Lilac Flower – Meaning, Colors, Symbolism

The symbolism of flowers has been popular since long ago. Many people believe in the special language of flowers. There is a belief that flowers can tell us a lot of things and bring us important spiritual messages. There is no doubt that flowers are related to our spirituality, our thoughts and emotions.

Flowers have fascinated people since the earliest times because of their beautiful fragrance and different colors. People have a lot of flowers in their gardens and a bouquet of flowers has always been a great gift for someone. When you receive a bouquet of flowers from someone, it is very important to know what these flowers symbolize.

You have probably heard that a red rose is a symbol of love and romance, so it is the most common gift for all loved women. But, other flowers have also their specific meanings and it can be very useful to know what exactly a certain flower represents. It is not hard to learn the symbolism of flowers. You just need to know the history of a certain flower, its characteristics and what it means in different cultures and traditions. It is important to know that a certain flower doesn’t have the same meaning in each culture. But, there are a couple of universal meanings for each flower and you should know them.

In this text we will talk about the lilac flower and its symbolism. When we see the lilac flower, we know that spring has arrived. The history of this flower is related to the Greek mithology. In this text you will read something more about the symbolism of the lilac flower both in the past and in the presence. You will get to know what are the colors of lilac flowers and what each of these colors can mean.

If you love flowers, then you will certainly enjoy reading this text. But, before we tell you what the lilac flower can symbolize, you will find out some important facts about this flower in general.

We will tell you not only about the physical characteristics of this flower, but also where it grows, what is its scientific name and why it is one of the most favorite flowers for many people. If you would like to know more about the lilac flower, don’t miss this article, because you will find a lot of interesting and also useful information about this amazing flower.

What Is the Lilac Flower?

The lilac flower is a very common flower in the whole world. It grows best in the Mediterannean climate because it loves high temperatures. The scientific name of the lilac flower is Syringa vulgaris and the name of the whole genus is Syringa. The lilac is a schrub that is usually used in gardens for creating a natural fence. The lilac flower comes from the southeastern part of Europe and Asia, but today it can be found all over the world, as we have already mentioned. They are especially popular flowers in the United States.

There are 26 species of lilac flowers and they can be found in many different colors, such as purple, violet, blue, white and pink. These flowers are easy to grow, so it is great to have them in a garden. It is important to know that lilac flowers love sun, so you have to plant them in the places where there is a lot of sun. It is interesting that they bloom in three different times, so we can distinguish early-season lilacs, mid-season lilacs and late-season lilac flowers.

Lilac flowers are well-known for their pleasant and beautiful fragrance, so they are usually used for many perfumes and other cosmetic products. Also, lilac flowers can be used in the form of an essential oil. The experts believe that lilac flowers can help in treating many infections, skin problems, stomach problems, etc. It is also believed that lilac flowers can be helpful if someone has a fever. It is proved that lilacs can help people who are suffering from depression and they can also relax our nerves. That’s why lilac flowers are usually used in aromatherapy and other relaxation techniques.

Now when you know what the lilac flower is and what are its most important characteristics and healing properties, you will see something more about its symbolism and secret meanings. If you are a flower lover, then you must be interested in everything that is related to lilac flowers. There is no doubt that these flowers have special symbolism and now you will have the opportunity to discover more about it. We hope it will be interesting for you and it will help you understand the symbolism of flowers in general.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Lilac Flower

First of all we will tell you what Greek mythology says about this beautiful flower. In ancient Greece there was a story about a nympha whose name was Syringa and who was very pretty. She was trying to escape from the god of fields and forests, whose name was Pan, and she turned into a bush. That bush was made of aromatic flowers called lilac. This is an interesting story from a Greek mythology that is related to our lilac flower. We have already said that the botanical name of the lilac flower is Syringa.

It is also important to say that there are different meanings and symbolism of the lilac flower in different cultures. For example, in Russia it is believed that people should hold lilac flowers over the newborn baby, because it will make that baby wise. In Russia the lilac flower is considered to be a symbol of wisdom, while in the U.S. this flower represents a symbol of New Hampshire. An interesting fact is that there is also the capital of the lilac flowers and it is Rochester in New York. In this place every year people organize the Lilac Festival.

It is also interesting to say something about the symbolism of the lilac flower in the past. For the Celtics the lilac flower was related to magic and it was appreciated because of its beautiful scent. In the so called Victorian Age the lilac flower was typical for widows, because it reminded them of their old loves. As you can see, there were different meanings and symbolism of the lilac flower throughout the history. Many artists have used the lilac flower as a motive for their poems, paintings and other masterpieces. However, the lilac flower is well-known for its symbolism even today. It is known that in many parts of the world the lilac flower is used for the 8th wedding anniversary of many couples who believe in flower symbolism.

As you can probably recognize, the name lilac is a universal word for purple or violet color. The same word exists in Spanish and French language, but there is also a similar arabic word. Later you will see something more about different colors of the lilac flower and their meanings.

When it comes to symbolism of this flower, we can say that it is related to love, purity and emotions. We have already said that in the past it was the symbol of an old love. It is believed that the lilac flower is a symbol of spring, so it can tell us when the spring will come. It is known that the lilac flower blooms right at the beginning of the spring. Actually, the lilacs are the first flowers that bloom when the temperature starts to be higher than before.

Also, the lilac flower is used as a symbol of Eastern and a symbol of renewal. It usually symbolizes that something new and something better is going to come in our lives. You may did not know but lilac flowers can also be regarded as a symbol of confidence. That’s why a bouquet of lilac flowers can be a great gift for someone who has just graduated.

These are some of the most common meanings of lilac flowers, but you have to know that the right meaning of this flower depends mostly on its color. Something more about that you will see below in this article. If you want to know in which colors the lilac flower can be found and what all these colors symbolize, then read this article to the end.

Colors of the Lilac Flower

Flower lovers believe that flowers speak a special language, but the symbolism depends usually on a flower color. The lilac flower can be found in many colors, such as violet color, lilac or purple color, pink color, blue color, white color and also in magenta color.

It is important to know that a purple lilac flower can be a symbol of first love emotions and protection. This light purple color is also called “lilac“ in many languages, so the flower has been named right after this color. Lilac or light purple color is actually the most common color of a lilac flower. It is a great option to give a purple lilac flower to a person you love, especially if it is your first love. There are also violet lila flowers, which are similar to purple lilac flowers, but they are a little darker. If you have received violet lilac flowers from someone, you should know that they are a symbol of spirituality.

On the other side we have a white lilac flower, which is usually a symbol of innocence and youth. It symbolizes something pure and innocent, so it is usually used for celebrations when a child is born. There are also blue lilac flowers, which are usually a symbol of a happy life and a symbol of calmness. It is also possible to find a lilac flower in a magenta color, so these flowers are a symbol of passion and love. You can find a lilac flower in a pink color as well. In this case a lilac flower is a symbol of friendship and love. You could see that there are many colors of lilac flowers and each of them has a different meaning and symbolism. But, there is no doubt that since the earliest times the lilac flower was associated with romantic love.

Now we can resume all that we have told you about the lilac flower and try to find a message that this flower is giving to us.

Actually, the lilac flower is telling us that the life is too short, so we should not waste time on being sad and regreting past loves. It is much better to have always a positive attitude and to enjoy the life. We should enjoy the love we have right now, because we don’t know how long it will last. All of us should enjoy the moment and spend time with people we love.

As you could see in this article, the lilac flower is a symbol of love and protection in the first place. It symbolizes the first love, the old love that we still remember. This symbolism exists since the prehistoric times.

Also, we have told you that the lilac flower is a symbol of confidence, as well as a symbol of youth, purity and innocence. The right meaning of the lilac flower depends in a great extent on a color of this flower. In this article we have told you what is the meaning of each color.

We hope that now you can understand better the meanings and symbolism of the lilac flower. There is no doubt that this flower is one of the most common flowers all around the world. It is specal not only for its pleasant scent, but also for its beauty and symbolism. If you love flowers, you certainly already know that each flower has its own symbolism.

We hope you have found interesting information in this article and you have understood the symbolism of the lilac flower. If you receive the lilac flower as a gift from someone, you should know that this person loves you.

Also, you will certainly know in which situations you should use the lilac flower or give it to someone else. We hope you liked this article about the lilac flower and you will pay more attention to its symbolism.