Magnolia Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

There are a secret meaning and an interesting story behind every flower, such as their meanings and symbolic. Some of these meanings are well-known, while the others require you to scratch a bit more under the surface. We did this job instead of you and gathered it all in one place.

Why is it so important to know flower meaning and symbolic? Flowers and their stories are easily applicable to our lives. This means we can relate to many meanings flower represent and also send powerful messages through flowers if we are not so good with words. Flowers are definitely something more than just a beautiful decoration or an arrangement.

If we know to listen to the silence, flowers might teach us many important lessons that will make our lives better in so many ways.

On the other side, we are willing to translate you those lessons to your language, so keep your eyes wide open.

In this text, we will talk about one of the most beautiful flowers of all times – Magnolia flower. Not only that the Magnolia flower is so beautiful, but it also hides valuable traits, living stories, and carries strong symbolic for us, people. If you just can’t ignore the extraordinary Magnolia flower, so it would be nice to know something more about this flower.

What Is the Meaning of the Magnolia Flower?

Some of our deepest emotions and affections lay within flower meaning. Just as ancient people, people today express their emotions and send important messages through flowers. Every flower is a story itself and the Magnolia flower is no exception here.

The main meanings of the Magnolia flower are:

• Femininity,
• Beauty,
• Purity,
• Dignity.

As we already mentioned, the Magnolia flower’s beauty is undeniable. However, there are no right words that would stress out enough the uniqueness of this flower. If you are looking for a way to show someone how gorgeous and beautiful they are, you can’t go wrong if you pick the Magnolia flower. Magnolia flower makes life more beautiful and sends clear and honest messages. Make a clear statement and express how divine a receiver of this flower is by giving them the Magnolia flower.

Magnolia flower stands for femininity and Yin feminine side. There is a gentle, fragile, emotional, and feminine side of every woman on this planet. Many ladies you know are loving, caring, and gentle, so why wouldn’t you get the Magnolia flower or a bouquet of Magnolias to the most important ladies in your life? Any woman who receives the Magnolia flower will feel deeply loved, appreciated, and respected.

Other meanings of the Magnolia flower are purity and dignity. Some stories and legends from ancient times derived these meanings from this flower and we will tell you more about it in a few seconds. There is no doubt that the Magnolia flower will make a receiver highly respectable person as you will show appreciation towards that person’s deeds. Magnolia flower symbolizes your purest emotions and intentions but also leaves an impression of a proud and cultured personality.

The Etymological Meaning of the Magnolia Flower

The man after whom the Magnolia flower got its name is Pierre Magnolia. However, Pierre, the French botanist, discovered the whole family of the Magnolia flower, not just the species of this beautiful flower.

Many people believe the Magnolia flower was named after him, but others disagree on this topic. People in the East call the Magnolia flower hou po, but there are also some other cultures that gave their own names to this flower and kept it during years.

The Symbolism of the Magnolia Flower

Magnolia flower is a plant with incredible, unusual fragrant and you might get attracted to it in the beginning. However, when you see beautiful Magnolias hanging in terraces and balconies, only then you will get the whole image of this magnificent plant. Magnolia flower is, by the way, one of the plants that are increasingly used for garden decorations. Some people call the Magnolia queen of spring flowers as it blooms in spring with its multicolored, rich flowers and attracts the sun and positive energy. There are many symbolic meanings associated with the Magnolia flower.

As we mentioned above, the Magnolia flowers belong to the family of Magnolias. Magnolia family counts about 75 varieties and includes shrubs and evergreen trees. Geological researches showed that first flowers from Magnolia family existed about 100 million years ago. Magnolia family developed itself in order to protect the species, which was a form of evolution. These flowers don’t have strawberries and that is why bees don’t like it.

Original habitats of the Magnolia flower are North America and East Asia. Magnolia flower grows more than 20 m in these countries. You can expect to see flowers of Magnolia going from May to September, but only Magnolias older than 10 years can bloom this long.

The first large Magnolia flower came to France in 1740. The French city of Nantes welcomed the Magnolia flower that came from North America. Before this period, the Magnolia flower was little known in Europe, but things changed from that moment. King of the Sun, Louis XIV, had a botanist whose name was Plumie. Plumie was sent to the world by the word of the kind to explore various plants and collect most beautiful species so the king could grow them in the Garden of Versailles.

We already mentioned there are a couple of interpretations of the Magnolia flower’s name. According to this one, the king named the flower by Pierre Mangol, who was a director of Botanical Gardens in France.

Magnolia flower symbolizes loyalty and strength of love in China. The Chinese Emperor gave the Magnolia flower to his faithful subjects to show them his respect. The Europeans used to believe the Magnolia flowers was a symbol of returned love, after the infidelity of one partner, and their reconciliation. Magnolia flower also symbolizes perseverance, dignity, and pride, but it is a symbol of love for nature too.

In feng shui, the Magnolia flower attracts restful, pleasant energy into your home and you should plant it somewhere behind the house if you would like to acquire wealth, but in a gradual way. Magnolia flower is believed to provide many health benefits. The Chinese and the Japanese used the Magnolia flower in their traditional medicine.

Still, these traditions lived up until today, as they are still using the extract of the Magnolia flower in medicine, but mostly for cosmetics purposes and products. Magnolia flower and its extract are used in the production of various shampoos, baths, and fragrances as it has a nice smell.

Magnolia Flower – Color and Meaning

Magnolia flower is one of the flowers that come in various shades and colors. Colors of the Magnolia flower are perfectly tuned with its meaning and symbolic. Magnolia flower comes in yellow, pink, purple, red, and white color.

Yellow Magnolia flower symbolizes friendship, joy, and happiness. If you give the yellow Magnolia flower to your friend, it will remind them of how much you care for them and appreciate their presence in your life. Yellow Magnolia flower generally expresses your care for other people and shows them your affection and love.

Pink Magnolia flower is a symbol of femininity, love, and romance. This gorgeous color of the Magnolia flower will make a clear statement for a person you love, as this is a beautiful gift in the first place, but it will show a strong degree of affection and love in the second place. Pink Magnolia is a suitable gift for any woman in your life whom you love or feel affection towards – your mother, sister, friends, or a partner.

Purple Magnolia flower stands for dignity, pride, royalty, mystery, spirituality, and extravagance. You can gift the purple Magnolia flower to almost anyone, as there is no way it would send a wrong message. Purple Magnolia flower will always seem very classy, charming, and unique, which is something we all like to receive.

Red Magnolia flower is a symbol of romance, love, and passion. This rich, red-colored Magnolia flower is a true eye-catches and simply demands your attention. Red Magnolia flower is a bit rare to find and see, but this is a reason more to give it to your partner. This way, through the red Magnolia flower, you will show off its strong love symbolic and express your deepest and most fiery emotions towards a person who is dear to you. Red Magnolia flower carries the exclusively romantic trait, so you might want to avoid giving it to your family and friends.

White Magnolia flower symbolizes purity, innocence, faith, hope, spirituality, love, and care. Magnolia flower in white color sends a gentle, kind, and innocent message to anyone you love. The secret message of the white Magnolia flower is to live life with your full lungs, according to your desires, but never forget to show your love and care towards people you love and to have faith that everything will be just fine.

Botanical Characteristics of the Magnolia Flower

As we already mentioned, plants from the Magnolia family grow as evergreen trees or in bushes. This means you can see high bush Magnolias or the ones that are formed into a low tree (which grow up to 5 m in height). The only exception here is the Magnolia Grandiflora flower and it grows like a low tree. Some of the most popular species of the Magnolia flower are Magnolia ovate, Magnolia stellata, and Magnolia liliflor.

As Magnolia have very large flowers, you will see them appearing even before the first leaves in the early spring. This is one more reason which makes the Magnolia flower one of the most interesting species. Magnolia flower comes in a couple of shapes and forms, such as bowl, cuprous, or star shape. We already told you in which colors the Magnolia flowers come, but there are some hybrid and multicolor species too. Leaves of the Magnolia flower are leathery, large, and shiny. Fruits of it are almost the same as the seeds.

White Magnolia flowers are large and scented and we are talking about the Magnolia grandiflora here. Magnolia grandiflora is a tree with large and exotic flowers, dark-green leaves, is bright, and draws attention. You can see the Magnolia grandiflora opening its bright orange and red berries in autumn and that is the reason why birds and other wildlife adore this Magnolia species. Countries all over the world cultivated the Magnolia tree and grow it in city parks, while you can see them in private gardens too.

The first difficulty you might face when cultivating the Magnolia is to control its large and crisp leaves. Magnolia leaves are constantly falling off from the tree, which might get on your nerves. If you want to provide your Magnolia with optimal conditions, plant it in a place where there is enough sunshine. Magnolia loves a sunny place, but it will grow just solid even if it is in a mild shadow. Also give your Magnolias, if you are planting a couple of them, enough space to grow and avoid overcrowding.

The soil in which you want to plant your Magnolias should be fertile, slightly acidic, and rich in humus and well-moisturized. You can either purchase or pick some Magnolia flower seeds under the tree. If you decide to pick them, just peel off the outer shell and then put them in warm water overnight so that the seeds can soften and germinate. Once you plant your Magnolia flowers, make sure to water the seeds and growing plants until they are fully established. You should also protect the Magnolia flower root, as it is sensitive to freezing over winter.

Sow the Magnolia seeds in autumn, before the temperature goes under 5 ° C and before the first frost. The seeds should be planted at a depth of 1 cm. Once your Magnolias form their roots, you can either keep them in pots or transplant them into the ground. If you decide to transplant them, add some peat and sand to the garden soil and water it.

Magnolia Flower – Fun Facts

Magnolia flower doesn’t produce nectar, but it produces large amounts of pollen.

Magnolia State is another name for Mississippi.

Magnolia flower has either sweet tropical or musty smell.


Magnolia flower has a secret message for you – to try to be as stable through life as it is possible and always keep your head up.

This beautiful flower will leave no one indifferent, as the Magnolia is considered as one of the most splendid and rich flowers among thousands of them.