Frangipani Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flowers have always been great inspiration for artists, creative people, and designers. The source of all inspiration comes from various scents and colors of flowers.

Even though the technology is so modern and futuristic, there is no way to recreate flowers and their colors and scents through any technological process. Could you just imagine a world without flowers? You will agree, everything would seem dull and boring, right?

Most people care about flower symbolism as it is still very important and valuable. As the years went on, flowers symbolism has become even more and more important than it was in the earlier ages. Ancient people used flowers in their religious ceremonies and to express their appreciation to the gods, while the others showed off their emotions by giving flowers.

You will notice that people nowadays use flowers for the same purpose – as we love, worship, appreciate, sometimes regret, but no occasion can pass without flowers. Our beloved ones know we love them and care about them, but a flower from time to time seems like a perfect reminder.

As there is so much flower to choose from, you maybe find yourself in a maze which one to choose. It is true, we should think about flower symbolic carefully.

If you are thinking about the Frangipani flower as a gift, this is the article you should read. In this text, we will talk about the Frangipani flowers, its meaning and symbolic and help you choose the right color.

What Is The Meaning of the Frangipani Flower?

Just like every other flower, the Frangipani flower has several symbolic meanings that you should bear in mind when gifting this flower to someone.

Sending a wrong message might get you into an unpleasant situation sometimes that you would even have to apologize.

The main meanings of the Frangipani flower are:

• Beauty,
• Grace,
• Spring,
• Charm,
• New life.

As you can see, the Frangipani flower symbolizes positive things only. First of them is beauty, as this flower itself is beautiful in so many ways. Frangipani flower will make you fall in love with it instantly, but the more you look at it you will like it even more. If you believe someone is beautiful, then let them know by giving them the Frangipani flower and send a powerful message.

As the Frangipani flower is so beautiful, it is used for making decorations for wedding ceremonies or other events and celebrations.

Similar to the meaning of beauty, the Frangipani flower stands for grace and charm. Frangipani flower is one of the most common flowers that represents feminine energy, which means this is a perfect gift for any woman who means the world to you – your mother, sister, cousin, a friend. As the Frangipani is an extremely mild, some consider it neutral, flower, you can gift it for any occasion.

We can’t wait from springtime and warm weather. What is more, we love the Frangipani flower as it represents spring and sunny days. If you are a bit down after long winter, invite some springtime vibes into your home by decorating your home with the Frangipani flowers.

Still, as spring is usually related to sun, smiles, bright colors, and pleasant days, the Frangipani flower might be the right gift for someone you want to gladden.

New beginnings might be tough sometimes, but they are worth it. Frangipani flower symbolizes new beginnings, but new lives also. If you want to wish luck to someone in new life, gift them the Frangipani flower. New chapters should be full of joy, pleasant energy, and positivity, so the Frangipani flower will send off the right message. Frangipani flower means weddings, new jobs, buying a new house, starting a new relationship – anything that brings a positive change in your life.

The Etymological Meaning of the Frangipani Flower

Another name for the Frangipani flower is Plumeria flower. The very name Frangipani reminds you of Italy, right? This flower’s name dates back to the 16th century and is associated with an old story. An Italian nobleman produced scented gloves that had a captivating scent that the Italians adored them. Frangipani flower got its name after that Italian nobleman.

The Symbolism of the Frangipani Flower

Frangipani flower symbolizes different things among different nations. For example, the Hawaiians believe it is a symbol of positive energy and use it on various occasions.

On the other side, the Frangipani flower symbolizes the relationship status of a woman, so you can easily conclude if she is taken or single. If a lady wears the Frangipani flower behind her left ear, you will easily conclude that she is taken, while the right ear means you have a green light.

Frangipani flower in Hindu mythology symbolizes devotion to a partner. That is why the Frangipani flower is so widely used in wedding ceremonies and celebrations of love. Some ladies make their wedding bouquets of the Frangipani flowers. Buddhism sees the Frangipani flower as a new life or renewal, while people from Laos believe is symbolizes spirituality and sacred energy.

Similar to this, the Mayan culture believed the Frangipani flower symbolizes gods and births or new life. According to the Mayas, the Frangipani flower gave birth to all of the gods and that is the explanation of why it is so important for their culture.

Frangipani Flower – Color and Meaning

A flower you give to someone is important, but its color has a strong influence too. Colors sometimes add on the symbolic value of a flower, while they lessen it the other times. Frangipani flower has many varieties and comes in a couple of shades so that you can gift it for various occasions.

As we already told you about the main meanings of the Frangipani flower, you will notice that some meanings are highly compatible with the color of the flower, while others are not that much.

Frangipani flower comes in white, orange, yellow, pink, red, green, and purple.

White Frangipani flower is a common flower and it is suitable for almost any occasion. You can gift this neutral-colored Frangipani flower to anyone you love or to someone who makes an important part in your life.

As we already mentioned the spiritual symbolism of the Frangipani flower, white-colored one is the best for making wedding decorations and celebrating family events and baptisms. White Frangipani flower symbolizes innocence, purity, spirituality, trust, and grace.

Orange Frangipani flower might be a perfect gift for someone who needs a dash of positive energy and optimism.

However, you can also gift it to a person who is already positive and well-balanced, as the Frangipani flower will make them even more cheerful. Don’t worry about gifting the yellow Frangipani flower to anyone, as there is no chance it will send the wrong message. Orange is a strong and powerful, but never harmful color that brings in good vibes and encourages us to be more active and live our lives to the fullest. Do you remember the meaning of new beginnings and new life from up above? Orange Frangipani flower is just great color for wishing someone happy beginning and good chances in life.

Yellow Frangipani flower carries similar symbolic to the orange one – it is bright, positive, and demands attention. Frangipani flower in this color is definitely among the most eye-catching flowers and is a perfect gift for anyone from your family or friends. Yellow is a color of optimism, friendship, positive vibes, and friendship.

However, if you want to gift a romantic flower to your beloved one, it might be better to stay away from the yellow Frangipani flower and go for the next color.

Pink Frangipani flower is a perfect gift for your partner, as pink color symbolizes love, romance, charm, beauty, gentleness, and femininity. For example, the pink Frangipani flower would be a great choice for Valentine’s Day if you want to go for something different from last years. The soft and gentle pink color fits perfectly to any nice occasion if you want to express your love and admire your beloved’s beauty.

Red Frangipani flower stands for romance, love, desire, and passion. This is the right way to make a clear statement towards your partner and show how attractive they are.

Green Frangipani flower symbolizes prosperity, energy, nature, new life, and renewal. The gentle green color is suitable for almost any occasion and you can gift it to people whom you want success in new life and new business. You can also decorate your home with the green Frangipani flowers to make it more stylish and attract new things in your life.

Purple Frangipani flower is everything but ordinary, as this color is a symbol of uniqueness, royalty, beauty, charm, grace, and mystery. Elegance is another name for the purple color, which means you should gift the Frangipani flowers for special event and occasions.

On the other side, if this color fits your home, pick a few Frangipani colors and add some more style in your living space.

Botanical Characteristics of the Frangipani Flower

Tropical Frangipani flower is generally popular flower, but its scent makes it truly special. That is why the Frangipani flower is used in perfume production. Frangipani flower loves warm weather, which is logical and doesn’t stand low temperatures and frost. There are some Frangipani flower species that grow on a tree and resemble of a Bonsai tree.

Frangipani flower comes from the oleander plant family and comes in 8 different variants. Even though it grows great in warm climates, artificial conditions please the Frangipani flower best so it reaches maximum growth. Great thing is that the Frangipani flower can last long as a cut flower and still looks beautiful. The most important factor when growing the Frangipani flower is the right climate and give the tree enough space to grow.

Frangipani Flower – Fun Facts

Frangipani flower has poisonous milk within, which reminds of Euphorbia.

Frangipani flower originates from Caribbean, Mexico, Central, and South America, but almost all tropical areas grow it.

Insects are easily tricked by the Frangipani flowers, as they don’t produce nectar.

Frangipani flower reproduces from the cuts so you can grow another plant from the old Frangipani flower.

Each Frangipani flower has 5 petals and their color goes gradually, as the center and the border of each flower has a different color.


The secret message behind the Frangipani flower is to be happy, joyful, energetic, and friendly. Life can be tough sometimes, but you will always have something to appreciate until better times come.

Some people have more than you do, but much more people have less, so be grateful for everything. Every day is a new chance and makes sure not to miss it – that is the true meaning behind the Frangipani flower.