Morning Glory Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flower symbolism dates back to the past, this phenomenon was known to people around the world and it has a special place in the development of many cultures. For thousands of years, people used flowers for various purposes, but the significance and messages they carry with them are one of the most important uses.

Their appearance, beauty, tenderness were always fascinated by people, but their energy and the power they carry are much stronger and bigger. If we think a little better, we realize that their role is not only to impress us with beauty or to help us decorate space; the flowers are there to help us express our emotions, show the strength of our love for a person, and show how much we really care for that person.

Today we are familiar with the different types of flowers, and it’s clear that the flowers are easily accessible. If we want to give flower to special person, which have a great significance in our life, we will hardly decide on the first flower we see, it is more likely that we will search for the meaning of flowers, understand what message and significance the flower carries with it and whether it will correspond with the character and the personality of that person.

It is important to note that the meaning of flowers is not only important when we are choosing a gift for a person, but it can help us to understand the emotions of other people, but also ourselves, it can help us understand the world and the people around us. The meaning of the flower is very important, therefore in many cultures there was a belief that each flower represent different people, it describes their personal characteristics and emotions.

There are many theories that say that a flower that describes one person determines its fate. In this text we have decided to talk about the flower morning glory, we will help you understand its energy, understand its symbolism, and understand the messages that this flower sends. We hope that this article will help you not only to understand the meaning of this flower, but also to understand your emotions towards the person you want this gift to give.

Meaning of Morning Glory Flower

This part of text is certainly the most important because we will help us to understand the meaning of this flower in it. Each flower carries a special meaning with it, and it refers to certain things.

The facts that we will talk about in this article will help you to understand the significance of this flower, as well as their role through the ages.

  • Good luck

The Morning Glory Flower is a symbol of happiness, joy and love. This flower appears in many colors that are very happy, and they bring a positive feeling, for this reason this flower describes love and happiness. This flower certainly carries the message that we should enjoy life, we need to express our emotions towards other people. For this reason, this flower will help you to express the happiness and joy you feel because you have certain people close to you, in addition, this flower brings positive energy and it is recommended to beautify the interior space.

  • Positive Thinking

Its colors are cheerful, so his energy is very positive and it helps people to rest, enjoy at any moment and feel the love and warmth they have around them. This flower brings with it a message that you should not think too much, you should rest and relax your mind, also it advices you to use every day positively, it does not allow you to be negative, and to carry negative thoughts with you. Its light is so strong that it will surely break any darkness.

  • Kids

This flower is the most beautiful and best reflects children’s innocence, sincerity and chaste. It is a symbol of uninvited love and helps us to realize the real happiness when the children are in question. This flower helps us not only understand, but for a moment to be careless and gentle as children, and to look forward to every little thing. This flower is the best choice if you want to give it to someone who just got a baby, or someone who will soon become a parent.

  • Peace

With its bright colors and positive energy, this flower certainly brings harmony and peace, therefore it is recommended to decorate your home and to help you get rid of the stress of negative energy and suffering. This flower brings warmth, love, and peace into your home.

Morning Glory Flower- Etymological meaning

This flower has a very unusual name, but its origin is much more interesting, as is the story behind it. There are many legends about origins of this flower, for that reason we are nothing more than to be sure of all the legends that are related to this flower.

Throughout history we can notice that this flower appeared in various cultures, for this reason there are many stories and legends about its origin. The fact is that this flower has got its name after a very short life, its life  lasts only one day, when the sun rises, its petals grow, and it begins its life, however, as soon as the sun go out, its life turns out, the petals are drowning and he dies. Due to its very short life, this flower symbolizes unconvincing, platonic love.

In the time of Victorian England, flowers were left in the cemetery of a person who never knew that someone loved her, and felt platonic love for her.

In addition to this legend, in Chinese mythology there is another one that says that the short life of this flower is a symbol of short love. There is a myth that says that God was pursuing a loving couple and He did not allow them to experience their love, for this reason He left them on the opposite sides of the river, only during one day each year the couple was allowed to meet.

Morning Glory Flower- Symbolism

The beautiful colors of this flower are a symbol of happiness and love; this flower says that we should enjoy life, that we need to use it every day, that we need to understand people around us and that we need to give them more attention than we give them now.

This flower carries with it a different symbolism, and it was a contrast between happiness, filled with love and sorrow on the other. Today, this flower is given to the people we want to prove that are important to us, that their presence means a lot to us, but on the other hand, through this history, this flower was given to the people that we felt only platonic, unlimited love. The short life span of this flower hides the love we feel for another person, but it also helps us to understand the strength and power of our love.

This flower has had a great influence in many cultures; it especially was fascinated by the artists, who through their poems, verses, poems ad novels managed to describe the beauty of this flower and its true symbolism. When you give this flower to someone then you will express million different emotions, which words could never describe, for this reason, this flower helps you to experience the true picture of what you feel or what someone else feels about you.

Morning Glory Flower- Color

This flower appears in many different colors, all of these colors are cheerful, positive, they can lead us to positive thinking, be our motivation and desire for love and warmth. This flower appears in red, pink, yellow, orange, purple and blue.

Red color is a color of passion, excitement and love. This color sends a message that you feel a great love for someone and that love moves you, it bring positive energy and excitement in you.

Pink color is a color of nurture, it sends a message that you are still a child, who is looking forward to small things, and that every little thing can make you happy. This color is a symbol of tenderness and sophistication. Flowers in this color are given to people who are sensitive, gentle and enjoying their youth.

Blue color is a symbol of freedom; this color describes the infinite love you feel toward someone, and points to the depth and strength of your love. Flowers in this color relax you, they help you to get rid of stress and enjoy peace and harmony.

The yellow color indicates shyness. This color is the best prove what you feel towards someone, and what your emotions are, they help you to understand and express your deepest emotions towards someone. Flowers in this color are given to those people who are not sure about your love, you will find out what you really feel about them.

Morning Glory Flower- Botanical facts and characteristics

This flower works best in places with fresh climates, so you will find it abundantly in the mountains, hills and other areas with a colder climate. It is mostly widespread in Europe and America. This flower appears in different colors and each color marks another kind of flower.

The conditions in which this flower should be raised are not demanding, it needs plenty of water, fertile soil and sun. It is important to be in a well-groomed place because the sun feeds its root and gives it energy. It is important to note that it petals start to emerge from sunrise, however, as soon as the sun begins to set its petals die.

This flower can grow only 10 to 15 cm, it is a small plant that is sensitive to weather conditions. Its appearance gives the impression of a small flower, which is gentle and sensitive. The truth is that for this flower. a small changes in temperature will immediately cause changes in his upbringing. This flower can survive only during the spring and summer, and at optimal temperatures ranging from 15 to 25 degrees, everything above or below these indicated temperatures will lead to poor development of this flower.

Interestingly, this flower has a very specific fragrance, for this reason it has found its utility in the construction of perfumes and toilet scents, besides this use, the flower is also used in the production of face creams and body care. It is interesting that there are many species of this wild flower that are mostly found in the mountainous regions and it is very difficult to find them, these types of intoxicants are used to produce perfumes.

If you cultivate this plant, you must be careful, because during the summer numerous insects can attack it, for this reason it is recommended to buy sprays that will aid in the defense of this plant.

This flower is the best choice, if you want to decorate your garden, enter a lot more colors and if you want to beautify your home. With its sparkling color spectrum, you will be able to free yourself from the stress, noise and you can be sure that you will feel the peace of happiness and harmony.

And do not forget that flowers can say a million words, and can help you feel the emotions of people around you as well as yourself. This flower has many different uses but if you want to show someone your emotions and if you want to express your feelings then this flower is the best choice for you.