Lavender Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

We use flowers in different purposes in our lives. There is no doubt that flowers are a part of our everyday’s life. We have flowers in our garden, we use flowers for decoration, we buy a bouquet of flowers for someone, etc. It is impossible to imagine our life without flowers.

But, did you know that flowers can also have a specific meaning and symbolism? Have you ever wondered what a certain flower can symbolize? If a red rose symbolizes romantic love, what happens with all other flowers?

In this text you will have the opportunity to read about a lavender flower. There is no doubt that this flower is one of the most beautiful flowers all over the world. First of all, we will tell you something about a lavender flower in general. Later you will see what this flower means and what it may symbolize. Also, we will tell you what is the special symbolism related to lavender flower colors.

If you are interested in flowers and if you would like to find out something more about lavender flower, don’t miss this article. We recommend you to read this article carefully, because many interesting and useful information are expecting you.

So, let’s see first what a lavender flower represents and what are the most important characteristics of this flower.

What is a Lavender Flower?

Lavender is a perennial plant which is recognizable for its beautiful fragrance. This plant grows in the warm places with high temperatures. Since ancient times a lavender flower has been known for its beautiful smell and healing properties.

A lavender flower is also called lavandula and it belongs to the so called Lamiaceae, which is a mint family. This flower comes from Africa, Asia and Europe and it is mainly found on the Canary Islands, as well as in the Mediterranean.

It is not a secret that lavender flowers can help in treating many health problems because they contain an essential oil that may be very beneficial for our health. You may have heard that lavender flowers are usually used in aromatherapy because they have amazing healing properties.

Also, these flowers can help if you have little injuries on your body. It is believed that lavender infusions can alleviate your headache as well as burns and bites of insects on your skin. All over the world is known that lavender flowers are great insect repellents. If you have a lot of insects in your house, it is recommended to get lavender flowers in large quantities.

It is also believed that lavender flowers can help you sleep better. You can have lavender flowers in the room where you sleep or you can get the special pillows filled with lavender flowers and seeds. They will certainly increase the quality of your sleep. You can also try with a special infusion made of lavender. Actually, you need to put lavender in a glass of boling water and use it before you go to sleep. It will certainly make you relax and it will soothe your nerves.

When we are talking about healing properties of lavender flowers, we will also mention popular lavender oil. It is believed that this oil can help in treating different neurological problems and disorders. It can help in relieving cramps as well. Also, essential lavender oil is used in cosmetics, usually for producing perfumes and soaps.

A practical use of lavender flowers is also very important. Since the earliest times people have used this flower as a scent for their homes.

Now when you know basic information and facts about lavender flowers, you will see something more about the symbolism of these flowers. Flower lovers believe that lavender flowers hide an important message for all of us and it is important to know what they may symbolize.

Meaning and Symbolism of a Lavender Flower

We will first explain the meaning of the word “lavender“. The Latin word “lavare“ means “to wash“, so it is believed that the name “lavender“ or “lavandula“ comes from this word. There are also many other theories related to the etymology of the word lavender and its meaning. When it comes to lavender flowers, there are many different types and names, such as English lavender, Spanish lavender, French lavender and many others.

A lavender flower has many secret meanings and its symbolism is considered to be very important. When you want to buy a flower for someone, it is of great importance to know what this flower can mean. You may did not know, but each flower has its deeper secret meaning and it can tell us a lot.

First of all we have to say that a lavender flower is a symbol of something pure and graceful. In the past lavender flowers were used on many occasions where purity and innocence were celebrated. It is not a secret that lavender flowers were a part of many religious ceremonies. It is also believed that lavender flowers are a symbol of serenity. The scent of these flowers can relax us and make us feel well. That’s why lavender flowers are usually used in aromatherapy and also in other relaxation techniques.

Also, this flower may symbolize silence, calmness, caution and devotion as well. In many cultures lavender flowers are used as a symbol of caution.

Actually, this flower means that you have to be careful. We have also said that lavender flowers may symbolize silence. It is known that this flower was often used in meditation and other relaxing techniques. If you give someone a lavender flower, it can be a sign of your love and devotion. Since the earliest times lavender flowers were used as a symbol of devotion and this symbolism exists even today.

We all know that a lavender flower comes in the purple color, so we can say that it is connected with the so called crown chakra. Now you may be wondering what crown chakra is. Crown chakra is the 7th chakra and it is actually a symbol for universal energy, awareness and conscience. If your crown chakra is in balance, it will help you approach your subconscious mind  and see your true colors.

We can also define crown chakra as the most important center of energy which is connected with your spirituality and your life purpose. This symbolic connection between a lavender flower and crown chakra is obvious, because lavender flowers are also related to higher purposes and healing of our body and soul.

Colors of a Lavender Flower

We have already said that the color of a lavender flower is purple. In order to understand the secret meaning of a lavender flower, it is important to understand the meaning of its color as well. Even though lavender flower is purple, it can have pink shades as well. It is known that purple is the royalty color, while pink is considered to be the symbol of youth. Both of these colors are feminine colors, so lavender flowers are usually related to femininity. In the past lavender flowers were used in the courts of kings and queens, so it is not weird that these flowers have always been regarded as a symbol of royalty.

There is no doubt that a lavender flower can symbolize grace and elegance. Since ancient times this flower was considered as a symbol of feminine beauty. If you are wondering when you can use these beautiful flowers, we can tell you that there are so many occasions related to elegance and refinement. Lavender flowers are usually used for arrangements in combination with some other flowers of the same violet color.

Appart from its physical characteristics, we can not forget the healing properties of a lavender flower, that are already mentioned in our text. There is no doubt that lavender flowers will help in treating many health problems.

It is also important to mention that lavender flowers were used in ancient Greece for decoration of temples. These flowers were considered to be sacred and their scent was very appreciated at that time. We will also mention the importance of lavender flowers in ancient Rome. In Rome the price of lavender flowers was very high, so not all people could have these flowers. Only people who had a lot of money could have these beautiful flowers in their homes.

You have seen in this article that a lavender flower is actually a flower of women, so it is usually used in some feminine occasions. It is a symbol of elegance, royalty and beauty as well.

It is known that colors of flowers are very important and they have a great influence on flower symbolism. Most flowers can be found in many different colors, but we have already said that a lavender flower exists in only one color and it is purple or violet. We have also said that a purple color may symbolize nobility and feminine beauty at the first place.

Also, it symbolizes spirituality and love. If you want to give something to your loved person, then a lavender flower may be a great choice. This purple flower will show that you love this person very much. Appart from romantic occasions, lavender flowers are also used for decorations and arrangemenets on weddings and many other ceremonies.

Even though a lavender flower exist for hundreds of years, it is very popular even today. We have already explained all you need to know about this plant. It is important to say that many people are interested in flower symbolism, so they believe in secret messages that flowers can bring us. It is believed that lavender flowers can bring us important messages too. We have already said that homes of higher social classes were decorated with lavender flowers. They were a symbol of royalty and refinement. Each palace of the royal family had decorations made of lavender flowers.

It is very important to know the symbolism of a certain flower if you want to give it to someone. Now when you know what lavender flowers symbolize, you can give these flowers to someone you love. It doesn’t have to be your emotional partner, but any other person you love and you care about. We are sure that this person will be delighted with a beautiful scent of lavender flowers, but if this person knows the symbolism of these flowers, the impression will be even bigger. You should not forget that a lavender flower is always a symbol of something good, bright and happy. It symbolizes a happy life, purity, elegance and refinement. It is a great gift for a person you love. If you receive lavender flowers as a gift, you can be sure that this person loves you very much.

It is also a great idea to decorate your own home with lavender flowers. These flowers will bring not only a great scent in your home, but also positive energy and good feelings. Also, if you are planing a wedding or any other special occasion, we recommend you to arrange it with lavender flowers.

In this article you had the opportunity to see botanical characteristics of lavender flowers, their healing properties and also symbolism, which was especially pointed out. We hope you have find out many things you did not know about a lavender flower.

Also, we hope this text was interesting for you and it has given you useful information. Now you can be sure what a lavender flower means and why people love this flower so much. You have seen that a lavender flower is always related to something good, innocent, pure and elegant. If you are looking for a flower that will have a great fragrance and that will make your life better, then a lavender flower is the right one. Regardless of whether you use it for your home, for decoration in different ceremonies or maybe for healing, we are sure that a lavender flower will change your life.

If you believe in flower symbolism, then you have certainly learned something new and interesting in this article. We hope now you know when you should buy lavender flowers and in which situations you should use these flowers.