Narcissus Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Narcissus flower comes from the family of Amaryllidaceae. Some of the other names of this flower are Daffodil, Daffadowndilly, Narcissus, and Jonquil. Narcissus flower will make your garden look optimistic and colorful during spring and summer time.

Our ancestors noticed the Narcissus flower as they found its shape and color very interesting. Narcissus flower grows in North Africa and Europe originally, but you can find it all over the Mediterranean area too, especially in the Iberian Peninsula.

Flower symbolism has always been important for all cultures around the world. Each flower and its specific meaning and symbolism are representatives of a wide range of our feelings and emotions. We all might find it difficult to express our emotions in the right way but, luckily, flowers will help us express ourselves in the clearest possible way without saying a word.

Many stories and myths are associated with the Narcissus flower as it lived in different countries all over the world, who created these amazing stories we are presenting you today.

Narcissus flower might not be that much value as, for example, the rose, but it certainly possesses importance no one can deny and teaches us some important lessons about perceiving ourselves. If you would like to read something more about the Narcissus flower, this is the right time to do so.

What is the Meaning of the Narcissus Flower?

Narcissus flower has several meanings and each of them stands for different values and carries special messages for receivers.

The main meanings of the Narcissus flower are:

• Good luck and new opportunities,
• Happiness,
• Renewal and rebirth,
• Inspiration and clarity,
• The arrival of spring,
• Wealth and prosperity,
• March birthdays,
• Chinese New Year,
• Bad luck,
• Egoism and narcissism.

Narcissus flower’s initial meaning is good luck, happiness, and new opportunities. If your day hasn’t been going so well, just take a look at a bouquet of beautiful Narcissus flowers and this will exactly what you need to brighten the day up.

You can also give a bouquet of Narcissus flowers to someone who is not in the mood and cheer them up.

On the other side, the Narcissus flower will bring in good energy and optimism into your home, so put a bouquet of Narcissus flower in a vase in the central room of your home. Different cultures around the world consider the Narcissus flower as a symbol of good luck and happiness.

Next meaning of the Narcissus flower is rebirth and renewal. This means the Narcissus will attract new energy in your life or will celebrate the one who already came. From time to time, we all need some changes in our lives that will give us the motivation to go further. Bright-colored Narcissus flower grows in the springtime, while spring is a perfect symbol of renewal.

These flowers will spread all over fields and gardens with the first sun rays and make us instantly happy and tell us cold and gloomy days are behind us. As the month of March symbolizes spring, the Narcissus flower symbolizes newborn babies in March and everyone born in this month. If someone of your friends and family was born in March, give them a bouquet of Narcissus flowers for their birthdays.

Narcissus flower symbolizes better, more optimistic days, new beginnings, and rebirth. Spring and the Narcissus flower stand for powerful energy and powerful feelings and we shouldn’t ignore that. Grab the chance while it is there – the Narcissus flower whispers that to you.

Many cultures believe the Narcissus flower means being wealthy and prosperous. Actually, some old legends and myths declare the Narcissus flower was considered to be a flower of higher classes of society, while artists represented it in their works of art and literature, which gave the Narcissus flower classy and wealthy symbol. If you would like to invoke wealth and prosperity in your life, get yourself a bouquet of bright Narcissus flowers or plant some in your garden.

Interestingly, the Chinese believe the Narcissus flower is a symbol of Chinese New Year and cover the streets with these flowers for the night of celebration. The Chinese also sell the Narcissus flower in the streets, as it is believed the flower will attract new and positive things in the new year.

Narcissus flowers also symbolize inspiration, creativity, and clarity. If you need some inspiration, get yourself the Narcissus flower to give you some new ideas. Many artists in the past used the Narcissus flower to be their inspiration or to invoke fresh ideas. Brightness and positive energy of the Narcissus flower simply make you feel inspired and creative.

However, the Narcissus flower might also stand for egoism, narcissism, and bad luck. We will tell you about a legend of the Narcissus flower in the following paragraphs that will make you understand this meaning better. Once you read the legend, it will all be clear to you. What is more, despite the fact many people find the Narcissus flower transfers good vibes only, the truth is the flower might be a symbol of bad luck too.

Still, the only way the Narcissus flower means bad luck is when a person lets his/her ego take over her/him completely. Persons like this need some kind of reminder to get back on the ground for the sake of everybody. If you know someone who is in a similar situation, you can give them a bouquet of Narcissus flowers. This way you will send the right message to that person, but as you would do this in a polite and caring way, no one would get your directness in a bad way.

The Etymological Meaning of the Narcissus Flower

Once upon a time, there was a young, beautiful Greek man by the name of Narkissos. Narkissos was literally in love with himself and adored himself. One day, while Narkissos was looking at his reflection in the pond, he was so enchanted by his own beauty that he fell into the pond and drowned. This is the legend about Narkissos, after whom the Narcissus flower got its name.

We promised you that we would clear out the meaning of egoism, narcissism, and bad luck and here it is.

Narcissus flower has a tragic story behind it, which can teach us an important lesson.

Narcissus flower maybe got its name after the word narke, which means drugged in Greek. Narcissus flower has a poisonous, narcotic tuber, and that is the reason why the flower’s name was derived from this word.

The Symbolism of the Narcissus Flower

Narcissus flower has always been an eye-catcher because of its bold attitude and bright color. Just imagine large fields covered with Narcissus flower in bright yellow or snowy white color. This scene would leave anyone speechless. Narcissus flower carries an important and meaningful symbolic of beauty, confidence, pride, and egoism.

We mentioned the legend about Narkissos above. He was the son of Kefis – the River god, and Liriope, who was a nymph. All the girls in the country were in love with Narkissos, but he didn’t enjoy his attention at all. Narkissos loved himself the most and didn’t feel any need to accept anyone’s love besides his own. Because of this, nothing could attract his attention. One of the nymphs, Echo, was madly in love with Narkissos, but he ignored her love. Echo tried to ask for help from Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, and from that moment – things went down.

Nemesis put a curse on young Narkissos, which turned out to lead him towards death. One day, Narkissos was coming back home from a hunt and saw his image in the water. As he was already obsessed with himself, the reflection impressed him even more. Narkissos was trying so hard to hug the reflection of himself in the water and once he lost all his strength, the young man fell on the grass and died in that place. Narkissos’s body was never found, as there was only a flower in the place where he died. That flower is, as you can suggest, the Narcissus.

Interestingly, Greek mythology looks at the Narcissus flower as a symbol of unreturned love, vanity, egoism, and narcissism. Completely different from the Greeks, the Eastern cultures believe the Narcissus flower symbolizes success, wealth, prosperity, and good business ventures. The Chinese believe that the Narcissus flower motivates people to do better in life.

According to this, the Narcissus flower symbolize achieving great things on your job, performing tasks efficiently, and might also symbolize starting off your own, private business. Other people think the Narcissus flower symbolizes both the best and the worst in people and the power of our will and mind to pick the good over the bad.

Narcissus flower, as we already mentioned, blooms in springtime and because of this, it is a symbol of fertility and rebirth. It is also a clear symbol that sunny and warm days are coming, which triggers an inflow of positive and optimistic energy.

Six petals of the Narcissus flower symbolize the goddess Venus and the Sun. The goddess Venus controls number 6, while the Sun symbolizes yellow color – both related to the Narcissus flower. This flower is also used in the production of perfumes and fragrances, as it has a fresh and exciting smell.

In the end, the Narcissus flower is a symbol of all people in our life that take a special place in our hearts and makes it more complete. Give them a bouquet of Narcissus flowers to show them your appreciation and care, but to also motivate them, give them an injection of ambition, and make them more enthusiastic about life.

On the other side, if someone close to you lives in the clouds for the time now and you would like to call them down on earth, give them the Narcissus flower. This gesture will send them a clear message, but the Narcissus flower won’t offend them in no way.

Narcissus Flower – Color and Meaning

Narcissus flower comes in white and yellow color only, but this doesn’t make it less valuable and important. The yellow color of the Narcissus flower symbolizes good luck, positive energy, creativity, and being focused on something. Give the yellow Narcissus to someone who is your loyal and good friend, but be careful. Yellow Narcissus flower also symbolize vanity and egoism, so be a bit careful when giving it.

White Narcissus flower is a symbol of chastity, innocence, clarity, and spirituality. If you would want to show someone how much you appreciate them, a bouquet of white Narcissus flowers will send the right message.

Botanical Characteristics of the Narcissus Flower

When planting the Narcissus flower, plant them in groups, between the bushes or along the edge of your garden. Make sure to dip 20 cm deep holes in which you want to plant your Narcissus flowers and crush the ground a bit. Narcissus flower likes some flower fertilizer, so you can add some in the ground before planting. Bigger Narcissus flowers are healthy and more resistant, so go for plants like this. Leave from 7 to 15 cm of space between each plant and give your Narcissus flowers enough sun.

The great thing about the Narcissus flower is that it doesn’t require too much attention and maintaining. Just feed your young Narcissus flower with NPK fertilizer once the flowering begins. After flowering, the Narcissus flower needs some time to accumulate new energy. Water them regularly if you live in a zone without rainfalls in spring.

Narcissus Flower – Fun Facts

Narcissus flower was brought to America from Europe.

Great Britain, Holland, the Channel Isles, and the Isles of Sicily, are the largest cultivators of the Narcissus flower.

Narcissus flower blooms mostly from November to April, but some species bloom from spring to autumn.


Narcissus flower tells us to be inspirational, find motivation within yourself, get the best out of life, but never walk with your head in the clouds, as this will only affect you negatively.

Narcissus flower announces spring and better days, so keep in mind that being patient is sometimes the key for everything.