Orange Roses – Meaning and Symbolism

Orange roses remind us of citrus, fire, sunsets, and perfect summertime atmosphere. This vibrant and unique, tangerine-colored blossom brings in optimistic energy of the summer no matter of which season it is.

Orange roses are a relatively new rose variety, but it managed to draw great attention to it.

What is the Meaning of the Orange Rose?

Orange roses are something in between the red and the yellow rose, but somehow a bit subtler. This rose color means both love and friendships and indicates the intensity of emotions.

Orange roses are an appropriate gift for all occasions, as they bring in enthusiasm and send a message of friendships, love, thankfulness, appreciation, or congratulation.

If orange roses are on your mind as a gift, you might want to know what are their main meanings, so that you ensure you are sending the right message to another person.

The main meanings of Orange roses are:

• Support,
• Happiness,
• Good mood,
• Passion,
• Gratitude,
• Worry.

Orange roses signify support and understanding. If someone close to you is going through a tough time, they need you the most now. You can show them that you are there for them no matter of the situation and support them through their journey. Give them Orange roses and they will appreciate your care and attention.

If you would like to show someone they bring happiness into your life, then Orange roses might be the best gift for your relative, partner, friend, or a coworker. Orange roses are optimistic by their appearance so they will transfer it to another side.

Giving Orange roses is a great way to thank someone for something and showing gratitude. Some people are always there for us and would do anything to be by our side. Give them Orange roses and they will know you appreciate their actions.

There is nothing so valuable as being surrounded with people who make you smile, laugh, and know how to make your day when you are not in a good mood. On the other side, if you want to make their better and brighten up the situation, you can also give Orange roses to a person close to you. We all have phases when we are down, but even then, some things that might only seem as small, such as rose gift, can mean a lot and take back smile on our face.

Orange roses are bright and a bit fiery, so that they can symbolize passion too. We talk here not about physical passion, but about passion for doing something you like and enjoying it. However, Orange roses are somewhere in between red and yellow rose. As a rose in red color stands for love and passion towards someone, and the yellow rose stands for friendship, things are pretty much clear here.

The connection between love and friendship is unbreakable, while there is a thin line between the two, also. Our partners are usually our best friends too. Orange rose will associate the best traits in both you and your partner and this will only make your relationship stronger.

Orange rose might also mean recovery, in the mental or physical aspect. If someone you know is in a hospital, take them a bouquet of Orange flowers to wish them fast recovery, but you also can send them to someone who is going through a situation that is mentally challenging and hard.

On the other side, Orange roses might stand for worry, but in a sense of worrying because of expecting something that is highly likely to have a positive outcome, but you still can’t resist thinking about it.

The Symbolism of Orange Roses

Sweet and intense orange roses will amaze you with their unique charm. Orange roses carry an interesting symbolic we are about to reveal to you in the following paragraphs.

Let’s first talk about Orange roses history so that you can get a wider image about these optimistic and beautiful flowers. Botanists started experimenting with roses and their colors around the beginning of the 20th century. They were crossbreeding yellow and red roses and the outcome was – perfect Orange roses. They were a true attraction on the scene, as they gave people something more than a usual look – freshness.

Orange roses became popular from that moment on. People mostly buy them through summer months, as they appear as a perfect gift for summer celebrations and events. Orange roses symbolize sweet summer romance, fiery emotions, but are also a symbol of friendships, so you can gift them to your best friends for their birthdays.

Brilliant Orange roses are a true delight. They are so charming and fascinating that you can give them to someone who truly fascinates you and gives you goose bumps. To conclude, if you are completely besotted by a new person in your life, then give them a bouquet of Orange roses.

Orange roses also may symbolize passionate persons who invest themselves in everything they do. If you are fiery, have a strong personality, give 110% of yourself, are not afraid of failures, and know how to manage tough situations with a smile, then Orange roses are just your type. Surely that you can give Orange roses to anyone who is close to you and possesses these traits or someone you love but who is handling a lot at the moment and give them your support.

The color orange is burning itself and it has a flame within. This means Orange roses can trigger an inflow of positive energy and give you motivation. Further, Orange roses indicate passion and desire. The old Victorians used Orange flowers to symbolize burning heat or passion with them. The intense orange color can also symbolize the intense and growing desire for your beloved one. If you want to don’t want to seem crude, you can express your desire with Orange flowers and make another person feel wanted and desired in a pleasant, flattering way.

Orange roses carry more symbolism – enthusiasm and unlimited, endless energy. Their strong hue will burn up the fire and energy in you or in a receiver of Orange roses. This might symbolize the beginning of a new journey or new beginnings in general. Orange roses celebrate new beginnings and positive changes that lead to even better things.

Interestingly, Oranges roses are a symbol of pride. If you are honored by someone’s gesture or someone’s presence, this is a perfect chance to give a bouquet of Orange flowers to that person. Laude that person and say that you are proud of them. For example, give them to your child after graduation, or to your partner after getting a promotion.

As we already mentioned, Orange roses are a unique mix of yellow and red colored roses, which means they are hybrids. Orange roses, according to this fact about them, also symbolize mixed emotions and seeking for a mutual ground. If you are on the middle ground with someone or you have mixed feelings towards that person, give that person a bouquet of Orange flowers, but even a single rose would be just enough. This stands for mixed emotions that are transitioning from friendship to romantic ones.

The brightness of Orange roses symbolizes optimism and good energy. It also makes you enthusiastic and thrilled, so you might believe you can fly. Orange roses will make up your day even when the rain is falling hard or when everything seems hopeless. If you would want to cheer someone up and show them there are many things to be grateful and happy about in a day, just give that person a bouquet of Orange roses.

What is more, if your friend, family member, or a partner are in a process of a recovery from an injury, these roses will wish them a speedy recovery and tell them better days are coming.

This all means Orange roses are a perfect gift for expressing your feelings through them, such as love, appreciation, gratitude, congratulations, and wish someone happy birthday, anniversary, promotion, or graduation. Fresh bouquet of Orange roses will show your immense love and care for people close to your heart, which will mean the world to them.

If you are wondering about some more occasions for which are Orange roses suitable, then you can take some for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, honeymoon trip, or academic achievement.

Botanical Characteristics of Orange Roses

If you would like to grow Tangerine Jewel, or Tangerine Dream, which are some of the most popular species of the Orange rose, then keep on reading the following paragraphs. Orange roses grow in bushes, floribunda, or grow as climbing roses. Each of these Orange rose varieties don’t require special attention and you can grow them just like regular types of roses.

You will need disease-resistant, healthy Tangerine roses that are appropriate to grow in your zone. Make sure that your Orange roses get enough sunlight, which means they should be exposed to direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. Your Orange roses would never get that color if they were in the partial or complete shade.

Further, your Orange roses in a place provided with the good draining system, as these rose species don’t like soggy soil because of rooting. However, this doesn’t mean you should let your Orange roses without water. Give them just enough of water – nor too much either too little. Add some organic compost and mulch your Orange roses during the growing season.

However, fertilizers such as nitrogen fertilizer would only stress your roses, so you should avoid them.

Orange Roses – Fun Facts

Orange roses come in a couple of shades – coral, peach, and vivid orange.

People usually associate Orange roses to summer, but they are also tightly related to autumn too.

It is believed that Orange roses and bouquets of Orange roses became rivals to Red roses when it comes to expressing romantic emotions.

You can’t see Orange roses in wilderness, as these are hybrid species.


Receiving Orange roses is a romantic and lovely gift, as these flowers have an incredible aura and carry strong, positive energy. We can only say thank you to the gardeners who created a hybrid Orange rose and brought in a beautiful flower in our world. The orange color symbolizes vividness, optimism, fiery energy, sun, summer, friendship, passion, and happiness.

You can give a bouquet of Orange roses to someone towards whom you feel romantic and physical attraction, but you don’t want to offend another side.

This secret color of Orange roses is emphasized in situations when you have feelings for someone who is your friend, but these will strengthen your relationship with a person who is already your partner. Orange roses indicate being proud of someone’s accomplishments and being grateful for having such a person in your life.