back thousands of years in the past. We have the chance to see pink roses represented in the earliest works of visual art but are described in written form too. Talmud mentions pink roses as the only flowers that grow in Jerusalem.

According to this, pink roses are related to paradise and obviously have an important part in the religious aspect.

Flower symbolism dates from the Victorian era, as people of that time believed flowers send unspoken messages. There are even books the Victorians written about flower symbolism and feelings people weren’t willing to put into words. Among the flowers they described in their books, pink roses have a special place.

Among all the rose flowers that grow in the wilderness, pink roses are the most dominant species. Of course, they evolved with the time into a form we know today, but they were certainly beautiful always. The first pink rose was cultivated in the 18th century. As the purpose of cultivation was a commercial use, pink roses got many nuances, going from pale shades, almost whites ones, to a deep crimson.

However, about this time a couple of more rose colors were developed and improved, so the botanists had to introduce some new shades of pink roses to the market. What is more, they developed not the color only but affected the length of the blooming period. Pink roses once were species that bloom only once a year but were turned into species that bloom all throughout the year. As the new shades and species of the pink rose appeared, this flower became more and more refined and popular among people.

Pink roses, as we know them today, are symbols of gratitude and love. If you are looking for an elegant, classy, graceful, and sweet gift for a special lady in your life, a bouquet of pink roses will enchant her. Pink roses are a symbol of femininity and love so that you will show admiration towards her feminine attributes and express that you are willing to be her prince charming if she would only want you to be.

What is more, pink roses are associated with poetic romance, which will only emphasize the sweet tension between you two and bring in a tone of tickling uncertainty.

You already know this is the men-women game in which one you give her constant attention and love, while she is still (ostensibly) changing her mind, even though she is crazy over you.

However, pink roses are, as we already mentioned above, symbols of different kinds of love, not the romantic one only. You can determine a lot about the pink roses symbolism by the shades these flowers come into. For example, light pink roses are a symbol of gentleness, admiration, and sympathy so you can give them to a lady you like and grow fonder with. If you would like to congratulate on something, lighter pink shades are a great option.

Fuchsia-pink roses symbolize appreciation, gratitude, and say thank to the receiver. You can gift fuchsia-pink roses to any woman in your life toward whom you feel appreciated. For example, you can congratulate your friends if they recently got a baby, or give a bouquet of pink roses to your mum, as these flowers are a symbol of fertility. Just imagine giving a bouquet of pink roses to a baby girl – so sweet! To conclude, give darker shades of pink roses to people towards whom you want to express gratitude. You can also choose between cerise, magenta, and raspberry shade of pink roses.

Pink roses might also symbolize new beginnings. In this aspect, you can give them as a gift for many occasions – weddings, moving in, engagements, promotions, starting off new business, new relationships, and whatever seems suitable.

Yet, you can also put a bountiful bouquet of pink roses in your room and simply enjoy their aroma, fragrance, shape, and color. Pink roses will certainly bring in sweet, tender, and romantic touch into your living space and your life.

Pink roses are such a nice gift for Valentine’s Day, so if you want to stand out from the rest of the guys, give your lady a bouquet of pink roses. You can see that the pink color is popular because it expresses a wide range of emotions and has deep symbolic value. No matter if you have a strong relationship with someone or a platonic friendship, pink roses are always suitable. We won’t forget out mothers and our love for them, appreciation, thankfulness, and wishes to return them with endless love for everything they have done for us.

Botanical Characteristics of Pink Roses

Among thousands of pink roses, we decided to tell you a bit more about some of the most common species of this rose color.

Rosa Bridal Pink definitely won the first place when we talk about pink roses. This is a bushy rose that is very lasting, which is great, and generally doesn’t take a lot of maintenance. Give your Rosa Bridal Pink enough space and watch it grow for 3 to 5 feet in height.

Rosa Bucbi is a bushy shrub with a light scent. Bucbi pink rose blooms during almost all year and is a true delight in your garden. This pink rose species grows from 2 to 5 feet.

Bonica is the third pink rose species that is easy to grow. This is an ever-blooming, dense rose that has a spreading habit (3 to 5 feet). It covers itself with large clusters and has a light, sweet fragrance.

When it comes to growing pink roses, it would be best to find bulbs of these species and provide them with enough sunlight, water, and plant them in a rich, solid, garden ground.

Pink Roses – Fun Facts

It is believed the first pink roses grew in the time of fossils – about 40 million years ago.
Most pink rose species grow in the Philippines, The largest supplier of pink roses in the Philippines is Island Rose.

There is a catch about giving the exact number of pink roses to a woman. If you want to say to her that you like her and have feelings for her, give her one pink rose. On the other hand, if you would send a stronger and more persuasive message – be mine, then give her a bouquet of pink roses.

As we already mentioned, pink roses are widely represented in modern age, middle-age literature and paintings, but this all goes roughly to 1700. B.C. The House of the Frescoes at Knossos is one of the examples where you can see pink roses in some of the gorgeous Minoan frescoes. These frescoes were discovered about 100 years ago on the island of Crete.

Josephine Bonaparte, Napoleon’s first wife, adored pink roses of all sorts. She even collected more than 250 species of the pink rose in Malmaison, her garden.

Pierre-Joseph Redoute represented pink roses in his watercolor book, Les Roses. He actually documented 117 varieties of pink rose in the book.


Just right next to red roses stand pink ones. Pink roses have a delicate appearance, sweetly fragrant, and valuable meaning and symbolic. If you are one of the people who appreciate the oldest flowers on the earth, then you certainly love pink roses. It is true the pink rose species developed over time, but they still kept their unique charm and elegance.

Today, pink roses represent elegance, tenderness, refinement, and appreciation.

Any woman whom you give pink roses will be enchanted, as this is a gesture that shows off your admiration and appreciation of their beauty on the inside as well as the outside. Pink roses will whisper to a receiver they are loved and appreciated, which is more than a simple gift.