Dandelion Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flowers are full of interesting stories and facts that come from past times, in those times their role was much bigger and used for important purposes. In this text, we decided to talk about the symbolism of flowers. We are sure that this topic is not so strange to you, but we believe that in this article you will learn a lot of interesting things that will help you to understand flowers differently and to interpret its meaning differently.

Through the centuries, flowers were a symbol of beauty, and they also had great significance in the development of cultures. Many species of flowers were considered as symbols of the unreachable beauty and were subject to worship. This topic is not only known in history and mythology, but it is becoming more and more present in the art, so if you are listening music, reading  novels or poems then you can find many motifs that relate to the significance of flowers.

The meaning of the flower has reached its essential success in romanticism, and then it was a symbol of the inspiration of many writers, so it is no wonder that you will find numerous poems and quotes in which artists admire its beauty, ignorance and innocence.

The meaning of the flower is deeply connected with us, its color and its appearance can help us to describe our personality, discover the secrets that are in our soul and find answers too many questions, to express our emotions and realize our dreams. In today’s texts we will talk about dandelion, a flower that has a special significance and which bring special energy..

Dandelion Flower – Meaning

Every flower in itself carries a special message that is deeply connected with our soul and with our personal characteristics. Their messages can help us to free our thoughts with unnecessary questions, it can help us focus and advance further, and can guide us on the right path.

We will present some of the features of this flower in the next sections of the text, and we hope that they will help you to understand your path and continue your fight on it.

Faith is very important for each of us, often life can lead us to the experiences that will re-examine our decisions and which we can understand as problems, but you should not even suspect in the strength of your faith, because it leads you, it helps to persist, to be persistent and to try again.

You must be aware that if you give up then you will never know if you can succeed, and you will consider yourself to be a weak person, but if you continue on and if you continue to believe in yourself and continue to try, then you will find a very strong person who will not kneel at the small problems.

Talents are what make us different from others, there is no person who has no talent and who does not have different abilities. We are all different, and that is what separates us from other people, and that is the beauty of life. But we must be aware that talents need to be constantly evolving, that we have to develop and invest in them.

There is no problem that we cannot be solved, only if we do our best. Sometimes in our life we ​​will be faced with problems that will make us so large that we do not believe that there is a solution for them, but if they overthrow your talents and if you believe in them then everything is solvable.

Success is what we all strive for; therefore, it is a reward for our efforts and courage. This flower is usually given to people who are close to us, and who have accomplished something very important in life. 

Dandelion Flower – Symbolism

This flower was very important in history; many cultures compared its appearance to the sun because they believed that its heat is reflected on our personality and helps us to be happy, successful and satisfied. This flower is a symbol of peace, warmth of home and unity. It is usually located in the gardens, and for this reason it is one of the symbols of the household.

This flower has very important roles that make it very priced. It is believed that, in addition to his cosmetic role, he can also help eliminate many diseases. It first began to be used in Asia, where it was grown in gardens and served as a salad; later, many of its healing properties were found, and began with its application in medicine and pharmacy.

In Asia, besides being used in the food, various plants and spreads are produced from this plant that can prevent the spread of many skin diseases. In Thailand there is a special company that deals with the cultivation of dandelion and makes of them various creams, caissons and warm drinks that have numerous healing properties. In folk medicine, cravings that positively affect diabetes are made, and they can dampen his symptoms.

In addition to these uses, the production of dandelion oil is used in the diet is also known because it has a very low calorie value, and this oil has a specific smell, which can also be used for massage of the body. The root of the dandelion is very good for detoxifying the body, so if you have problems with alcohol or with body weight then you can make a tea from the roots of this plant.

Dandelion Flower – Etymology

This flower is originated from Ancient Greece, where the first evidence of the existences of this flower is found, and its healing facts are stated. The name can be used differently in different cultures, and in many of them its medicinal abilities are listed.

The name is derived from the Arabic word that refers to the disease of the skin, and it mentions one of his healing actions. In the distant past people used this flower to cleanse their eyes, and they believed that this flower would help them preserve their sight and protect themselves from external influences.

Dandelion Flower – Color

The color of the flower is very important for knowing its message and significance, if you want to understand and find out what the flower has in it, then you first need to discover its message and the meaning of the color it carries with you.

Each message of this flower can help you to feel much better, to meet yourself, to express your emotions and to feel the true charms of this life. As already known, dandelion is yellow; this color has many different meanings. Most of the people will first think that this color is symbol of jealousy, and that it relates to our love relationships, but these are just myths.

In this part of the text you get to know the meaning of the yellow color and understand what messages this flower sends and what energy it brings into your life. You must be aware that every flower reflects certain feelings in you, and it tells you to think about yourself and to re-examine your decisions and thoughts.

The yellow color is a symbol of a strong love and a craving, it carries with it a message that in life you must try everything and there is no room for secrets, you must be aware that your emotions must be expressed and you must not be afraid of them.

This color refers to platonic love, but on the other hand it reflects the missed opportunities. It carries two messages, the first is that you must trust your instinct and that you have to listen to your heart, you must fight for your feelings and you must not give up against the obstacles.

The second message is that you can never compensate for the missed chances, you can never regret enough,  because of things that you did not do, for that reason, you must be aware of the burden that you will carry with you during your lifetime.

This color can also refer to friendship, love, style and unity. The yellow color is the color of the sun, so it is best for us to describe the warmth and tenderness of love.

When we see the dandelion flower, we can notice a green stem with leaves and a blossomed flower, for this reason we must also talk about the green color.

This color is a symbol of freedom, peace and harmony. The green color is everywhere around us and it is a symbol of nature and harmony. This color carries with it a message that peace and freedom are the two most important things for a fulfilling life full of love and joy.

When the flowers are buttered, then the seeds appear in white and spread with the aid of the wind. The white color is also a symbol of this flower, so it’s impossible not to talk about it.

This color is a symbol of innocence, curiosity and tenderness; this color can refer to love, as well as to the strength of human will. It describes people who have an irrepressible soul, which are inexperienced and who believe in all people.

This color with its appearance may refer to cold-bloodedness, but its message is much deeper and more important. This color also refers to freedom and unlimited. This color is actually related to the role of the seed. As it relates to freedom and unlimited, so the wind releases the seed of this plant.

Dandelion Flower – Botanical characteristics

Dandelion is a flower that appears in almost all gardens; we do not need to talk much about it because we are familiar with childhood with its appearance, effect and significance. We can find him in the meadows, in parks, pastures and there are no special conditions for him.

Its seeds are transmitted by air, and therefore he does not need special conditions for growth and development. It is usually located and growing in the regions that have a cooler climate; it does not heat a lot of heat, so it usually chooses cooler places of habitation. Its appearance may vary, depending on the conditions in which it grows. Flowers during the spring, and after that, his flower dips and becomes a seed.

It seed is transmitted by the wind, for this reason this flower can be found in many places in large quantities. Its color is very yellow, and the look is the most beautiful sunflower, the only difference is in height. Its stem is green, and mainly has leaves with its leaves, its root is very deep and can reach up to 20 cm in the ground, and while the height of this flower can be only 10 to 15 cm. Dandelion is a very grateful plant because it does not need special care and attention.

Its appearance and cultivation are not as important as its use. This flower can be used for various purposes, in many cultures throughout the East it is used in the meal, and there are numerous salads in which this flower is used. In addition, dandelion is healing, so various crops from this plant, which help reduce the fat and help in regulating blood pressure, are made.

The temperature at which this plant persists varies from 5 to 20 degrees, resistant to low temperatures but does not tolerate high heat, unless it is regularly watered, this plant will drain and its flowers will fade. The stem of this plant is tough, resistant to large winds, and contains a white liquid that is used to make wrinkle and acne cream.

Its leaves are used as salad while flowers can be made from flowers. Many people believe that butter is a medicinal plant, and that it can help in the treatment of widespread diseases, so various beverages from this plant that help in the treatment of lung diseases are made. It should be noted that the butter is rich in various minerals and vitamins, and magnesium, calcium and vitamins A, B and C are separated from them.