Larkspur Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Some people don’t find flower symbolism interesting, while others are highly amused by getting familiar with all those flowers that exist on the planet and their meaning and symbolic. We can say flowers are a unique mix of tradition, spirituality, beliefs, and history, and we can learn a lot about life and our relationships with other people by studying through the symbolical meaning of different flowers.

Once you get familiar with symbolism and meaning of a certain flower, it will give you a deeper and broader image so you will look at the flower in a completely different way. For example, you might realize how significant that plant for nature is so you won’t pick it up ever again, or you will fall in love with the tenderness it gives off to people who pick it up. However, the main point of learning more about flower symbolism is the fact we can give it to people we are connected with.

What is more, now you will have no doubts about determining the right flower in case you want to send a specific message. Even though other people might get offended by choice of the flower, this happens almost never with people who know the true meaning and symbolic of flowers.

As with everything else in life, it is always good to be informed about the flower symbolic, as you will know what kind of message you are sending through it.

Today we will talk about the Larkspur flower and its meaning and symbolic. Many interesting stories hide behind the Larkspur flower and different cultures have different perceptions about this plant, which is always good to know, especially if you have friends from another side of the world.

What Is The Meaning of the Larkspur Flower?

Stories and myths usually affect and influence the meaning of a certain flower, in this case – the Larkspur flower.

Some of these meanings about the Larkspur flower are present today, while the others faded away with time.

The main meanings of the Larkspur flower are:

• Enjoying life,
• Reaching success,
• New chances,
• July birth flower,
• Protection,
• Celebration.

As you can see, the Larkspur flower carries positive and encouraging meanings, so if you want to bring in some optimism in your life, or in a person of a person you love, the Larkspur flower is the right choice.

Larkspur flower represents enjoying life and taking the best of it. Don’t let anything step in your way, as there are so many beautiful experiences waiting for you. Larkspur flower tells you to get out of your zone of comfort and celebrate life.

Enjoying life at the fullest will also bring you success. Larkspur flower will take you to the stars when it comes to a carrier or finding a job. If someone or your family and friends recently graduated, you can give that person the Larkspur flower to wish them a successful and wealthy carrier and finding their dream job. On the other side, you can give the Larkspur flower to someone who recently achieved something big on their job. Larkspur flower was used in arrangements for celebrating companies’ events in the past.

In the same time, the Larkspur flower means new chances and opportunities. Decorate your home and your office with a couple of Larkspur flowers and this will bring some good opportunities shortly after. Another thing that is important here is to believe in your capabilities and be confident. By believing in yourself you are doing the half of the work, while the Larkspur flower will do the rest.

Larkspur flower also symbolizes persons born in July and babies born in the summertime. Further, this gorgeous flower carries warm, long, and adventurous days within. Give the Larkspur flower as a birthday gift to your friends or cousins who got a baby in July. Larkspur flower is also associated with personalities of people born in July – optimistic, fiery, energetic, and successful.

July is a month of celebrations either way – whether we talk about birthdays, parties, beach parties, Sunday lunches, company events, weddings, etc. That is why it is great to gift a bouquet of the Larkspur flowers to a host of an event or celebration you are visiting.

Last, but not least meaning of the Larkspur flower is – protection. This is a part of the ancient tradition that our ancestors created. Larkspur flower protects you from negative energy, blockades, and evil spirits. Hold the Larkspur flower in your pocket and you will be fully protected.

The Etymological Meaning of the Larkspur Flower

The other name for the Larkspur flower is Delphinium. The reason why this flower got this nickname is because its petals are shaped like dolphins. Ancient Greeks were the ones who named this flower Delphinium and the nickname remained during centuries.

Petals of the Larkspur flower are elongated and truly resemble of spurs. Some people might get association the petals resemble of claws and that is why the Larkspur flower is sometimes nicknamed knight’s spur or bird’s claw.

The Symbolism of the Larkspur Flower

Larkspur flower carries indeed interesting symbolic meaning. That meaning of the Larkspur flower is a combination of meanings going from ancient to modern times, varying through different cultures.

This gorgeous flower is a meadow flower and you can see it all across Europe and the United States. Native Americans worshiped the Larkspur flower for its numerous colors as they used colors to pain clothes and objects. What is more, Native Americans had a special technique and process they invented in order to extract the color out of flowers and color their personal things afterward.

Delphinium flower is a symbol of good interactions, connections between people, and their communication. Some cultures used the Larkspur flower to protect themselves from negative people and negative emotions. Larkspur flower protected them against evil and symbolized good luck and positive circumstances. What is interesting, the Larkspur flower’s smell was the best protection against scorpions, as this smell scared them away.

Even though the Larkspur flower carries positive symbolic in most situations, it can also be a symbol of mourning. People take the blue Larkspur flowers to graves of people who had passed away.

Larkspur flower also symbolizes caring for someone but doesn’t carry romantic emotions solely, but it is more symbol of care for another human being. That means you can give the Larkspur flower to your friends and family, as in this case, the flower symbolizes close and unbreakable ties with them.

Larkspur Flower – Color and Meaning

The color of a certain flower has a lot to do with the meaning that flower has. What is more, the color might be the main and the most important factor at some time as it adds up on symbolism and meaning. Larkspur flower comes in white, blue, purple, and pink color.

White Larkspur flower symbolizes purity and innocence. As you probably already know, the white color is widely used in spiritual and religious ceremonies, as this color is not too expressive but rather gentle and calm. We can notice the white Larkspur flower in wedding and baptisms decorations and flower arrangements. You can gift the white Larkspur flower to almost anyone, as this color is not restricted by only one meaning and emotion.

Blue Larkspur flower symbolizes trust and support and this is a perfect flower for someone whom you highly appreciate and respect. This gift will mean the world to someone who recently started a new job or a new thing in their lives and needs some wind in their back. By gifting them the blue Larkspur flower, you will tell them you are there for them, you support and appreciate their efforts, and wish them success.

However, the blue Larkspur flower can also be a symbol of mourning, which we already mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

Purple Larkspur flower is an unusual gift and symbolizes charm, beauty, gracefulness, spirituality, mystery, and royalty. If you want to show someone who unique and special they are, give that person the purple Larkspur flower. This color can also express your care and feelings for someone, but not in a romantic way necessarily.

Pink Larkspur flower stands for gentle feelings and romance and that is the reason why it is a perfect gift for someone close to your heart. By giving someone the pink Larkspur flower, you will show that person how important they are to your life. Still, even though the pink color is related to romance, either this color of the Larkspur flower has to symbolize romantic feelings. Pink Larkspur flower is proof that love exists in many forms and shape and that we can express it through many different ways, such as through flowers.

Botanical Characteristics of the Larkspur Flower

As we already mentioned, the Larkspur flower is a meadow flower, but you still can see it growing in gardens and pots on balconies because of its extraordinary beauty. Larkspur flower attracts attention easily and merges your home beautifully with its bright and lovely colors.

Did you know there are over 250 species of the Larkspur flower? You can use it as a cut flower, as the Larkspurs last for a long time even after cutting. As you have a wide choice of the Larkspur species, you will surely find a perfect gift for someone you love among these and show your care for an anniversary, celebration, baptism, or any other type of event.

Further, higher class Larkspur flowers that are the ones used for weddings, floral arrangements, and decorations in general. Dwarf Larkspur flower grow on stones and are not so suitable for making a bouquet out of them, but are still beautiful. Larkspur flower is not poisonous, but we still wouldn’t recommend you tasting it, as this might cause discomfort and, in some cases, stomach pain.

Among the Larkspur groups, you can find Belladonna group, Pacific hybrid, Elatum group, and many more, of which each group is truly unique and recognizable. Growing big and healthy Larkspur flowers require fertilizing the soil and planting the flowers in a semi-sunny place.

Larkspur flower doesn’t like wind and frost, as both of them cause damage and hurts the plant, so make sure to protect your Larkspur flowers in time. You don’t have to water the flower too much and keep it at a maximum 3 times per week.

If you take proper care of your Larkspur flowers, they will grow into beautiful masterpieces in your garden that will blend perfectly in any surrounding and accentuate the beauty of your home. What is more, the Larkspur flowers attract new energy and changes in your life – that is an additional reason to plant these beauties in your garden.

Larkspur Flower – Fun Facts

People from Transylvania used to place Larkspur flowers in stables to protect their homes from witches’ spells and to protect their animals.

The British used the Larkspur flowers to cure a different kind of illnesses and to decorate celebrations of Summer Solstice.

Yellow and baker’s Larkspur flowers who are native to California are considered to be endangered species of this flower.

Larkspur flowers bloom from April through September.


Larkspur flower tells you to protect yourself and the ones you love from negative energy and negative people. You should also celebrate life, spread love, positive vibes, and enjoy every moment of each day.

Make sure not to miss out on good opportunities, as you can thank your Larkspur flowers for bringing that chances to you. It would be a great way to show your gratitude and appreciation of your Larkspur flowers.

This flower has a universal meaning and symbolic, without accentuating love and relationships, but putting an accent on good communication and positive correlations with other people, especially with your friends and family. Larkspur flower in dark blue color symbolizes mourning for people who were close to you but passed away.

We can learn a lot just by listening to what nature is telling us and the Larkspur flower is giving us one of the life lessons – to live your day as if it was your last and to protect people you love and support them in all life situations.