Phlox Flower – Meaning and Symbolism

Phlox flower is commonly cultivated in gardens. If you have seen it somewhere in the city and would like to plant the Phlox flower in your garden too, but you still don’t know its meaning and symbolism, we are here to give you all the needed information.

Phlox flower is a perennial plant, while the only exception is the Drummond phlox flower. Whatever is your favorite color – white, blue, yellow, pink, or purple, you can find the Phlox flower in all these shades and their nuances.

Now let’s get to the point – meaning and symbolism of the Phlox flower, but we will also give you some tips on how to grow healthy and rich Phlox plants in your garden.

What is the Meaning of the Phlox Flower?

Phlox flower has a couple of sweetest meanings in the world. The original and the most common colors of the Phlox flower are white and pink.

Can you assume what are the main meanings of the Phlox flower now?

• Love,
• Unity of souls,
• Sweet dreams,
• Proposal.

As you can see, the Phlox flower’s meanings are almost fully related to love! If you are feeling romantic lately, if you have fallen in love, or if you are thinking about proposing, then this flower is the right one to express your emotions through.

You just never know for sure who is your soul mate, but some signs might lead you to think that way. The most important thing here is that you will know that is definitely when the same person responds to you with the same emotions, love, and care.

If you think she is the ones, the Phlox flower will say it all instead of you. Your beloved one will get a clear message that you think you two are just meant for each other. Being with the person you love doesn’t have to be a sweet dream only.

If you are thinking about spending all your life with your partner and you daydream about your home, kids, traveling together, spending holidays in the warm home, then there is no doubt you should make the step.

Phlox flower, as you can see, means love and unity, so that you can be confident about sending the right message. There are no chances the other person wouldn’t get what you are saying, even though you are a bit shy.

The Etymology of the Phlox Flower

Phlox flower is also known as Woodland/Tall/Fall/Summer/Garden Phlox. Original name of this flower is phlox, which means flame or light in the Greek language. Phlox flower comes from the Polemoniaceae family.

Most species in the Polemoniaceae family are herbs. The native habitat of the Phlox flower in North America, but you can find it in almost all continents today. Phlox flower became recognized in 1732 but waited a bit for the moment to became popular (during the late 1880s). In 1732, Jacob Dillenius, German botanist, got an assignment.

His job was to write a description of the Eltham garden. A large number of Phlox paniculata was spread all over the garden and Jacob wrote a lot about them. That was the story about how the Phlox flower became popular. Now we know about 67 species of the Phlox flower that come in dozens of beautiful shades.

As every flower has a couple of interesting stories and legends behind it, the Phlox flower has one more, too.

Actually, we will tell you about the Phlox drummondii, the species that grow in the wilderness of South-East and United States region. Thomas Drummond, who was a curator of the famous Belfast Botanic Garden, lived in 1830e. Drummond had a desire to search for new flowers and bring new species to his home in Britain.

The man went through very tough conditions – winter, illness, animal attacks, even starvation, but he managed to send many new species home.

Phlox flower was among those species and that is how the Phlox drummondii got its name.

The Symbolism of the Phlox Flower

Phlox flower is a symbol of love and everything associated with it. If you are in a relationship and you feel like a person you are in a relationship with is someone you have been waiting for your whole life, give that person the Phlox flower.

Phlox flower symbolize being highly compatible with someone that your soul feel and hug each other even when you two are not physically together. Being in love with someone and feeling like this means only one – you two as a couple forms a unity.

Is there something more you can ask for when it comes to your partner? If the answer is no, and certainly it is, then you are ready for a marriage proposal my dear.

Once you achieve such a connection with someone, there is nothing to think about more, as the marriage would be the crown of your love. In this aspect, the Phlox flower represents marriage and eternal love.

If there are any of you who are single now but would like to attract new love in their lives, plant the Phlox flower in your garden or decorate the house with them. Be aware of the symbolism the Phlox flower has – finding your soul mate.

Phlox flower signifies being with someone who is your other half, someone who knows what you think and feel in any moment at any place, appreciates you in so many ways, believes you are perfect and wants a future with you.

If you dream of meeting a person who would make you feel like this and who will respond to you with the same emotions, the Phlox flower might attract love in your life.

In this aspect, the Phlox flower symbolizes sweet dreams. We all daydream about the things we would want to happen that our thoughts get into our dreams somehow.

Botanical Characteristics of the Phlox Flower

As we already said in the beginning, the Phlox flower is mainly grown in gardens, but you can surely find some species of this flower in woodlands, meadows, and creepers. The most common species of the Phlox flower is Garden phlox and it is an annual hybrid. Most Phlox flower species are perennial plants.

Phlox flower likes well-drained soils the best. It is even better if the plants are partially exposed to the sun, but need some shade also. The beauty of the Phlox flower in your garden will be emphasized with numerous butterflies this plant attracts.

The great thing is that the Phlox flower is generally easy to grow. Besides partially sunny place, provide it with a decent amount of moisture too. When the moment arrives, you will notice your Phlox flowers blossoming from clumps.

The clumps contain strong and thick stems, the leaves are lance-shaped, while the flower itself has 5 petals which are bursting from small tubes. Such an idyllic image of the Phlox flower’s blossoming period, right?

When planting the Phlox flower, it would be good to add some general purpose fertilizer, then repeat the process once again after one month.

Once the Phlox flower is established in your garden, you won’t have to maintain it all the time.

You still should keep the soil moist going to slightly dry and water the plants once per week during very dry periods.

You can choose between red, purple, pink, blue, yellow, and white Phlox flower, but you will certainly fall in love with shades such as magenta, rose, or lavender. What is more, there are Phlox flowers that are bi-colored.

Phlox Flower – Fun Facts

Phlox flower was at the peak of the fame from the 1880s until 1940s. This flower is still popular today, but these 60 years were something like a golden age of the Phlox flower.

Many Phlox flowers bloom uncontrollably in the wilderness, but it is one of the most beautiful ornaments for every garden or a balcony. What is more, the Phlox flower is used for decorating public events. Fuji Shibazakura is a festival where you can see a large field made of Phlox flowers.

Another festival of such type is the Perennial Pleasures Nursery festival in Vermont, United States. If you are somewhere near, come by to see a large variety of the Phlox flowers here during the first couple of weeks of August.


Giving flowers is a nice gesture, but you should be careful when giving flowers about whose meaning and symbolic you don’t know. That is exactly why you should know at least basics of the flower meaning.

Today we talked about the Phlox flower, which carries a love, romantic symbolic and also signifies sweet dreams.

Giving Phlox flowers can certainly be a spontaneous gesture, but you can send a marriage invitation to someone this way, too.

Phlox flower is a symbol of the uniting souls, high compatibility on all levels, and eternal love. If you are a bit shy, but you are fully confident that you have found the love of your life, you can ask for your beloved’s hand in marriage by giving a bouquet of Phlox flowers.