Forget Me Not Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

If we want to surprise our friends and family, or to mate the beloved person, then we will give them flowers, because it is a symbol of love, peace, respect, tenderness and care. Flowers surround us; we cannot imagine any garden or yard that it is not decorated with flowers of different colors and beautiful scents.

In addition, numerous symbols that indicate some types of products or symbols representing firms contain motifs of flowers. We are sure that you are already familiar with the numerous uses of flowers, in addition to being used for decorating the garden, house, office space; they are also very useful as air cleaners, clean air and contribute to better energy and atmosphere in every home. Today, there are various uses of flowers, it can be used in the cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry, can be used to produce perfumes, scents and colors.

Throughout history, numerous writers, poets and songwriters have received inspiration from him, the flowers helped them through their beauty and innocence to express their emotions and express their needs and wishes. It is known that there is a deep clutch or between flowers and human souls, so many artists tried to show through the flowers the depth, sincerity, and power of internal energy.

In this text we will talk about the flower forget me not, we will talk about its application throughout history and help you understand the secret of its meanings, we will help you to understand what energy and messages this flower develop. 

Meaning of forget me not flower

Each flower has different energies and brings with it various messages and meanings related to our lives. The ancient peoples believed that every flower could describe the person and its fate; therefore, the flowers in some nations were subject to admiration and admiration.

We can notice that flowers had a very important role in our history, it not only served for decoration and for food, but it also had a special place in the development of cultures and the ascent of certain nations. In this part of the text we will talk about the significance of the flower do not forget me, we will talk about the relationship that this flower with human personal characteristics, what kind of energy causes in people and what emotion it conveys. In addition, we will talk about its uses throughout history, and we will try to interpret its significance in history.

The meaning of flowers does not matter only when we talk about it as a gift, or when we want to make someone happy, in this article we will not just talk about the meaning of flowers and about his messages that relate to our lives, which can help us overcome certain obstacles and doubts, we will already talk about the meaning and the influence of flowers in certain cultures.

Through the history of flowers, it played a very important role, and it was not only used as an ornament, or for beautifying the house and yard.

Today we are aware that the importance of flowers is becoming more and more equal and we do not give it the value that it actually has. In addition to numerous medicinal purposes, flowers play an important role in the life of each of us because they help us understand our feelings, find our way and understand the meaning of life, love, happiness, family, health…

Today we live in a world where there has been a change in the meaning of values, our ancestors throughout the centuries have nurtured love, health, peace, family, and have been aware that man no longer has to ask for life in addition to these things, but today it is not so. The strength of power and wealth has led us into conflicts with true values ​​and they do not allow us to find the right path for us to free ourselves from these anxieties.

Everything that we mentioned refers to flowers, once it was given to him, the more valuable people they appreciated his inner strength and energy, and today this is the other way around. That’s why we will try to bring you closer to the meaning of the flowers, to help you understand what kind of energy it takes with you.

There are many myths about the flower do not forget me, but it is clear that he has a very burning past behind, that for thousands of years he has not only spoiled his beauty, but he has helped people to understand what they want and how to achieve it. This flower has spoken a lot, as it is today, but it is only important whether you really listen to it and whether you will allow it to tell you what it wants.

Now we will talk about some of the features of this flower:

  • True love

This flower is a symbol of love that lasts forever and never stops, sometimes it is only important to believe in it. Because of this, this flower is usually given to people who are very dear to you and that you love beyond any boundaries.

One message of this flower is that you always believe in sincere love, the truth is that life is unpredictable and that sometimes you cannot even be sure of what you can expect but you must always have faith in love, because it is what drives us and what helps us to continue on, to fight and to lead our battles.

This flower significance is very important for people who have been hurt in the recent times, or who have suffered injury from people who have a lot of meaning, but life goes on, the show must continue so you have to be strong and you must have faith in yourself, but and the people around you.

  • Honesty

It is certain that this is one of the most important principles of all people, but it is also likely that most people do not follow this principle. In religions that can help us protect life and love, sincerity is the first principle that can enable us, so it is important that you are honest with yourself, and towards other people. If you are lazy and if you use lies, it is safe to apply the most damage to yourself, and therefore you can never feel good and fulfilled. 

  • Peace

Peace is what we all strive for; no one can feel happy and fulfilled if there is not enough peace and love in it. Peace does not get so easy, if you want to feel it then you have to believe in yourself, you have to be sure that you hold the right values and do not bite them. The precondition for fulfillment and happiness is certainly inner peace.

This flower is usually given to people who you do not want to forget and who are important to you. With this flower you express the strength of your love towards that person. This flower is a symbol that means that this person has a special role in your life, that it left a great seal and an indelible mark. Because of this, this flower has been used for a long time in romanticism because the writers tried to draw their platonic love through this flower.

This flower is also a symbol of friendship, says friends are precious, but also sends a message that friends must carefully choose and you must not reveal their secrets, you must trust only those you are sure will never disappoint and will never allow be harmful or broken. This flower advises that love and friendship are the most precious in life.

Forget me not flower – Etymological meaning

The name of this flower originates from the Latin word Myosotis, which means ‘mouse lips’, but to people this flower is mostly known by the name forget me not.

There are many legends on which this flower was named, but one of them says that the goddess Flora asked the plant to return houses and families to people who were forgotten.

But the Latin name carries a completely opposite meaning that says that this plant has been named after its fruits because the flowers have the shape of a mouse. This flower has a great significance in cultures around the world, for example in England there is a holiday in the cast of this flower. Through the centuries, legends have been persuaded that this flower is the strongest symbol of love and faith, and you can find this flower quite often when you read romantic poems and poems.

Forget me not flower – Color

This flower can appear in different colors, but the typical color that appears in our areas is blue with different shades. In addition to this color, you can find this flower in white and pink color. We can notice that the colors of this flower are very happy and that there is special energy and motivation in us. In this part of the article we will talk about the meaning of colors, as well as its impact on the symbolism of this flower.

Blue is the color of the sea, the ocean, the sky, and it immediately portrays us to infinity, depth and unlimited color is a symbol of freedom, helps us to relieve anxiety and stress, and gives us positive energy as well as positive thoughts and feelings.

White color reminds many people on cold-bloodedness and disconnection, but this is not true, because white color is actually an association of purity, ignorance, love and happiness. This color reflects our soul; she says that she is gentle and innocent, and that her depth is pure from any dirt.

Forget me not flower – Botanical characteristics

As for her botanical characteristics, we can say that this is an ungrateful plant, which is enough just to be in the sunny area, to have a fertile land and plenty of water.

This plant appears in a variety of colors, which are mainly in the blue color spectrum, so its color varies from light blue, indigo blue to violet, and there are also some kinds of flowers that are pink in color. Its height can only reach 20 to 25 cm in height, but its flowers are broken so that this deficiency can be compensated.

The plant can be grown in yards, gardens, but also in houses, of course with all the necessary conditions. It appearance is an eye break, if you hold it in the apartment; it will not only purify the air but will also bring peace, fresh air and harmony.

Although its appearance gives the impression of a flower that cannot avoid obstacles, this is not true, because this flower is very strong and for these reasons it can survive in very harsh conditions. It is true that it is very grateful to have this flower in the house because it is very easy to maintain and its benefits are huge.