Hydrangea Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flower symbolism is a special phenomenon known to people from the past. This topic has helped people to find answers for many questions, but also to discover many secrets about themselves, but also about people and world around them.

Today, flowers are present everywhere around us, people have them in homes, gardens, and they use them for relaxation, creams, lotions, perfumes, and for eating. As you can see, flowers have got a lot of uses. Flowers are a symbol of beauty, tenderness, and innocence. We can notice it on eyewear, clothes on pictures… Many companies use flowers on the logo but also on trademarks.

Flower symbolism helps us to understand the flowers, their role, but also to find out a lot of different information about them. We must know that behind each flower is a special story, each flower carries special energy and helps us in various ways.

If you read a novel or verse of a song, then you can certainly find many motifs of flowers, artists often write about the flower, they expressed their feelings and tried to explain to others their thoughts and desires. This role of flowers is the most important because through it we can explain to other people what we feel about them, but also to show them that we care about them and that they are very important to us.

We are often in a situation where we need to give a bouquet of flowers to people, but the question is which flowers we should give to someone. Whether it’s roses, orchids or some other kind of flower.

In this article we are talking about Hydrangea, this plant is special and completely different, has a special role and helps us to explain our feelings to loved ones. In this article we will talk about its special healing powers of this plant, but we will also mention its significance and symbolism of colors.

Meaning of Hydrangea Flower

Each flower has a special story and energy, but also a special significance. When we say that every flower has a special significance, then we immediately think of roses.

It is important to note that not only do roses have special significance, but also every other kind of flower.

Like roses which are a symbol of love and passion, and which we give to our loved ones, Hydrangea has a special significance and symbolism.

This flower is very unusual and has many different meanings with it, we must note that this flower has a special place in different cultures, it has a great influence on people, but also on cultural changes.

This flower has a special, unique meaning that makes him different from others. It is true that this flower is not so famous in the world, but its role is as important as its symbolism.

The meaning of this flower is:

  • Beauty

This flower is a symbol of beauty and innocence, but also of gentleness. However, this flower says that every person is special, and that each person has special characteristics that separate them from other people. This flower is mostly given to women, it best describes their beauty and femininity.

If you give this flower to your girlfriend, friend, mother or sister, then with this flower you will express your emotions towards them, you will tell them that you love them, take care of them, and that they are a symbol of beauty and elegance for you.

With this gesture you will say that women should not worry about the outward appearance, they need to know that most important thing is what they carry in themselves and in their own soul, because inner beauty is the most important.

  • Youth

This flower is a symbol of youth. You can give it to all people who feel so or who help you to feel young.

Years are not important, if you feel positive energy in yourself, if you have ambitions, dreams, wishes then you are not limited with your ages. This flower helps you to free your energy, to express your dreams and desires.

Its message is that the physical appearance cannot be judged, if you are young in the soul and if you feel so, then you will look like that. If you decide to donate this flower to your grandmother, aunt or an elderly person you will not make a mistake, but you will make the right decision and tell that person that he or she is helping you to be happy, positive and satisfied.

  • Self-confidence

Hydrangea is a special plant, it has a specific appearance and a positive energy, but it also helps us to achieve self-confidence. You can be sure that this plant with it energy helps you to feel harmoniously, to be full of enthusiasm, but also with positive thoughts.

However, this plant puts emphasis on self-confidence and advises everyone to invest into themselves and into their talents. The key to any success is self-confidence, if you want to be successful or have your own attitude then you must believe in yourself, and build your own confidence.

The symbolism of this plant shows that confidence cannot be easily achieved, you must work on it, develop it, be positive and ambitious. It is true that this flower is given to women, who have dreams that are positive and who believe in themselves and their dreams.

  • Elegance

Hydrangea appears in different colors, it is interesting to people because of its looks, beauty and elegance.

This flower is mostly given to ladies who care about their appearance, who are nurtured, who emphasize their femininity and positive energy. This flower helps us to feel better, to emphasize our beauty.

The truth is that this flower emphasizes beauty, but its symbolism is mostly oriented towards inner beauty, according to feelings, dreams and ideas. This flower is the right choice if you want to give it to an important person who has big dreams, who is working on itself, who develops its talents and takes care of its appearance.

  • Tenderness

When you give this flower to someone, then you highlight your emotions in the foreground, because this flower is the right choice if you want to tell someone that you care about it. This flower is a symbol of love, happiness and nourishment. If you feel platonic love for someone, then you will not make a mistake.

With this flower you will express your emotions, tell someone you love him, and you take care of him.

If you have not seen a person who is fond of you for a long time, then this flower is a very good choice. With this gesture, you will show this person that you care about her, that you are glad to see her.

You’ve probably heard that each person has one flower that is characteristic for her/him so this flower also describes people who have adventurous spirit who love nature and adventure. This flower describes people who have a positive spirit, positive thoughts, who are ready for change and who enjoy the exploration of new things. These people love traveling, socializing, getting to know new people, learning new languages… 

Hydrangea flower – Etymological meaning

This flower, besides a specific name, has a specific origin. Its name is translated in various ways, but there are numerous myths and stories that describe his history.

It’s true that this plant comes from Japan. In this country it is grown in houses, and has a special place when it comes to decoration, it is interesting that the Japanese use the flower of this plant in the diet and prepare various salads.

It name comes from the Latin language and it is translated as a water accumulator.

In this nation, this plant is known as the Japanese beauty, here we can notice that the motive of beauty, tenderness and sincerity is emphasized. There is a legend in Japan that has given this plant its name.

It is believed that this flower was named after a girl who had a special energy in her, and which was beautiful. She fell in love with a stranger who came to her village.

Together they spent a couple of days and decided to be together for the rest of their lives, but her parents did not allow that, so they chose to escape. The guy did not show up, he escaped the next day, and the girl was suffering and died from sorrow. 

Hydrangea flower – Color Meaning

This flower appears in many colors, but mostly appears in blue, purple and white shades. It is interesting that it color changes during its lifetime. Each color is special and gives them elegance and a sophisticated look.

  • Blue color

Blue color gives a special charm to this type of flower. This color is a symbol of freedom, beauty and sincere emotions.

This color is the color of our planet, so it is often said that it signifies life and life energy. This color relieves people of stress and nervousness, helps us to get rid of bad thoughts, to be cooler, and to rest from everyday tasks.

The purple color is a symbol of elegance, this color tells us that every person has to take care of himself that every person must improve and believe in himself. In addition to this message, this color indicates that the beauty of every person in it is itself.

White color is a symbol of deep emotions. This color speaks best about the beauty of the soul and about sincerity. People often believe that this color indicates emptiness and cold emotions, but this is not true because this is the best indication of gentleness and sincere emotions.

Hydrangea flower – Symbolism

This flower originates from Japan, in this country Hydrangea is a symbol of affection, love and unbridled love. This flower is used in the eastern countries for eating, preparing different meals and salads.

However, in Europe and in America this flower, due to its smell, is increasingly used in the production of perfumes and fragrances. Its fragrance is very specific, therefore it is used to make mirrored oils that are used for massages.

There are many legends about this flower. People believe that this flower helps women to seduce men. It is believed that in the past young girls drank tea from this flower and they had a power to seduce man. Maybe these stories are not true but lot of people believe in them.

Besides that, there is a lot of different myths about this flower and about it roles. 

Hydrangea flower – Botanical facts and characteristics

This plant is grown in homes, yards, gardens … It is used for decoration, for food, for the production of preparations for her body, perfume, creams…

This flower is very grateful and easy to breed. However, this plant needs plenty of water to develop, besides the water, it need to have a lot of light and humid soil.

Hydrangea appears in different colors, and the color of its flowers changes color, it is not accidental if in the evening color of the flower is blue but the next day is pink. Hydrangea is a plant with 17 species, these species are different, but they also have some similar characteristics.

Hydrangea can handle temperature changes, it is very resistant even though its appearance does not speak same. Its height is from 3 to 4 meters, mainly grown at a temperature of 5 to 25 degrees, and this is the best temperature for its development.

Like humans, this plant does not like cold water during hot summer days, if you want to have this plant, then you need to keep it in a cool place, but also to give it water.

The life span of this plant is from 3 to 4 years, it works best during the summer period. However, if the weather is cold you should not worry because this plant has a very robust root.

It can survive in very bad conditions, even if the wind is cold. However, if the conditions are bad, then you can grow the plant in the house and cultivate it in warmer conditions.