Daffodil Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Daffodil flower, or Narcissus pseudonarcissus, is a common wild flower that can be grown in the back of your garden too. Its beautiful, bright colors make the Daffodil flower so popular and catches people’s attention easily.

The symbolism of the Daffodil flower dates thousands of years in the past, as ancient people used it to express their emotions.

Other names for the Daffodil flower are wild narcissus or Lent lily. Even though many people think the Daffodil flower comes in yellow color only, it actually has many variations.

Each color of the Daffodil flower represents different symbolism and carries different values that might be important to know if you want to gift someone the Daffodil flower. That is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article – symbolism, meaning, and colors of the Daffodil flower.

What Is the Meaning of the Daffodil Flower?

Every flower hides sometimes, a message behind them which should be deciphered by a receiver.

Daffodil flower main meanings are:

• Inspiration,
• Creativity,
• Memory,
• Forgiveness,
• Vitality,
• Renewal.

Daffodil flower simply makes your imagination go wild. You get ideas, you are more productive, energetic by only looking at the Daffodil flower. Everything around us can be an inspiration but seems like flowers are the biggest one. That is why many artists and creative people held the Daffodil flower in their ateliers and studios. Daffodil flower sends a message in an elegant and modest way, without ever getting aggressive.

Even though memory and forgiveness don’t seem to go well together, the Daffodil flower combines them both. People created numerous stories and legends about the Daffodil flower during the years so that this flower represents a memory of those stories, but the memory of something in your mind too. If you shared a moment with someone close and you want to send them a message that you still remember and think about that moment, send them the Daffodil flower.

On the other side, we naturally make mistakes as humans. People we love and who love us sometimes do things unintentionally, which might hurt us.

However, it is important to remember that living with bitterness shouldn’t be part of our days. Forgive people that maybe hurt your feelings, as they wouldn’t do that on purpose.

After all, their own regret is just enough to make them feel down. Do a good deed and send them a bouquet of the Daffodil flowers to say that you forgive them.

Daffodil flower also stands for vitality and renewal as it grows in spring when nature awakens. Because of this, people consider the Daffodil flower as a symbol of a new cycle, new phase, new life, or renewal of the old one, vitality, and growth. If you maybe want to start your life from scratch and erase the bad things that happened before, the Daffodil flower will give you motivation, strength, and energy to achieve your goals.

You can also gift the Daffodil flower to someone close to you who recently started a new life or made a big change and this will encourage them.

The Etymological Meaning of the Daffodil Flower

Daffodil flower belongs to the family of Narcissuses, as we already mentioned.

They are also associated with the jonquil flower, as they share the same genus, same as with the paperwhites. That is why people often confuse these three flowers – because they resemble so much.

When we talk about the name of this flower, it is named after the Greek god, Narcissus. An old myth narrates that Narcissus was in love with himself. He looked at his own glance in the river that he fell into it and drowned.

The Daffodil flower grew up in the spot of his death and that is why this flower got such name – Narcissus, but we call it Daffodil today.

The Symbolism of the Daffodil Flower

The Daffodil flower has couple symbolic meanings, both positive and negatives. For example, the Daffodil flower is considered to be a symbol of fortune in China. People there believe the Daffodil flower attracts luck and good fortune. That is the reason why the Daffodil flower symbolizes Chinese New Year (the Chinese pay attention to symbols and tend to invoke good energy, fortune, and wealth). On the other side, the Daffodil flower is a symbol of mirth and joy in Japan.

The French see the Daffodil flower as a symbol of believing in better tomorrow and as a symbol of hope. People from Wales believe that if they see the Daffodil, they will get wealthy great prosperity will gladden their family. Look carefully, as if you see the Daffodil flower in bloom, your following year will be prosperous and you will have a lot of money.

The Daffodil flower is a symbol of passion in Arabian countries. They even used the Daffodils as an aphrodisiac, while also believed this flower cured baldness.

However, the Daffodil flower is a symbol of approaching death in Medieval Europe and people avoid looking at it. American Cancer Association’s symbol is the Daffodil flower as it symbolizes hope and renewal. The Daffodil flower is a symbol of 10th anniversaries and this is the flower of the month March.

Daffodil Flower – Color and Meaning

The most common Daffodils comes in yellow and white color, but there are also some variations of these colors. For example, some Daffodils come in combinations of orange and yellow or white and orange color.

Yellow color symbolizes friendships, joy, happiness, positive energy, and optimism. You would want to avoid giving the yellow Daffodil to your partner, but this flower is a great choice if you want to surprise your friend or a colleague.

Still, as the yellow color is famous for its meaning of jealousy, some people think the yellow Daffodil stands for that trait.

However, the Daffodil flower is far away from jealousy so you can gift it to everybody. You can even make a sweet bouquet of the Daffodil flowers and place it somewhere in your living room or your kitchen, as this will bring in some sunshine even when the day is not so bright, and positive energy when you need it the most.

Yellow is an inspirational color, so if you need a dash of inspiration, the yellow Daffodil will do wonders. If your friend moved from the old one and got a new apartment, send them a bouquet of the Daffodil flowers and wish them a happy start.

White Daffodil is a pretty much neutral flower and you can gift this flower to everybody you know. Daffodil flower in white colors symbolizes innocence, spirituality, purity, peace, and faith. Take the white Daffodil with you if you are going on any kind of spiritual event – for example, wedding or baptism. White color accentuates the importance of faith in such events and brings in peaceful and mild energy.

Botanical Characteristics of the Daffodil Flower

As the Daffodil flower symbolizes spring and is one of the flowers that bloom in the very beginning of the spring, you should plant them in the fall. This way your Daffodil flowers will flourish at the right time. The Daffodil flower is easy to grow and maintain, which makes them even more perfect.

Each Daffodil flower has 6 petals, while the central crowns are shaped like trumpets. One Daffodil tree grows 1 to 20 flowers, but as more Daffodils there are, it is harder for all of them to adapt to the ground. If you want to plant your Daffodils in an ideal place, then plant them along the edge of the trail or between the bushes if you have some in your back yard. Daffodils like to be planted in groups, so give them that pleasure of growing together.

Even though Daffodils grow on almost any type of substrate, we would still recommend you to find some pH neutral or sour ground to be their home.

Start planting your Daffodils by digging up a hole in the ground that goes about 20 cm in depth and crushes the ground a little bit. When picking Daffodils you are about to plant, always go for the ones that are bigger, as these are healthy and nothing can disturb their growth. Place the bulb in the depth of around 15 cm and leave 7 to 15cm of distance between each plant. The optimal time to plant your Daffodils is middle of October, before the first frost.

Key to successful breeding of the Daffodil flower is to plant them somewhere where is sunny. Now that you have found the right place, dig up the hole and put some compost and fertilizes on the bottom. Then place the Daffodil bulbs and cover them with the rest of the ground.

Before planting, keep the bulbs in a dark and shaded place. Some of them will start to dry and get soft and these Daffodils are not healthy so don’t plant them. As we mentioned, the Daffodil flower is easy to maintain. You just have to feed them with NPK fertilizer if you want to improve their growth. After your Daffodil flowers blossom, let them accumulate some energy for the next year in their bulbs. If the spring is dry and it rains rarely, water your Daffodil flowers regularly.

There are many varieties of the Daffodil flower, such as Thalia, Jack Snipe, The Tete, Baby Moon, Cassata, Pink Charm, and Acteae. Thalia Daffodil flower became popular in 1916. From that year, people admire its white shades and specific and sweet scent. Jack Snipe is widespread Daffodil flower so you can see it all around the world. Its bushes are white and yellow and very charming.

The Tete Daffodil is one of the rare species of the Daffodil flower that blooms even under the snow. Despite its early blossoming, The Tete Daffodil lasts long and you can combine it great with purple Crocuses flower. Baby Moon Daffodil, as its name suggests, has a small flower in white and yellow color. You can plant the Baby Moon Daffodil even in the shady places if your back yard is not exposed to the sun.

Cassata Daffodil is very lasting species and it is used as a cut flower too. Its flowers remind of a broken cup and they are extraordinarily beautiful. Pink Charm Daffodil is specific as it comes in pink and peachy shades, differently from the most of Daffodils. Actaea Daffodil is snow white species with an intense and long lasting scent.

Daffodil Flower – Fun Facts

Even though the most common way to develop the Daffodil flower is through bulbs, you can also propagate it via seeds, which are black and rounded and have a protective coat.

Daffodil leaves and bulbs contain lycorine – toxic alkaloid that keeps predators away. Due to this toxic substance, you should avoid putting the Daffodil flower in the same vase with other flowers.

Some botanists and florist may develop an allergy to the Daffodil flower called daffodil itch.

Ancient Romans extracted sap from Daffodil flowers, as they believed it has healing properties.

Daffodils can survive more than two years in the wild or if you plant them in your yard, which means they are perennial plants.


There is a secret message behind the Daffodil flower. It says to us that we should keep positive mindsets in over to overcome tough situations.

Daffodil flower points out that we can make a new life if we find some inspiration and courage to do so. Don’t be afraid to change for the best is what the Daffodil flower says.