Orchid Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Even though there are thousands of beautifully shaped flowers in various sizes and magnificent colors, no one would deny that the Orchid flower has something truly special that you can’t stay immune to its beauty.

Orchid flower is definitely an unusual flower that symbolizes fertility and love in the first place. You will see the Orchid flower represented in many works of art and literature as an important part of human culture and history.

Floriography is the name for flower symbolism, which expresses our emotions and deepest feelings. Make sure to pick flowers for the loved ones carefully, as you always want to make the best choice. Without knowing which flower represents what you want to say with it, you are on a way of making a mistake. Every country and every culture has its own customs when it comes to giving flowers and you should get informed about your culture in the first place, but widening your horizons is not a bad thing either.

Interesting facts about a number of flowers claim you should give only one flower to someone you like, while 3 to 5 flowers are great as a birthday gift or present for an anniversary while giving large bouquets means you are in a truly special event or celebrate something extraordinary.

For example, it is believed giving too large bouquets might look extravagant and symbolize poor taste. If you would like to surprise your partner, the best choice here is the Orchid flower arrangement with two candles. Orchid will impress your beloved one at first glance, awakening some new, both thin and strong emotions for you.

A great thing about the Orchid flower is that it can stay fresh for days and doesn’t change its color or appearance. If you would like to know more about the magnificent Orchid flower, this article will provide you with the most relevant information and fun facts in the following paragraphs.

What is the Meaning of the Orchid Flower?

We all love flowers we can connect to, right? However, it takes some time to see through the flower meanings. Sometimes we can easily suppose the meaning behind the flower, such as the Rose flower which symbolizes love and is a perfect gift for anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

On the other side, as the Orchid flower has several meanings, you would probably miss on some of them.

The main meanings of the Orchid flower are:

• Love,
• Charm,
• Fertility,
• Refinement,
• Beauty,
• Thoughtfulness.

Orchid flower carries a widely spread meaning of love. This might be the best gift you can think of when you want to impress someone you love. Roses are sometimes too common so you don’t want to seem boring, while the Orchid flower will swipe off anyone off their feet, especially the persons you love. What is more, the Orchid flower is so precious that you wouldn’t even want to give it to someone who is random in your life, but only to people whom you love the most.

Orchid flower is unique in many ways and will send a beautiful love message to a receiver.

Fertility is also an important meaning of the Orchid flower. You can give the Orchid flower to your friends or cousins who recently got a newborn or decorate your child’s baptism with these innocent-looking flowers. A baby shower is also a sweet and significant occasion for the use of Orchid flowers.

Further, as the Orchid flower symbolizes fertility, give it to brides or young women who are about to become mothers. Your mum will also like to get the Orchid flower, as this gesture would have a strong meaning for both of you.

No one can deny charm and class of the Orchid flower. Break the rules and seduce your beloved one once again with the Orchid flower. You will definitely make a clear statement of your pure and honest emotions, but a little bit cheekiness and charm will only add up on value.

All this indicated the Orchid flower is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and is a symbol of beauty. Give the Orchid flower to anyone you consider beautiful, no matter if your relationship is on a friendly basis or you two are in a relationship.

Now that we mentioned value, the Orchid flower is also a bit expensive and that is the reason why royal families in the past usually owned them in their gardens. Royal families understood the meaning of the Orchid flower and worshiped its symbolic, as it was considered to be a symbol of high society, class, charm, and wealth.

Meaning of thoughtfulness is easily applicable to any flower, as the very gesture of giving someone flowers means you are thinking of them.

However, almost no flower can send the unique and unforgettable message as the Orchid flower.

The Etymological Meaning of the Orchid Flower

Orchid flower comes from the family of Orchidaceae. Their name comes from the Greek word orchis, which has an interesting translation – testicle. Now, this is a surprising fact that a flower so beautiful and so charming, the one who reminds us of the most beautiful women, is named after this part of the male body.

However, as the meaning of fertility lies down in the Orchid flower, this is an explanation of this a bit weird etymological mess. The Orchid tubers resembled testicles from the Greek perspective and that is why they named the flower orchids.

Still, there is another version associated with the name of the Orchid flower. Species of the Orchid flower – the Moth Orchis, or Phalaenopsis orchis, draws its name from the meaning of mistaken identity. Peter Osbeck was a Swedish scientist who was looking, we can even say spying Orchid flowers in a big field.

However, as Orchid flower seemed too big for the scientist, he believed they were moths actually. Even though these definitely weren’t moths, there is a species of the Orchid flower named after Peter Osbeck’s mistake.

The Symbolism of the Orchid Flower

Orchid flower is one of the most common flowers that symbolize love, beauty, and fertility. You can also find resources that claim the Orchid flower symbolizes tranquility, peace, and balance. This beautiful flower is a symbol of creativity and inspiration. If you need some inspiration, look at the Orchid flower and a unique idea will surely cross your mind. Orchid flower was a royal flower, as we mentioned, and, according to this, it symbolizes our strivings and desires to be better and achieves success, wealth, and fame. Your desire can be related to achieving a relationship with someone, or intimacy, as the Orchid flower might stand for this type of symbolism too.

The beauty of the Orchid flower is so sophisticated and outstanding that the geometric shape of it is a true representation of perfection in nature. There is nothing similar to the Orchid flower you can see in nature. Add symbolism of innocence, romance, attention, and chastity to the Orchid flower. We already mentioned the Greek word from which the Orchid flower’s name was derived. The reason why the Orchid flower symbolizes fertility is the fact reproduction process is impossible without a man.

The Chinese consider the Orchid flower as a symbol of healthy offspring. That is why Chinese people make essential oils from this flower in order to boost fertility in both women and men. Some cultures make perfumes out of the Orchid flower. This flower has an aristocratic epithet so people in the East, but other people too, gave the Orchid flower to young couples who were planning or expecting children.

The second you look at the Orchid flower, it will bring in peace and tranquility in you. We all need a break from time to time, as the lives we are living are too stressful. Orchid flower will remind you there are still some things that are perfect and that you can find them in your life too. Luckily, Orchid flowers grow in many regions – in the plains and in the mountains. What is more, the Orchid flower might inspire you and take you to a wonderful land of imagination. Orchid flowers are symbols of luxury, rich living, and abundance, so you might find yourself dreaming about living a wealthy, enjoyable life.

Japanese people usually give Orchid flowers to each other, as they believe its main meaning is fertility and they decorate their homes, offices, and bedrooms with Orchid flowers. If you are a fresh entrepreneur, having the Orchid flower in your office might attract good business opportunities and refer to good business ventures. There is a widespread belief about the Orchid flower in Japan. If a young man, a warrior, finds an Orchid flower on his path, this would be a symbol that he is a man of courage, a big heart, and a hero. That is why the Orchid flower represents both physical and mental strength. You might hear or read similar stories in the Aztec culture.

Even though the Orchid flower symbolizes specific, unusual, unique beauty, it can be a symbol of diligence and simplicity, especially in art, design, and aesthetic matters. When giving the Orchid flower to someone you love, be careful with the colors. Of course, the Orchid is a flower of love, but different colors stand for different emotions. You can read on more about Orchid flower symbolism in the following paragraphs.

Orchid Flower – Color and Meaning

You should know colors might help us a lot when we make important decisions and send meaningful messages. That is why you should be careful when picking a specific color, as you want your message to be understood in the right way. Orchid flower comes in white, red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange, and green color – each of them having its own specific symbolism and meaning.

Red Orchid flower is a symbol of love, desire, passion, and sometimes aggression. There is no doubt that you should go for the red Orchid if you want to express how strong your emotions towards a certain person are. Red Orchid flower carries a romantic and affectionate meaning, so you should avoid giving it to your mother, sister, or a friend. Orchid flower in the red color is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone you truly adore and love.

Blue Orchid flower symbolizes beauty, purity, faith, rarity, creativity, inspiration, spirituality, loyalty, and uniqueness. If you think someone you know is beautiful in an unusual, unique way, give that person the blue Orchid flower.

The great thing about the blue Orchid flower is that it doesn’t have a specific purpose nor carries romantic feelings only, which means you can give it to anyone who represents some of the numerous traits the blue Orchid represents.

Pink Orchid flower is a symbol of romance, tenderness, subtleness, sophistication, and playfulness. You can give the pink Orchid flower to your partner or to someone towards whom you are growing emotions, but you are not in a relationship. Even if you are not interested in someone in a romantic way, you still can give them the pink Orchid flower, as it will be a sign of your respect towards that person.

White Orchid flower definitely stands out by its beauty and this might be the most common color of the Orchid flower. The white color of the Orchid flower symbolizes innocence, faith, hope, purity, spirituality, and safety. White Orchid flower is an appropriate gift for anyone whom you consider your loyal and committed friend or partner. Orchid flower in white color might also be a sweet gift for your partner for Valentine’s Day.

Purple Orchid flower is truly unique and extravagant. The purple color is the color of beauty, charm, royalty, class, and wealth. Orchid flower is undoubtedly beautiful, but the purple color here adds on its value and catches attention easily. Gorgeous purple Orchid flower is a perfect gift for anyone whom you respect and think they are a good and worthy friend. On the other side, if you would like to attract some money, you can buy the purple Orchid flower for your home, as this is already the color of success and wealth, while the Orchid is an aristocratic flower.

Yellow Orchid flower is a symbol of happiness, activity, joy, optimism, and friendship. Give the yellow Orchid flower to your family members or your friends to cheer them up a bit and show them a brighter side of life. Take the yellow Orchid flower in your home and you will notice an inflow of positive and motivating energy.

Orange Orchid flower is the color of success, openness, creativity, excitement, sunshine, and fertility. In case you need a bit more productivity, add the orange Orchid flower to your office and you can expect great results. It is also great to give the orange Orchid flower to someone whom you want success and promotion.

Greek Orchid flower symbolizes freshness, nature, and harmony. Orchid flower in this color might be a pleasant surprise for anyone, as it stands for love and balance in life – something we all strive for.

Botanical Characteristics of the Orchid Flower

You can grow the Orchid flower by using its seeds. Be aware that growing a healthy Orchid flower takes a lot of care and attention. This is the explanation of the price of the Orchid flower, as this is an expensive flower in general.

First of all, put the seeds in sterile jars. Secondly, when it comes to planting them to the ground, it has to be jelly. Wait until your seeds grow up to 1 cm, but be patient as the growth of the seeds will take about a year. After the initial phase, you would have to wait from 3 to 8 years for your Orchid flowers to start blooming.

Try to keep the Orchid plants in a bit shady place. In case the leaves of your Orchid plants turn yellowish, this means the temperature is high. Water the Orchid flower regularly and make sure the moisture is about 70% on extremely warm days. Still, use distilled water for your Orchids and water them in the early morning, once or twice a week.

Orchid Flower – Fun Facts

There are more than 25,000 species of the Orchid flower in the world.

Orchid flowers grow all over the world, even though people generally think this is a tropical plant only.

The Vanilla Orchid is edible and you can cook it.


Orchid flower has a special message for you – be graceful, proud, stay true to yourself no matter what. We all are works of art in so many ways, just like the Orchid flower.

As fertility is one of the main meanings of the Orchid flower, this gorgeous plant also tells us how important children they are. This world wouldn’t be such a nice place without them.

On the other side, living a luxury and wealthy life is a dream of many of us, so you can afford the Orchid flower to yourself for the beginning.