Green Rose – Meaning and Symbolism

Green rose, or the Chartreuse rose, is not that abundant in nature, but this doesn’t lessen its beauty. The very color of this beautiful species is a symbol of abundant growth, wealth, life, rejuvenation of the spirit, new beginnings, and cheerfulness.

Just as with any other rose color, there is a strong meaning behind the gorgeous appearance of the Green rose, but you would have to scratch underneath the surface to discover it.

Or, you can continue with reading this article and find out everything about meaning and symbolism of the Green rose and even read through some fun facts.

What is the Meaning of the Green Rose?

You already know the green color has many meanings and all of them are positive and optimistic. When you think about the green color, it might associate you of large fields, fortune, happiness, richness, strong energy, and life.

However, the most significant meaning of the Green rose flower might be fertility.

If you have friends who want kids, you can give them a bouquet of Green roses. On the other side, if someone of your cousins recently welcomed a newborn baby in their life, the Green rose might also be a perfect gift. Mother of a baby would love it very much, as maternal energy goes well with the meaning of the Green rose. As the Green rose also represents plenty of everything, you might send a message that you want your friends or cousins to have many children and enjoy raising them.

The green color also means having respect for yourself first and live well. In order to live a happy and long life, your spirit has to be fresh and optimistic, ready for challenges and changes. Don’t let yourself kneel in front of an issue – find the strength within you, while the Green rose might cheer you up and show you the way through. Our energy has nothing to do with our age, be aware of this fact too.

Green rose provides you with the freshness of the spring, giving you enough sunny and active days, but cooling everything down when it is needed, too.

Green rose also carries a meaning of balance, stability, and harmony in life. The green color pleases our eyes and brings peace to our minds. This rose color might be the right gift for someone who is a calm person by nature, as the Green rose is compatible with that person’s traits.

On the other side, as the Green rose is a calming gift, it might also bring calmness and peacefulness to someone who needs it the most at the moment.

However, even the most beautiful things in this world have at least a crumb of negative. Green rose’s negative aspect is its envy side, but people would rarely gift the Green rose to someone towards whom they feel envy.

Still, as you can see, the Green rose has so many positive nuances that there is no way they wouldn’t outweigh the only negative aspect of this gorgeous flower. Green rose means richness of mind, spirit, wealthy, growth, completeness of all life aspects. Give the Green rose to a pregnant woman as it is a symbol of fertility and maternity. People in the USA decorate their homes with Green roses for Christmas, Easter, and St. Patrick’s day in order to attract new energy, happiness, harmony, and fortune in their lives.

The Symbolism of the Green Rose

People who choose the Green rose as a gift, know how powerful and deep symbolic this rose carries. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as sometimes there is much more underneath the surface. The green rose symbolizes rare and distinctive beauty and this is the first thing it draws attention.

Even though the Green rose is not so common species, it still carries strong symbolism. The first trace of this gorgeous colored rose dates back to 1856. It is believed Bembridge and Harrison created and introduced the Green rose to the world. From that moment on, the Green rose impressed people around the world with its appearance, but what interests us more – with its deep symbolic meaning.

The green color symbolizes youth, rest, hope, peace, balance, and harmony between our bodies and our minds. As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the Green rose’s positive meanings prevail the bad ones.

This rose is a symbol of nature in the first place and that is why you can feel some kind of soothing and calming energy it brings in to any space. The green color is a symbol of the earth, the essence of everything living on it, and it stands for the greatest force. The green rose symbolizes freshness and cheerfulness too, so if you need some motivation and backup, this beautiful rose will help you freshen up.

Interesting, the Green rose might symbolize eternal love too. What is more, this is not the type of clearly passionate or physical love, but it is a connection between romantic love, passion, and spiritual love, that is the only perfect kind of love. You might want to give the Green rose to your beloved one on Valentine’s Day if your intentions are clear and open. Green color will send a message of life-long lasting love with another person and show off how strong and deep your connection is.

On the other side, the Green rose is a symbol of good tidings, new beginnings, opportunities, positive changes, and welcomes positive things into your life. As the Green rose symbolizes spring and blooming it is so easy to apply that to our lives and many aspects of it. If you would want to wish someone promotion on their job, or good health, prosperous ideas, freshness, and long life, the Green rose is probably one of the best gifts.

Green rose transmits hope and balance, giving you motivation and inspiring you to be better and achieve more in life. We all have many ideas, but only some of them come into life. That is why the Green rose symbolizes encouragement and is a good start in general.

Further, if you have just started a new relationship, or made new friendship with someone, you can give that person the Green rose and wish them a warm welcome in your life. Green rose might also symbolize restarting old connections with your friends, someone of your family, or a partner.

Green rose might be a perfect interior décor as it is so unique and beautiful that it fulfills many floral arrangements.

Botanical Characteristics of the Green Rose

Green roses grow up to 3 feet in height. If you want to plant the Green rose in your garden, you may think it requires special attention or care.

However, the Green rose is no different when it comes to planting than any other type of rose. You will need cuttings of another Green rose plant in order to reproduce this beautiful flower.

As you want rich and healthy bushes of Green roses, leave 2 feet of empty space between each plant. This way, you will provide your Green roses with the air circulation. Dig a 6-inch hole that is wide enough and plant the Green rose in it. In case the soil in which you are planting Green roses is loose, then add a mix of a ½ cup of bone meal to it before planting.

After planting your Green roses, water them with a plant of liquid in order to provide enough moisture for the roots.

After watering, add mulch around the bushes, as this will maintain the moisture and keep your plants healthy and fed.

However, you should add some fertilizer too when your Green roses start with their first blossoms. Be careful with the fertilizer, as you would want to read the instructions first.

Ladybugs might threaten your Green roses, so try to add some insecticide from time to time too. Prune the Green rose once you notice any dead leaves or dark branches. Do this in spring, follow our tips for growing the Green rose and you will have no worries about your plants.

Fun Facts

Green Ice, Green Diamonds, and the Greensleeves are some of the most popular and most beautiful varieties of the Green rose.

Green rose belongs to miniature rose species.

Green rose was firstly noticed in some ancient Chinese paintings, as the emperors used to grow them only.

Differently from other rose types, the Green rose has sepals instead of petals.

Green rose doesn’t have a particular smell, but we can rate it as sweet and mild.

Green rose is very drought-resistant and it likes to be planted in a sunny and sandy place.


Each color of the rose flower has its own distinctive meaning and the Green rose is no difference here. This unique and eye-catching flower sends you a message – to always look further, be courageous and daring, live life to the fullest, but never forget to connect yourself with the spiritual energy and nature. No one can deny its beauty and growing the Green rose in your garden might be a true honor.

As the Green rose is not demanding when it comes to planting and growing, you don’t have the need to be skeptical about going for it. You can even make artificial green roses until the real ones blossom. You will need a white rose, green food coloring, a knife, and a glass of water. Wait for 48 hours after coloring and you will get dry artificial Green roses.

However, nothing can compare with the real beauty the Green rose offers.