Lisianthus Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flowers are not just plants that decorate your garden, but they are much more than that. You may did not know, but flowers have many symbolic meanings. Since long ago people have talked about flower symbolism. It is a part of our history, so there were many legends and myths about flowers.

People have always been delighted with the scent of flowers and their beauty. It is known that flowers have always been related to romantic encounters with our loved persons, but they have also been used when we were saying goodbuy to someone

. However, flowers are a part of our everyday’a life and that’s why we should know something about the flower symbolism. It is good to know what a certain flower may symbolize in order to understand its meaning. If you love flowers and if you would like to find out something about their secret meanings, then you should read this article.

In this article we will tell you something about the lisianthus flower and its characteristics. You will find out not only the botanical characteristics of this flower, but also its symbolism. The lisianthus flower has a lot of meanings, so we will try to explain you all of them. Of course, before we start with the meanings and symbolism of the lisianthus flower, we will tell you what are the most important characteristics of this flower.

If you have never heard of the lisianthus flower, now you will have the chance to find out all about it. If you have already read about this flower and if you love flowers, then you will certainly like this article as well.

What is the Lisianthus Flower?

First of all we will tell you something about the etymology of the name lisianthus plant, which is also called Eustoma. The name Eustoma is native to ancient Greece. Actually, “eu“ means beauty, while “stoma“ means mouth, so if we think well, the lisianthus flower can refer to beautiful mouth or to something that has a shape like a mouth.

Also, it is important to say that “lysis“ means dissolution and “anthos“ means flower.

The Lisianthus flower comes originally from Texas and Mexico and it is similar to tulips, poppy flowers and also roses. Today this flower grows mostly in South America and also in the south of the United States.

This flower can be found in purple, blue-violet, pink, white and many other colors and each of these colors has special symbolism and meanings, but more about that you will have the opportunity to see later in this text.

Now you may be wondering if the lisianthus flower can be used in cosmetic or medicinal purposes and we will tell you the answer. This flower can contain many toxic substances, so it is not used in medicine and cosmetics.

However, this flower will certainly attract butterflies and bees. Now you know the most important botanic characteristics of the lisianthus flower, so we will tell you something about its meaning and symbolism. If you love flowers, you will certainly find many interesting facts and important information in the text below.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Lisianthus Flower

As we have already said, each flower has its symbolic meaning and it can teach us important lessons and also tell us a lot about ourselves. That’s why we should try to understand all the meanings that a certain flower has. The symbolism of the lisianthus flower is very important and there are many meanings that we can associate with this flower.

First of all we have to say that the lisianthus flower is connected with people who are born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. It means that this flower symbolizes people who are creative, imaginative and strong. These people are always ready to go on even though a situation may be too difficult for them. If you have a friend who has a Sagittarius as a zodiac sign, then you could give that person a lisianthus flower as a gift. You should know that this flower actually represents all characteristics that a Sagittarius has.

Also, the lisianthus flower means that two people have decided to spend their life together. It is a symbol of the strong relationship between emotional partners. Because of that the lisianthus flower may be a great present for weddings, as well as for anniversaries. In many countries this flower is used for wedding decorations. Also, you can give it to your partner whenever you want to show your love and devotion towards him/her.

The lisianthus flower can be a symbol of gratitude that we are expressing to our friend because he/she has done something for us and helped us. If you want to thank someone for something, then you can send that person a lisianthus flower instead of a card.

There are also other meanings related to this flower. It can symbolize traditional values as well. Even though this flower is colorful, it can show that you are a person who respects traditional values. There are many old stories and myths that can prove this symbolic meaning of the lisianthus flower.

Also, if you want to show someone that you aprreciate him, then you can give that person the lisianthus flower as a gift. Especially if a certain person has helped you in something, you have a great opportunity to give her a lisianthus flower. This way you will show that you appreciate what this person has done for you and you will also show your gratitude. The symbolic meaning of appreciation is related to the lisianthus flowers since long ago.

The symbolism of the lisianthus flower is also related to its growth. Actually, it means that you should also rise above your environment and have positive attitude towards everything around you. It is necessary to be grateful for all things that you have in your life. We have also said that this flower is a flower of couples which have long-lasting relationships and relationship that last until the end of their lives. That’s why the lisianthus flower is often related to weddings. There is no doubt that this flower is a symbol of eternal love and devotion.

Now when you know what the lisianthus flower can mean, we will tell you something more about its colors and different meanings that these flowers have.

Colors of the Lisianthus Flower

First of all you have to know that the symbolism of flowers is very important, so you should know what each color of a certain flower may symbolize. It will certainly help you choose the appropriate flower for any occasion. When it comes to the lisianthus flower, we have to say that this flower can be found in almost all colors, but the most common colors of this flower are purple, blue-violet, pink and white.

Also, this flower can have green, yelow or red color. The symbolism of all these colors is specific and now we will try to explain you that.

We will start form purple lisianthus flowers. These flowers are usually a symbol of royalty and beauty. You can give this flower to your loved person as a gift or you can decorate your own room with this beautiful flower.

Also, we have the white lisianthus flower, which is considered to symbolize innocence and purity. This flower is usually used for wedding decoration and also for other romantic occasions.

The light pink lisianthus flower is the best choice if you want to give a gift to a woman who has recently become a mother. Also, it could be a great flower for a young girl, as well as for any member of your family.

If you have the lisianthus flower which is bright red, then it probably symbolizes passion and love, so it may be an ideal gift for your loved person.

There is also the yellow lisianthus flower, which symbolizes joy and happiness. You can use this flower to decorate your home or to give it to your friend or to any other dear person. But, if you are looking for a gift that you will give to your loved person, then a yellow lisianthus flower is not the best option. When it comes to your emotional partner, it is better to choose another color of this flower. We have already said that the white lisianthus flower is great for romantic occasions.

It is already mentioned that the lisianthis flower can be green as well. In that case it is usually a symbol of success, wealth and fertility. In most cases this flower is related to your business and career.

You have seen in this article what are the meanings of the lisianthus flower in general and also what certain colors of this flower mean. At the end of this article we can say that the lisianthus flower is sending us a very important message.

Actually, these flowers are telling us to be grateful for all that we have in life and to show our gratitude to persons who have helped us in something. Also, we should always have in mind that this life is beautiful and there is a beauty all around us.

There is no doubt that the lisianthus flowers will make your garden even more beautiful. But, now you know that this flower is not only beautiful, but also very powerful in its symbolism. The lisianthus flower is considered to be a symbol of appreciation, gratitude and beauty.

As already mentioned, the lisianthus flower can symbolize traditional values as well. We have told you that the meaning of this flower is connected with its colors and we have explained you what is the meaning of each color.

We hope you have found interesting information in this article that will be also useful for you. Now you can understand better the symbolism of the lisianthus flower as well as the flower symbolism in general.

As you have seen, flowers can tell us a lot about life in general and also about ourselves. Flowers can give us important messages, so we just need to learn how to read them.

We hope we have helped you understand the symbolism of the lisianthus flower and all hidden meanings of it. If you decide to decorate your home with this beautiful flower or if you decide to give it to someone as a gift, you will certainly make the right choice.