Dahlia Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Since long time ago flowers have been used as symbolic representations in many traditions and cultures all over the world. People have always tried to discover what flowers may symbolize and how we can understand their hidden meanings. Some people think that flowers are only plants that grow in our gardens, but the truth is that flowers are much more than just plants. They hide many secret meanings and they can tell us a lot about our feelings and thoughts, as well as about our lives in general.

Each flower on this planet can tell us a lot. Some messages of the flowers have already been discovered, but there are also the messages that have remained a mistery. Flower lovers are trying to discover all hidden meanings of flowers, but it is not always simple. If you love reading about flowers and discovering new things about them, we recommend you to read this text. It is always interesting to learn something new about a certain flower and its symbolic meanings.

If you continue to read this text, you will have the opportunity to find out something about the dahlia flower. Have you ever heard of this flower? Do you know what are its botanical characteristics? Have you heard of the symbolism related to this flower? We will tell you what are the symbolic meanings of this flower and in which colors this flower can be found.

We hope that you will enjoy this article and you will certainly learn a lot of things you didn’t know about this flower and about the flower symbolism in general. But, first of all we will tell you what actually this flower represents and what are its botanical traits. If you are interested to know why this flower is so special, then we recommend you to read this article.

What Is the Dahlia Flower?

First of all we have to say that dahlia flower is the national flower of Mexico, because it comes originally from this country, but today this flower is also favorite all over the world.

If we want to talk about the etymological meaning of this flower, we cannot say too much, because a lot of things are still unknown. There are many different theories related to the etymology of this name and none of them has been scientifically proved. Throughout the history many scientists have tried to change the name of this flower, but without success.

The dahlia flower can be found in many different sizes, shapes and colors. Of course, colors have special role when it comes to the symbolism of a flower and later you will have the chance to read more about that. The petals of this flower can also have different shapes and they can be both long and short.

Dahlia flowers are beautiful and they are usually used for decoration. You can have these flowers on your balcony, in your garden or maybe in your home. We are sure that dahlia flowers will make your home and your environment beautiful. But, maybe you did not know that this flower is not used in medicine.

Actually, it is very poisonous, so it should not be eaten and it should not be used in medicinal purposes. Also, it is recommended to keep your children and also your pets away from these flowers.

You have seen some basic facts and botanical characteristics of the dahlia flower and now it is the time to see something about its symbolism. There is a lot to say about the symbolism of this flower because it exists since long time ago.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Dahlia Flower

Dahlia flower has always been very important in a cultural and also in a historical sense. During the Victorian period the dahlia flower has got special symbolism. This symbolism exists even today, so there is a lot to say about the symbolic meanings of dahlia flowers.

First of all we have to say that the dahlia flower usually symbolizes the bond between two people that will last forever. That’s why this flower is commonly used in wedding ceremonies and other arrangements. It symbolizes that the love of a couple that is going to get married will be eternal. All around the world the dahlia flower is known as the symbol of marriage and love. In the Victorian period this flower represented a long-lasting relationships and this symbolism is present also today.

However, in modern times the dahlia flower is also used as a symbol of a new religion that someone has accepted or a symbol of new healthy habits. In most cultures this flower is used as an August flower, but in some other cultures it is also considered as a November flower.

The dahlia flower may also mean that we should stay strong and graceful, even in the most difficult situations. We need to face our problems and overcome all the challenges that exist in our lives. We have to keep our standards at the high level. You should have in mind that you can learn a lot from the dahlia flower, so try to be graceful whenever you can and to respect other people.

Very often this flower is a symbol of inner strength and power that we can always find deep in ourselves. Most important is to have motivation and never to give up from our goals.

Also, the symbolism of the dahlia flower is related to traveling and changes that each person should make in life. When you are not satisfied with something, you should change it. Dahlia flowers always symbolize positive changes that are about to happen in our lives. Sometimes it is necessary to forget the past and to start a new life.

Also, the dahlia flower can be associated with uniqueness. It means that all of us should stay unique and different from others. We should not pay too much attention to the opinions of other people. Dahlia flowers are also unique for their beauty and that’s why this symbolic meaning is so important.

Another symbolic meaning of a dahlia flower is honesty. It is very important to be honest and to tell always your real opinion. Sometimes it may be hard, but it will pay off. You should know that dahlia flowers are a symbol of the truth and emotions that you will admit in front of other people. Even though you may be in uncomfortable situation, we recommend you to be honest with other people.

There is also a belief that the dahlia flower could be a warning for someone that he/she may be betrayed in the near future. If you receive this flower as a gift, it can mean that you should be careful with your friends and not believe to everyone.

There is no doubt that the dahlia flower is a symbol of kindness as well. It means that if you receive this flower, you should stay calm in each situation. You should also try to be relaxed whenever you can. You should have in mind that stress will make your health worse, so most important is to think positively and to have time for relaxation.

These are some of the most common symbolic meanings of the dahlia flower. There are also many other meanings and you will see them if you continue to read this text. We will tell you now why the colors of flowers are so important for the flower symbolism. If you understand the symbolism of colors, it will be much easier for you to understand the flower symbolism. So, let’s see what are the colors of dahlia flowers and what they may symbolize.

Colors of the Dahlia Flower

When it comes to the symbolism of flowers, colors play a very important role. If you already know something about the flower symbolism, then you have probably heard that each color has its own symbolic meaning. That’s why we should know what a certain color may symbolize in order to determine the symbolism of a flower. When it comes to the dahlia flower, we have to say that it can be found in many different colors, such as white, yellow, pink, purple, orange, red, green or blue. Maybe you didn’t know but the dahlia flower can also be found in a black color. Now you will see something more about all these colors and their symbolism.

White dahlia flowers are usually a symbol of something innocent and pure. These flowers are inevitable part of weddings and similar ceremonies. It symbolizes pure love and commitment between two people that will last forever.

Also, it is a great idea to give this flower to someone who is pure soul. This flower may also be used when a child is born or for the baptism. It is also important to say that a white dahlia flower is often a symbol of focus as well. It means that you should stay focused on your goals and success. You should ignore all bad things that may appear in your life.

We have also purple and pink dahlia flowers which are usually a symbol of grace and kindness. Pink is also the color that represents feminine beauty and grace. We can gift a pink dahlia flower to anyone. It can be our sister, mother, friend or emotional partner. It is important to know that this color of flower is not restricted to romantic feelings towards someone. We have also said that a purple dahlia flower symbolizes grace and kindness as well. Also, this flower may be a symbol of royalty  and dignity. Because of that it would be great to give this flower to someone you really appreciate and admire. A purple dahlia flower is often considered to be a symbol of perfection.

The red dahlia flower is usually considered to be a symbol of strength and power. If someone of your family members or someone of your friends feels weak, you could gift that person with a dahlia flower. It is believed that this flower will make that person stronger and it will give that person more power.

If you choose to buy green or blue dahlia flowers for someone, it will be a symbol of big changes. If someone has started a new chapter in life, it would be a great idea to give a bouquet of dahlia flowers to that person. Also, if you have changed something in your own life, for example if you have moved into a new house, you can buy a bouquet of blue or green dahlia flowers for your new home.

At the end we will also mention the symbolism of a black dahlia flower. This flower symbolizes betrayal in most cases. However, we have to say that it is not a real black color, but it is a dark burgundy color. This color always symbolizes something negative, so it is usually associated with betrayal, sadness and other negative feelings. This symbolism exists since long ago.

Now when you know the meanings of all colors of this beautiful flower, we will tell you what is the message that this flower is sending to us. First of all it is important to say that the dahlia flower is telling us to stay unique in every moment. We should celebrate our uniqueness and enjoy the life to the fullest. If we have difficulties in life, we should remain strong and never give up.

The dahlia flower is reminding us that the life is beautiful and there are many opportunities around us that we should use. We should discover new pleasures and all good things that are expecting us. Most important is to have a positive attitude towards life. If you have dahlia flowers in your home, you will certainly feel positive energy and you will attract new people into your life.

You have seen in this article that the dahlia flower is very special and its symbolism is very interesting. We hope that now you can understand better what this flower symbolizes and why people simply adore it. We have told you in which occasions you can use this flower and we are sure that you will choose the right color of this flower for you and your loved ones. We recommend you to choose dahlia flowers for your loved ones and to surprise them. We are sure that they will be happy with a beautiful bouquet of dahlia flowers. You have to choose only which color is appropriate for a certain occasion.

We hope this article has been interesting for you and we are sure that you will pay more attention to the symbolism of flowers. Dahlia flower is unique and its language is so special. It would be great to have this flower in your home or in your garden.