Periwinkle Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

If you are thinking about the most honest way to show off your emotions without using words in the beginning, then giving a flower to someone who means to you might be the best solution.

Each flower has deep and strong meaning and symbolic so all you have to do is to learn something more about flower symbolism. Of course, if you want to do something in the best way possible, you would spend much time just thinking about which flower to pick.

This article is a great way to find out more about the meaning and symbolism of the Periwinkle flower.

This small, but very beautiful flower hides rich and deep meaning behind it and you might be surprised by some of the fun facts we discovered about this flower.

What is the Meaning of the Periwinkle Flower?

Periwinkle flower, just as every other flower, has its own significance and strong meaning. Meaning of each flower is highly influenced by thoughts and belief of people from different cultures. Ancient people gave a lot of attention to flower meanings and nature in general. We are following their words and the meanings they assigned to the Periwinkle flower.

The main meanings of the Periwinkle flower are:

• New beginnings,
• Eternal love,
• Strength,
• Friendship,
• Purity,
• Achieving your dreams.

Periwinkle flower is a great way to wish someone happy new beginning or staring anything new and exciting in their lives. Changes are sometimes for the good, while the Periwinkle flower means everything will turn out great by giving us wind in our backs. If someone close to you wants to open a new chapter in their lives and bring in some changes, give them the Periwinkle flower.

This flower means new opportunities and brings in good vibes, which is the energy your friends and family would appreciate to receive.

Further, the Periwinkle flower symbolizes friendships – old and new ones. You can welcome a new person in your life by giving them the Periwinkle flower, or you can show how happy and grateful you are for having such good, old friends who stayed by your side over the years. Periwinkle flower means you are thankful and glad you have such friends in your life.

There are some romantic stories associated with the Periwinkle flower. We will talk a bit more about them in the following paragraphs, but the reason we are mentioning them here is to prove that the Periwinkle flower may also stand for everlasting loves and deep romantic emotions.

No matter how small Periwinkle flower might look, it is a symbol of strength. Even though its fragile and gentle appearance gives off an impression of a sensitive flower, the Periwinkle is very resistant and stable.

If you know someone who seems like a fragile person but is a real, strong, moral colossus when it comes to emotions and dealing with life situations, give them the Periwinkle flower to show off your admiration.

On the other side, the Periwinkle flower truly represents purity, which is something you may anticipate the second you look at it. A great way to show someone your intentions and emotions are pure and honest is to give them the Periwinkle flower.

Last but not least meaning of the Periwinkle flower is achieving your dreams and the greatest things you can imagine. Proof that the Periwinkle flower stands for success is the fact it stays green even during winter and manages to fight against difficult conditions nature puts in front of it.

The Etymological Meaning of the Periwinkle Flower

Periwinkle flower’s name comes from the Old Latin. However, this flower has been an important part of various cultures all around the world, so it has its roots in Old and Middle English too.

Ancient Romans called the Periwinkle flower – pervinica, but this nickname gradually transitioned to Periwinkle, the name we know today.

The Symbolism of the Periwinkle Flower

People living in the middle Ages associated the Periwinkle flower to the Virgin Mary. That is why Christianity worships the Periwinkle flower and uses the flower in religious rituals. Periwinkle flower even has a nickname Virgin Flower, the nickname it got because it corresponds to Virgin Mary with its symbolism.

The Victorians saw the Periwinkle flower as a symbol of new, blossoming friendships and new beginnings of something exciting and positive. Periwinkle flower symbolizes all recollected pleasant memories from the past with your family, friends, your partner, and even with people who are not with us anymore.

The Ukrainians believe the Periwinkle flower symbolizes eternal and everlasting love, but more in a romantic way. They gift the Periwinkle flower to just married couples, wishing them happy and long marriage.

If you want to make some lighted candles to last longer, simply put Periwinkle flowers around them and watch the magic!

Periwinkle Flower – Color and Meaning

Color is something crucial part of flower symbolism, but it is not always the case. Certain colors add up significant symbolic to some flowers, while the Periwinkle flower is one of them. Periwinkle flower comes in white, blue, pink, and red color.

White Periwinkle flower corresponds with some of the main meanings of this flower – purity and everlasting love. The white color is a color of innocence, honesty, faith, hope, and is mostly used in religious ceremonies. There is no way the white color would be skipped when it comes to wedding decorations and wedding bouquets.

White Periwinkle flower will send a message of eternal love and devotion to someone you love, so don’t think twice if you are thinking about the best way to say your beloved one that your love will last forever.

Blue Periwinkle flower is also compatible with the main meaning of this flower – purity and new beginnings or new chances in life. Some people might be afraid of getting out of their comfort zone, but out there might be something incredible for them. Blue Periwinkle flower will wish your friend or someone of your family a happy and successful new start.

You can also give the blue Periwinkle flower to someone who has just become your new friend as this will be the right way to start of your adventure through life together.

Pink Periwinkle flower is a symbol of love, romance, and everlasting love. The pink color is very gentle and shows off your care for the other person so if you want to prove to your partner how much you care and love them, give them the pink Periwinkle flower. Yet, as the pink Periwinkle flower cam symbolize maternity and femininity, you can give it to any woman who takes a special place in your heart.

Red Periwinkle flower stands for strong, fiery emotions, passion, desire, and love. This is a gift you would want to give to your partner only, as it carries affection and strong physical attraction towards someone.

You can’t go wrong with the pink Periwinkle flower as a gift for your partner, because it will send off the right message to your partner.

Botanical Characteristics of the Periwinkle Flower

Periwinkle flower is a small evergreen (paveric) plant that is highly resistant to changing of habitat. That is why people usually transplant the Periwinkle flower easily from its natural habitat to their gardens.

Periwinkle flower is a decorative plant on many terraces and balconies, even though if there is no enough sunshine there. You can expect your Periwinkle flowers to grow fast, blossom for a long time, and what you might especially like – they won’t demand much care.

The best time to sow the Periwinkle flower is in the spring or before winter because these flowers rest in that period. In some cases you can do the planting even in the summer, but only if you could estimate that it would be raining on that or the next day. Periwinkle flower, however, grows best on neutral or acidic, well-drained, loose, fertile ground and it likes to be in a partially shaded place, but some sun won’t harm the Periwinkle flower either.

Dig a 1-cm deep hole and put the Periwinkle flower seed in it, then seal the hole after planting. Planting the Periwinkle flower is so easy that even kids can do it. This flower demands watering only if there are no chances of raining at all for weeks, as the Periwinkle flower might be just a little bit sensitive to drought.

Natural rain is just enough source of watering the Periwinkle flower, even if it is raining rarely. If you would like to improve the growth of your Periwinkle flowers, fertilize the plants from time to time with organic and mineral fertilizer. After your Periwinkle flowers go through mass flowering, you should trim them. Be careful of mites, aphids, and weevils, as these insects might damage the Periwinkle flower.

Small Periwinkle flower is one of the best plants to grow in shady or half-shaded gardens. What is more, you can plant it in rocky ground and water it only from time to time. You can also grow your Periwinkle flowers in large pots.

Periwinkle Flower – Fun Facts

Ancient people used the Periwinkle flower to alleviate health issues.

If you put Periwinkle flowers in wine and let them sit for some time, this will turn into a great strengthening beverage for your body and it will cleanse out your blood.

The best time to collect the Periwinkle flower’s leaves is right before the plant finishes flouring.

Periwinkle flower’s original habitat is in Europe, from where is the flower brought to North America and then to the other continents.


Periwinkle flower has an important message for us all. It says that we should never forget to cherish our friendships, no matter if they are old or new, and keep people we love close to us.

Sometimes trifles affect our connection with a person that means the world to us negatively, but you should try to overcome small talks or negative traits and insist on good and positive ones.

Life without love is an empty and sad life and that is why we should spread love and express our feelings, that is the message the Periwinkle flower sends us.