Petunia Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flowers make our environment a beautiful place, but also carry important and great symbolic value in everyday life. People use flowers for decorations, to express their emotions, in religious practices, and to transfer secrets and hidden messages. Even the Roman and Greek worshiped flowers and paid a lot of attention to their meaning and symbolism, maybe even more than we do these days.

In this text, we are talking about the Petunia flower, as it has rich symbolic in different traditions and cultures.

What Is The Meaning of the Petunia Flower?

Just like every other flower, the Petunia also has its unique meaning that is essential to understand if you are thinking about gifting this flower to someone.

The main Petunia flower meanings are:

• Resentment,
• Anger,
• Being comfortable with someone.

Petunia flower might express resentment, but this meaning is closely related to myths and stories from the past in general. If you wanted to gift the Petunia flower to someone from your family, you would maybe want to think twice. Do you really want to transfer resentment to someone you love? As many people are aware of the meaning of the Petunia flower, be careful when gifting it. The best way to avoid making a mistake is to gift it to someone who loves this flower already and you know it for sure.

Another meaning of the Petunia flower is anger. This is strong and powerful energy, but a negative one. Petunia flower’s meaning of anger is constructed over the years and it is still valid today. You don’t want to make someone else mad, that is for sure, but if you want to keep that person away from you, then sending them a bouquet of the Petunia flowers will be just enough. Avoid words and say it all through Petunia flowers – I have had enough and stay away from me.

The petunia flower has a positive connotation when we talk about becoming comfortable with someone. If you have spent some time with a new person in your life recently and your interest has grown, a gift that person the Petunia flower.

On the other side, if you two begun a serious relationship recently, sending a bouquet of the Petunia flowers will send a message that you are being yourself more and more with that person.

Still, you don’t have to relate it to romantic relationships, as the Petunia flower works great with new friends too.

The Etymological Meaning of the Petunia Flower

The petunia flower is a member of the big Solanaceae family of plants. Its natural and original habitat is South Africa.

What is more, tomatoes and tobaccos also belong to the Solanaceae family, which is pretty interesting. That means the Petunia flower has something in common with tomatoes and tobaccos.

The Petunia flower was named after the word petun, which is an Aboriginal word and represents tobacco with bad smoke. Funny fact is that those old cultures noticed the similarity between these two plants, especially because they seem very different.

However, the Petunia flower retained the same humorous name after many years.

The Symbolism of the Petunia Flower

As you could see, the Petunia flower has both negative and positive symbolism. From one aspect, this flower symbolizes anger and resentment, while it is a symbol of being comfortable and feeling good with someone. The negative symbolic of the Petunia flower really stands out when you come to a point when you are in strong disagreement with someone or you even become enemies.

On the other side, if you were angry with somebody, but the anger slackened up and you feel the only resentment, you can send a bouquet of the Petunia flowers. That will mean you are still hurt and disappointed over the actions of that person and that you can’t get over those feelings.

Luckily, the Petunia flower carries nice symbolic when we talk about happy feelings, getting comfortable with someone and spending more time with that person.

The Petunia flower is a symbol of nice and intimate moments you share with a new friend or eventual partner. If you two are having a good time together and you feel like you can show off your true colors and be what you really are, make sure to let that other person know that and send them the Petunia flower. The Petunia flower is a symbol of hope and persevering in some cultures.

Petunia Flower – Color and Meaning

Colors are essential when we talk about flowers, as they enhance the flower symbolic even more. We gift a flower when we know it expresses our feelings in the right way, but we should pay some attention to its color too.

The Petunia flower comes in white, purple, pink, yellow, red, and blue color and each of them has unique symbolic.

The white Petunia flower is a symbol of spirituality, purity, innocence, and sincerity. If you are planning a wedding, the white Petunia flowers might be a perfect decoration as they are neutral but closely associated with spiritual and divine forces.

White Petunia also represents truth, dignity, trust, and faithfulness, so if you know someone who has these characteristics, it would be nice to gift them the white Petunia flower and show how much you respect their personality. You can gift the white Petunia flower to a family member, a friend, or a partner – anyone who deserves to know you respect them.

Purple Petunia flower is a symbol of grace, charm, mystery, fantasy, enchantment, royalty, and luxury. This is a beautiful flower and it is perfect for someone who cares about luxurious and expensive things. However, the purple Petunia doesn’t have romantic connotation so it would be better to gift it to someone of your friends or colleagues.

Pink Petunia flower is definitely linked to romance, love, affection, gentleness, but also to motherly love, and feminine energy. You can gift the pink Petunia flower to any woman in your life, as it represents all women and their energy. No matter of the relationship, you can show your lady that you care about her by gifting the pink Petunia flower.

Yellow Petunias stand for friendship, sympathy, and respect. We can relate this color of the Petunia flower to its meaning of feeling comfortable with someone. If you are building a friendship with a new person, that means you two are getting more and more comfortable with each other so you can send them a bouquet of the yellow Petunias in order to make them know your friendship is leveling up.

On the other side, bright yellow color brings in optimism, which might help your friend who is going through some rough times, but also those who are feeling great, but you want to enhance it even more. Growing the yellow Petunias in your garden will make it stand out definitely and make your days optimistic and bright.

The red Petunia flower is a perfect gift for someone towards whom you feel love, strong physical attraction, and desire. Gift your beloved one the red Petunia flower for Valentine’s Day or any other day to show off your love and affection. Red Petunias are a great idea for anniversaries if you want to break the old patterns.

Blue Petunia flower is a symbol of peace, intimacy, trust, inspiration, and beauty. This color of the Petunia flower makes you feel so calm and balanced as it carries some type of hypnotizing energy. Bestow the blue Petunia flower upon anyone who is dear to you and show your loyalty, trust, and respect to that person.

Botanical Characteristics of the Petunia Flower

The Petunia flower is one of the best long-term decorations, as it lasts during the whole summer and ornaments your garden and environment with bright and pastel colors. What is even better, the Petunia flower doesn’t require any special attention or care. After learning how to plant the Petunia flower by reading the following paragraphs, you will be ready to go.

Petunia flower and the muscatel are the two most common and widespread summer plants. You can hold your Petunia flowers on your balcony or in your garden – it will look amazing both ways. Petunia has bell-shaped, full flowers, both curly or straight, small or large – whatever you want. It comes in one-colored or striped versions, which is another reason to love the Petunia flower. There are about 35 species of the Petunia flowers and hundreds of varieties, which is a wide choice.

Petunia flower came to Europe in the 19th century and from that moment this flower became one of the favorite plants across the continent. As it blossoms from spring to autumn, the Petunia flower is among the best plants to cultivate, even though we are talking about a one-year plant here so you would have to plant them over again for the next year.

We mentioned the Petunia flower is not too hard to maintain, but you should still give it some love. Petunia flower adores the sun and its seed should be placed on the sunny and warm side if you decide to grow it from the seeds. If you are a complete beginner here, you might want to buy a plant from nurseries of the Petunia flowers. So, you need brightness and warmth for the initial growth of your Petunia flowers.

This means north side is definitely not a good option for planting and growing it. If the Petunia flower loses the sunlight and warmth, its flowers die and the plant becomes sensitive to pests and other diseases. Water your Petunias regularly and add some liquid-fertilizer to older plants once a week.

Hanging Petunia flowers take a high position of the most beautiful flowers. These attractive flowers will decorate your balcony or a terrace and beautify the whole area. The most popular species of the hanging Petunias is Surfinium, which has large flowers and long blankets (long up to 1.5 meters). The Surfinium is coming from South and North America and Japan and it is also a one-year plant.

Hanging Petunias are generally rich in colors. They blossom from May going to October if you nourish the plants well. When we say to nourish it well, that means to add fertilizers, as this is a necessary food for the Petunia flowers. Hanging Petunias are no different from the regular ones, as they also love sunny places. Note to take off the seeds from your Petunia flowers once a month.

Petunia flowers grown in pots on your balcony will surely enrich your mornings and amaze you with their pleasant smell. Make sure to give your Petunia flowers enough water and sun and fertilize them. If you treat the plants well, your Petunia flower will be big, bold, and bright.

Petunia Flower – Fun Facts

The Petunia flower has a wide height range, as it grows from 6 inches up to 4 feet, depending on the species.

The Petunia flower has hairy leaves.

Some Petunia flower species are edible and have a sweet or spicy taste.


The old cultures like the Roman and Greek cared a lot about flower symbolism and worshiped flowers.

They knew each flower has a special and unique symbolic, so they learned about that symbolic.

This is what we should do also, as without knowing flower symbolic and symbolic of their colors, we might make a mistake when gifting a flower to someone. Petunia flower tells us to let go of anger and negative emotions, as this flower might be a symbol of bitterness, disappointment, or anger.

Some people will hurt you through life, which is not pleasant at all, but you should fight off that feeling and let go of negative emotions. The best way to do so is to send a bouquet of the Petunia flowers to someone who did you badly and send them a straight message.

Still, if you recently spent some pleasant time with a new person in your life, the Petunia flower will say them you are getting more and more comfortable and that you trust them.