Freesia Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Some flowers are associated with many legends and myths people created about them for centuries.

Flowers presence in many occasions and events show us how important it is for everyday life, but what is also important is that we know the meaning and symbolic each of the flowers carries.

We can say that flower symbolism is something traditional, as people transferred different symbolic meanings through generations.

Sometimes it is much easier to say what you think by using symbols, expressions, and flowers than to be direct. Some of us are shy, others are maybe not so good with works, others are overwhelmed with emotions.

In this text, we will tell you some interesting information about the Freesia flower and discover which symbolic stands behind it. If you would like to know how to grow the Freesia flower, myths about it, and read on interesting facts, then this is the right place for you.

What Is The Meaning of the Freesia Flower?

As we mentioned, every flower has a legend, a story, or myth behind it. Those stories are there to give us a lesson and teach us something important in life. The main meanings of flowers come out of them.

Freesia has a couple of meanings – trust, sweetness, friendship, innocence, and thoughtfulness.

Freesia flower represents trust and you can gift it to someone and send two different kinds of messages.

Firstly, you can gift the Freesia flower to show someone you trust them completely, no matter of the nature of the relationship. On the other side, you can also express your own honesty and openness about the way you feel through the Freesia flower.

Some persons are just so sweet and lovely that we want to give them the world. If you know somebody like this, give them the Freesia flower. This person will know you appreciate their kindness and honesty and answer with the utmost charm and sweet nature towards you.

You can gift it to a friend who means the world to you and show them how loyal you are to your friendship.

Freesia flower will send a clear message – that your friendship and strong and that nothing can replace the place of your friend in your heart.

Another meaning that hides behind the Freesia flower is innocence. If you or someone close to you recently got a gift – a new member of a family, gift them the Freesia flower. As it stands for purity and innocence, the Freesia flower is also used for baptism celebrations and weddings.

You are compassionate, caring, and loving, we know. What is more, you show your emotions through actions every day. Have you ever thought of a flower that represents you care for another person? Freesia is one of these flowers and it will show you care for someone in a special way, so you can gift it to someone who might become a truly important person in your life.

The Etymological Meaning of the Freesia Flower

Christian P. Ecklon was a botanist who discovered the Freesia flower but actually named the flower after Friedrich Freese, his botanist friend. This means the Freesia flower instantly was gifted with the meaning of friendship.

Freesia flower also reminds us about the importance of being surrounded with people who love and support us and whom we love and support.

The Symbolism of the Freesia Flower

As we already mentioned, the Freesia flower symbolic lies in friendship and love. This means the Freesia flower symbolizes romantic love, but also love for our family and friends.

Freesia flower symbolizes everything that we might feel towards other person and what makes us complete. This is one of the most commonly used flowers for wedding decorations or bouquets.

Freesia flower symbolized trust during the Victorian times, even though they used it to sometimes send secret messages behind.

People from the US use gift the Freesia flower as a symbol of 7th wedding anniversaries.

Freesia Flower – Color and Meaning

Each color of the Freesia flower represents different meaning – white, red, purple, and yellow.

White Freesia color is mostly used for weddings and bridal bouquets, as white color is a symbol of innocence, purity, trust, loyalty.

As we already mentioned, the Freesia flower is usually a part of baptism ceremonies, especially the one in white.

Red Freesia flower is a symbol of love and passion, so you should gift it to someone you are in a relationship with, or towards whom you feel affection and attraction. In other cases, you might send a wrong message.

Purple is truly unique color and it stands for mysticism, mystery, royalty, charm, and eccentricity. If you know someone who simply likes to be a bit different and does things their own way, the Freesia flower will enchant them.

Yellow is a color of friendship and optimism, which goes absolutely perfectly with the main meaning of the Freesia flower. Gift the yellow Freesia flower to a friend, or decorate your home with this bright and optimistic color.

Botanical Characteristics of the Freesia Flower

Freesia is one of the silky, fine, and delicate flowers used for numerous celebrations as a decorative element. It has a strong and tender smell at the same time, which reminds to smell of a rose.

However, the Freesia flower belongs to the family of club nelukovychnym irises. Even though there are some original species, botanists somehow like the Freesia flower hybrids the most.

Still, even though the Freesia flower gives off an impression of weakness and fragility, it surely isn’t like that. It comes with high versatility, so you can plant your Freesia flowers wherever you want – in your garden or a spacious pot – whatever you like.

If you have plans to plant your Freesia flowers outdoors, make sure to first put them into pots and place them into the window during winter. Fill in the pots with compost and bark and go for a depth of about 4 inches. Your Freesia flowers will grow up a bit until spring so then is the right time to transfer them into the garden.

In order to provide a nice and pleasant atmosphere for your Freesia flowers, plant them somewhere where is not too windy and hold them apart from direct sunlight. That means the Freesia flower likes shaded places in the garden.

Freesia is an original resident of South Africa, which means it can be sensitive to big fluctuations in temperature. If there is any risk of frost and cold rain, delay the planting for some warmer days. Freesia flower likes temperatures from 11-16 ° C ideally, as it will grow best in these conditions. Still, the trick is that the Freesia flower doesn’t like long delaying either. If the ground is too hot or too cold, there are slight chances your Freesia flowers will survive.

If you want to provide the best conditions for your Freesia flower’s growth, then plant it in rich soil with good drainage. It would be good to add some organic fertilizer from time to time. When you plant the Freesia flower bulbs into the ground, don’t go under 10cm in depth and cover the bulbs well. Poor roots will soak in moisture and grow better, while they will collect excess water that might be around.

Temperature up to 22 ° C is just perfect for the Freesia flowers, while low temperatures threaten the quality and size of the stem, while high temperatures drain the roots completely. Make sure to remove all unwanted weeds from the ground where you are planting your Freesia bulbs and exclude eventual neighbors that might suffocate it.

As we mentioned up above, the Freesia flower likes moisture, so water it regularly. When we say regularly, we mean that you should do it 5-6 times. First watering time should occur when you plant the bulbs in the ground. Feed your Freesia flowers with ammonium nitrate (10grams/5 liter of water) and continue with routine feeding every 2-3 weeks with salt. Plants need moisturized soil in order to grow and release stems successfully.

On the other side, even though you should keep the layers moist, find a way to drive off any excess water that might cause stagnation in soil and root death.

As the Freesia flower’s stems grow big, they need support. If they fall down, they will deform, bend to the ground, and your flowers won’t grow right. Freesia flower might be considered a sensitive flower when we talk about parasites and diseases. Spiders, butterflies, and bugs threaten your Freesia flowers the most.

On the other side, if you don’t take proper care of the plants, mushroom called Fusarium will cause rooting, creeping, and, in some cases, botrytis. A mouse is the final enemy of the Freesia flower, as if they damage the root, the Freesia flower will die.

Freesia flower scent reminds of fresh sea breeze, but it still has a beautiful floral fragrance, while its appearance is aristocratic and elegant. Orchids are one of the most admired flowers in the world. Freesia belongs to the Orchid family and simply begs for your attention and love. Some botanists say the Freesia flower is just like a beautiful woman – you have to take care of it and nurture it well every day.

Freesia Flower – Fun Facts

There is about 30 original species of the Freesia flower and more than 300 hybrids.

Freesia flower is famous for its scent and is used for shampoo, lotion, and soap production.

The intensity of the Freesia flower scent depends on the concentration of red and pink color.

Keep your Freesia flowers away from the Daffodils, as the latter are dangerous for the Freesia flowers’ life.


Sending hidden messages might be a fun experience for you. If you would want to send a message only a receiver will understand, then do it by sending them a bouquet of flowers. For example, if you want to say to someone you appreciate them as a friend and that you trust them, the Freesia flower is the right pick for you.

Freesia flower also symbolizes eternal love and it is a perfect decoration for weddings and love celebrations, especially if you and your beloved one have been together for 7 years now.