Marigold Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Topic about flower symbolism and meaning is so rich that you will read on many facts that you might never hear of before. What is more, when you take a look at a certain flower, would you suppose that it has an interesting background? Flower meaning and symbolism can teach you a lot about history, other cultures, other people, but yourself too.

The reason for this is the fact that flower symbolism dates thousands of years back in history and will last forever. As ancient cultures also used to celebrate important events in their life, we “copied” their patterns.

However, flowers make every moment more memorable, so we can only thank the ancient people and their cultures.

You know there are big and small, and all of them have strong symbolic, each of itself, as the meaning of the flower has nothing to do with its size. People have been expressing their deepest emotions, secrets, fears, desires, and eventually tell them to other persons by sending them flowers.

Once you get to know the meaning and symbolic of a certain flower, your perceptive of it would never be the same once you see it next time. That first look will be a true reminder of its meaning, which might also make you enlightened for a second.

We gift things to people we love all the time, but flower gifts seem like something truly special. There is no way a person will dislike a bouquet of flowers. It will put a smile on the face of a person you love the most, which is priceless. No matter of your relationship with a receiver, flowers are always a good idea.

Today we are about to talk about the Marigold flower and, of course, its meaning and symbolic. Marigold flower has a strong symbolic for numerous things we can apply to our everyday life. This is the right chance to know more about the Marigold flower, so keep on reading.

What is the Meaning of the Marigold Flower?

There are numerous myth and legends that revolve around each flower. Some of these legends might be very handy, especially if we are choosing flowers for a special occasion or for a special person. Maybe you wouldn’t think this, but there is an enormous difference between the Rose flower, Daffodil, and the Marigold flower, for example – as each flower speaks for itself and has a different meaning.

Even though some flowers meaning overlap, there are no two flowers that carry identical meanings.

The main meanings of the Marigold flower are:

• Wanting to be wealthy,
• The beauty of the sun,
• Sacred offerings,
• Well-functioning of a relationship,
• Winning affection,
• Despair because of love,
• Remembering death.

Marigold flower is a symbol of aspiration towards being wealthy and rich. Some people do take this specific desire seriously and think about possible ways that could make them rich. Marigold flower is a perfect gift for your friends who are money-driven and dream about a luxurious life, but you can also purchase a bouquet of Marigold flowers for yourself and attract some money into your life too. Not a bad idea, right?

On the other side, some people don’t care that much about being rich, so avoid giving them the Marigold flower in order not to offend them.

The sun is bright, optimistic, and warm, just as the Marigold flower. Marigold flowers represent the beauty of the sun by its appearance, but by its meaning and symbolic too. Colorful and shiny Marigold flower will stand out of every flower arrangement as it carries that eye-catching, warming, beautiful, and powerful energy of the sun.

Do you remember situations when you wanted to win affection over someone? Or are you in a situation like this right now? We make some connections through life, but some of them require a little bit of investing extra effort. If you would like to win affection over someone, the Marigold flower is a perfect gift that will send a message of your honest intentions and emotions towards the other side.

Marigold flower, used to symbolize sacred offerings in the past. This gives the Marigold flower strong and deep spiritual meaning, which is a reason why people respect this flower highly.
We all dream about having a perfectly balanced relationship in which things between us and our partner are going smoothly. Marigold flower carries a meaning of well-functioning in a relationship, having an understanding and endless love for each other, without having any issues.

If you want to tell your partner how lucky you are to be in a relationship with such a good, honest, loyal, loving person, the Marigold flower will tell them all this and even more.

Marigold flower can also symbolize lost love, despair after a break-up, or being rejected by the person we are in love with. It is interesting that the Marigold flower can symbolize both an ideal relationship and a tumbling and depressive moods because of love.

However, your partner would understand the message you are sending through the Marigold flower clearly, depending on a phase you two are going through in your relationship or a marriage. This meaning of the Marigold flower lies in historical myths and legends we are about to tell you in the following paragraphs.

Further, the Marigold flower is sometimes associated with feelings such as sadness and nostalgia. Marigold flower is a symbol of remembering the death and people take it to graves of the ones who are no longer with them but are living in their memories. Many cultures around the world kept this tradition of taking the Marigold flower to graves over the years.

The Etymological Meaning of the Marigold Flower

The scientific name for the Marigold flower is Calendula. When translated, Calendula means small clock and this is a name for the whole family of various flowers. Some beliefs claim the Marigold flower’s name originates from the time of the Virgin Mary, as these flowers were used as an offering to her and symbolize sacred offerings. This is the meaning of the Marigold flower we explained above.

People sometimes didn’t have anything other to offer to the Virgin Mary, so they used to offer Marigold flowers to her instead. Marigold flower comes from the Tagetes family. This plant family was named after the Etruscan prophet named Tages.

The Symbolism of the Marigold Flower

Cultures like Christian, Buddhism, Hindu, and Aztec consider the Marigold flower a symbol of sacred offerings. The color of the Marigold flower used for these offerings was yellow and represented the sun and gold. Pagan religions link the Marigold flower also the sun and its powerful energy that lives through yellow and orange color. The Victorians saw the Marigold flower as a symbol of grief, despair, and took the flower to cemeteries and funerals. This is the explanation of the negative aspects of the Marigold flower we had mentioned in the meaning section.

However, there is more, as the Victorians also believed the Marigold flower was a symbol of cruel behavior towards the closes persons. The Mexicans also used to take Marigold flowers to graves, especially during their Day of the Dead, or Dia de Muertos.

Middle ages brought a change in the symbolic for the Marigold flower, as it became a symbol of charm and luck. People of that time used to wear Marigold flowers in their pockets so that they would attract someone they like or create a deeper connection with someone towards whom they felt attraction.

Popular culture also looks at the Marigold flower from an optimistic perspective, believing this flower represents sun’s, positive and good energy. The reason why people from modern times see the Marigold as a good sign is the fact this flower comes in various colorful and bright nuances, bringing a smile to people’s faces.

Marigold Flower – Color and Meaning

Flower color can add on symbolic or take it away – it depends. Many flowers come in various colors, carrying different symbolic meaning, so we can choose between the ones who boost the messages we want to send through them. Marigold flower comes in yellow, orange, and orange-red color, reminding us of optimistic and bright things.

Yellow Marigold flower is a true symbol of happiness, joy, and positive feelings in general. The meaning and the symbolism of the Marigold flower complement with the yellow color perfectly. As we know by now, the Marigold flower represents the sun and its energy through this bright and optimistic color.

Orange Marigold flower also symbolizes positive and optimistic, fulfilling energy, but also stands for strong emotions. Whatever you would like to express through giving the Marigold to a special someone, the orange color will emphasize. In this case, you can express your affection towards someone and win their affection at the same time.

The red color is a color of romance, passion, and love, while we explained the orange color above. When we mix the orange and the red color in the Marigold flower, we get a beautiful sunny flower that might be a perfect gift for your partner. If you two are living through a fairytale romance and things between you two are going just perfect, give a bouquet of Marigold flowers to your partner, and show them how happy you are that you two are together. Orange-red Marigold flower might also be a good decoration for your home if you want to attract some positive energy.

Botanical Characteristics of the Marigold Flower

Marigold flower is beautiful either as a decorative plant or a dry flower. What is more, it is more and more used in making inflammation and epithelial cell renewal products, such as antiseptic ones too. Marigold flower is a one-year plant and it dries down in the fall, while it begins the growth in early spring again. The roots of the Marigold flower grows deep in the ground and the plant goes up to 80 cm in height.

Marigold’s flower head grow from 5 to 10 centimeters in diameter. Each flower stem has tubular fertile flowers in the center and each one is arranged along the edge. Fruits of the Marigold flower are light or dark brown. What is interesting, the Marigold flower grows fast and you can expect it to bloom in 40 days after germination. Marigold will bloom during whole summer and fall, until the first frost. Rain rejuvenates the Marigold flower and prolongs its lifespan.

You can grow Marigold flowers even in dry areas, as it is not sensitive to drought. When it comes to soil, the optimal one is rich, brown, if possible near cherry trees, and this all will give you nice and healthy Marigold plants. It is necessary to do the plowing of the soil, so it becomes crushed and straightened and also prevents nesting. Nitrogen might affect your Marigold flowers negatively, but adding some potassium and phosphorus will result in good yield and better quality of the flowers.

Once you notice 3-5 leaves on your Marigold flower, cut the crop to a distance about 8 cm. According to the soil characteristics and the texture of the weeds, you would have to do two or three cultivations. Young Marigold flowers are resistant to spring frosts, so you can sow the plants in early March in order to start flowering as quick as possible. Leave about 50 cm of space between your Marigold flowers. If you have plans on planting the whole hectare with Marigold flowers, you will need 5 to 6 kg of seed.

The flowering of the Marigold flower begins in May. Water the plants manually, if possible, twice a week. Once your Marigold flowers are done with flowering, they will start turning dry. Marigold flower is a beautiful decorative plant, either fresh or as a dry flower. Even though some people think they can grow the Marigold flower indoors, it would never turn out as plants grown outdoors.

In order to protect your Marigold flowers form soil pests, use calendula or/and squander and plant them among other plants in your garden.

Marigold Flower – Fun Facts

Marigold flower has a spicy aroma.

In order to induce growth of new, healthy Marigold flowers, remove the old, dry ones.

Marigold flower’s dye is widely used in textile production and food industry.

Substances in the Marigold flower are beneficial for the human eye.

Aztecs believed the Marigold flower has healing and protective properties when it comes to treatment from burns.

Marigold flower is edible and you can make salads or desserts with it.

While cultivated Marigolds are one-year plants, wild species of this flower are perennial plants.


We guess you will look at the Marigold differently after reading our text. Could you imagine its meaning and symbolic of the Marigold flower before? It is good to know when giving the Marigold flower to someone what kind of message you are sending, but it is even better if you are a receiver of this flower and you already know what is the message behind it.

Marigold flower tells us always appreciate the beauty on the inside more than one on the outside. This bright and colorful flower will stand out in your garden, showing the others to cherish what they have too, and look at the brighter side of life.

On the other side, the Marigold flower shows off respect for dead people, our beloved ones who are not physically with us anymore but will always have a place in our heart in memory.

Marigold flower also celebrates love and sends a message to your partner that you are aware of the blessing God gave to you. If you like someone and would want to produce the same emotions with the other side, send them a bouquet of Marigold flowers.