Hollyhock Flower – Meaning and Symbolism

Hollyhock is a beautiful and common flower sort, but many people still don’t know its meaning and symbolism.

Just as there is a story behind every flower, there is a story behind the pinky Hollyhock flower.

In this article, we will tell you secrets about the Hollyhock flower’s meaning and symbolism.

What is the Meaning of the Hollyhock Flower?

Hollyhock flower will certainly amaze anyone with its fluffy, colorful heads. You simply can’t ignore it because its height, but what will attract you more is the energy the Hollyhock flower gives off.

Hollyhock flower has beautifully shaped petals, while the hairy, deep-green leaves are just a perfect framing.

What are the main meanings of the Hollyhock flower?

• Beauty,
• Care,
• Friendship,
• Appreciation.

The image we tried to paint you through words about the Hollyhock flower has the point to explain to you its beauty. Hollyhock flower associates of beauty in so many ways.

Hollyhock flower comes in several colors, but the most common and the most famous one is the pink color. This soft and sweet color has widely accepted the meaning of care, tenderness, and motherly love.

If you would like to tell someone you care about them truly, the Hollyhock flower will help you send the message. This would soften up other person’s heart even more as they would know you have feelings for them.

Hollyhock flower doesn’t have to relate to love and romantic feelings, but also friendship or relations between family members.

It is important to appreciate other people and things they have done for us, as you will meet only a few friends through life. Make sure to let them know you are thankful for everything they have done for you.

Hollyhock flower will express your thankfulness in the right way. Try to respond to those persons who were with you through tough times with similar actions, but remember that sometimes details and small things make a life.

The Etymological Meaning of the Hollyhock Flower

Hollyhock flower (Alcea) comes from the Malvaceae (mallow) family. You can find them all around Europe and in most part of Asia, where the Hollyhock flower is a crop used for coloring food and for medical purposes.

Rosaceus mean pink in Latin, while pink and light pink is basic colors of the Hollyhock flower. As the Hollyhock flower is so easy to cultivate and has a great use, almost every country around the world cultivated it. It is believed that the Hollyhock flower comes from Syria originally, but the records are not 100% reliable.

Hollyhock flower is cultivated to be a two-year-old species, but it can last for longer in some areas of the world. Malva moschata L and Malva sylvestris are the relatives of the Hollyhock flower and all these species are tall, decorative, and are used in medicine and in the production of spices.

The most popular representative of the Hollyhock flower species is the Common Hollyhock or Alcea Hollyhocka. Common Hollyhock is widely spread as an ornamental flower in gardens around the world.

Ancient Romans used the Hollyhock flower as a medicinal plant. Alcea in Roman and the name of Althea in the Greek language, both mean cure. You can still find the Hollyhock flower under this name in markets.

The Symbolism of the Hollyhock flower

Hollyhock flower is widely used in traditional and alternative medicine, as we already mentioned, as a cure.

However, there is an interesting symbolic meaning that stands behind the Hollyhock flower.

Hollyhock flower’s gentle and warm color won’t leave anyone indifferent about it. What is more, you will give off an impression of someone who stands out from the crowd and doesn’t follow stereotypes.

In case you want to send a message to someone that you care about them and that the receiver means a lot to you, the Hollyhock flower might be the right choice for you.

The pink color is associated with emotions such as love, care, motherly love, sympathy, and appreciation.

This means the Hollyhock flower doesn’t imply romantic feelings and connections only. You certainly can give it to a partner and show how happy you are that you’ve met them and that you care a lot.

On the other hand, your mum would love the pink Hollyhock flower too, as the pink is the color of mothers and their love. The pink color is feminine and gentle so that any lady you have feelings for would love it.

Say thank you through the Hollyhock flower too, as this is one more symbolic meaning of this flower and its main color.

However, what is interesting, you can find the Hollyhock flower in red, yellow, purple, and orange color too. All these warm-toned Hollyhock flowers will send a message of friendship, love, and happiness.

Purple Hollyhock flower is a bit darker, but it still has a nice symbolic – royalty, wealth, charm, and gives off a touch of mystery.

Botanical Characteristics of the Hollyhock Flower

This tall flower (Alcea Hollyhocka) grows best right to the house wall or next to a fence or a balcony, as you should provide it support according to its size. What is great about the Hollyhock flower is that you don’t have to invest a lot of effort into sowing the plant, as the flowers are sowing itself.

Most Hollyhock flowers are in full bloom in August. In this period, many of the plants will show yellow spots.

If you want your Hollyhock flowers to be healthy and full, keep them in a warm and sheltered place, as the Hollyhock flower is sensitive to wind. An ideal image would be the Hollyhock flower faced south, climbing up a sunny wall.

As the Hollyhock flower is a high plant, it totally makes sense to tie the plant a bit in order to prevent it gets kinked by its own weight or by the impact of the wind. Hollyhock flowers are a delicacy for many insects as they contain large quantities of pollen.

Plant them in nutrient-rich, loose soil and eventually add some mulch that will prevent the soil from becoming too firm. This way, the soil won’t dry out so quickly and your Hollyhock flowers will have just enough moisture.

Hollyhock flower needs to be watered regularly so you should pay attention if it has sufficient moisture. This means you should water the Hollyhock plants twice a week. It would be great to add some fertilizer to the Hollyhock flowers in spring and some nitrogen to give your plants lifeblood.

If you want your Hollyhock flower to live for more than two years, cut it in August or September, as you should do this right after flowering.

However, if you have balled and/or container Hollyhock flowers, make sure to cut the roots that might eventually form at the bottom of the plant. You want to completely cut out these roots as if you skip this part, that can damage your plant in the future. If there are some dead, too long, or sick shoots on your Hollyhock flowers, remove them too.

Another catch to extending life of your Hollyhock flower is not to remove the seeds from the plant. If it is possible, bring in your Hollyhock flowers in before the first frost. Hollyhock enjoys temperatures between 8 and 12 degrees.

On the other hand, some Hollyhock flower species, such as winter hardy can stay outdoors, but make sure to protect and cover them, as this will prevent the frost from damaging the plant.

A disease that might affect your Hollyhock flower is a fungus. The fungus will attack delicate Hollyhock flowers in the spring and that is the reason why you should remove the first leaves first. Fallen leaves in autumn, or cut back or the old Hollyhock flowers and other plants should be kept away from delicate Hollyhock plants as infected compost opens high risk for young plants.

Hollyhock Flower – Fun Facts

Hollyhock flower has leaves long up to 16 inches and the leaves are slightly hairy.

Palm-sized Hollyhock flowers come in a couple of interesting colors, such as apricot, violet, and purple-black.

Species of the Hollyhock flower that are simpler will endure more than filled Hollyhock flowers.

Hollyhock flower is perennial plant actually, but flowering decreases its strength, so the Hollyhock flower lasts for 2 years on average.


Hollyhock flower is easy to grow, but it gives off such a strong impression and makes you think about people you love instantly.

Just like with the Hollyhock flower, sometimes we don’t have to invest too much effort into some things, as they will come to us naturally.

The same happens with people – if they want to stay, they will stay. Hollyhock flower tells us to enjoy spontaneous things and care about people who have been always with us.

Forcing anything or anyone won’t take us anywhere, so appreciate things and people who are by your side willingly.

Hollyhock flower will show how grateful you are for their deeds and tell them you also care and love them, the same as they love you.