Chrysanthemum Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Ladies love receiving beautiful bouquets, especially Chrysanthemum flower ones. However, this flower sends some interesting messages, as its beauty might say a lot more than it looks like.

Even artists used Chrysanthemum flowers to send messages without having to write a letter, so that their beloveds still received love, while the others couldn’t decipher those messages.

What Is The Meaning of Chrysanthemum Flower?

Different people see different messages within flowers, but there are still some flower meanings that certainly show off emotions and general traits.

The main meanings of Chrysanthemum flower are:

• Good energy,
• Optimism,
• True and lasting friendship,
• Non-romantic affection,
• Loyalty,
• Devotion,
• Love,
• Rebirth,
• Enduring life.

Chrysanthemum flower represents good energy, positivism, and good vibrations. If you want to make someone’s day beautiful or cheer them up, then a bouquet of Chrysanthemum flowers is the right pick. As this is a beautifully colored flower with magnificent scent, you will surely feel less stressed and much happier through the day if you have a few Chrysanthemums around.

As many friendships are passable, we should appreciate the lasting and true ones deeply. You simply can’t neglect to have a good friend, someone who is always there for you and offers you support in every situation.

Chrysanthemum flower represents friends who trust and care about each other – the best of friends. If you want to show off your love to a friend whom you know for a while and whom you appreciate and want in your life, then buy a Chrysanthemum flower to express your love and devotion to your friendship.

If you care for someone, have emotions, and you want to say this openly, you don’t have to use words at all. Chrysanthemum tells a lot about love and devotion to a person who receives it, as it says “thank you for being in my life and I love you”.

It doesn’t matter about what type of love we are talking here – romantic one or the one you feel towards members of your family or your friends, Chrysanthemum will represent it in the right way.

Many stories and myths are related to this beautiful flower, as Chrysanthemum symbolizes rebirth, blooming in the spring, and start of new life.

We are talking about a flower that only seems weak and fragile, while Chrysanthemum sometimes expresses enduring, strong energy, a capability to go through hard living conditions and come out as a winner. If you, or someone close to you, are dealing with some issues and pass a tough period, Chrysanthemum will provide support and give you the strength to endure, as better things are coming.

The Etymology of Chrysanthemum Flower

“Chrysos” means gold in Green, while “anthemion” means flower. When you mix these two, you get a translation of Chrysanthemum – a gold flower or a flower of gold, as no one can stay indifferent in front of the beauty and value of Chrysanthemum flower.

We can find the term “gold flower” in Chinese or Japanese language too, as Chrysanthemum signifies beauty and value in these countries. You can see Chrysanthemum often in the US, as a part of the most beautiful flower arrangements and in numerous landscaping.

The Symbolism of Chrysanthemum Flower

China gives us one of the most beautiful flowers in the world – Chrysanthemum. The Chinese believe this plant represents simplicity, easiness in life, the autumn, and attracts happy circumstances in our lives. It also carries Yang energy within, as Chrysanthemum leads us to the Sun. Believe it or not, the Chinese grew Chrysanthemum in the 15th century BC. Japan also grows this plant and the Japanese even celebrate the Chrysanthemum Festival better known as the Feast of Happiness. Chrysanthemums in Japan are mostly golden-colored flowers with sixteen double petals. The Japanese engraved Chrysanthemum flower in the state coat of arms, some documents, and coins.

Plum, bamboo, Orchid, and Chrysanthemum represent a group so-called “four-gentleman” in Asia. However, Chrysanthemum symbolizes death among the Europeans, so people buy these bouquets for cemeteries and burials. On the third side of the world – in Australia people give Chrysanthemum flower to their mothers, as this flower represents respect and love, while the Americans relate it to happiness and joy.

As you can see, Chrysanthemum has always been considered as one of the most powerful and beautiful symbols. It will bring in positive energy and optimism in your yard and let you travel through hallways of your imagination.

You can plant Chrysanthemums individually or in groups, but whatever you like more – be aware that this wonderful flower will attract the attention of the environment, but what is more important is that you will attract happy circumstances in your life. What Chrysanthemum demands in return is to protect it from strong wind and a lot of sunshine.

Chrysanthemum – Color and Meaning

Chrysanthemum original color is golden yellow, but people developed many types of Chrysanthemums over the centuries. You can choose between white, red, purple, blue, orange, yellow Chrysanthemum. People of the East believe that adding one Chrysanthemum in your glass of wine will make it even more healthy and provide a long life.

White Chrysanthemum is linked to deep spirituality, innocence, purity, clarity of thoughts, proper actions, while some people believe this is a meditation object. You can gift it to anyone whom you feel a connection with, as this flower won’t send a wrong message. Chrysanthemum has unlimited positive meanings when it comes to white color, so be carefree when gifting or receiving it.

Red Chrysanthemum is a perfect gift for your beloved one for anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or any other romantic occasion. Red symbolizes fire, accentuated passion and desire, love, devotion and is a bit extravagant – just as it should be. However, even if you gift a red Chrysanthemum to a friend, there is no chance to make a mistake here, as you can feel strong and deep love towards your friends or member of a family.

If you are preparing a romantic surprise for your beloved one, romantic and soft pink Chrysanthemum will add a note that will charm your darling. Pink Chrysanthemums stand for themselves, but you can also pair them with other flowers.

The yellow color is a symbol of joy and happiness and it can improve your day instantly, or surprise pleasantly someone you love. It also symbolizes unrequited love, so if you would like to try one more time and show how much you want that person in your life, try with yellow Chrysanthemum bouquet. Orange Chrysanthemum (Chamanthi flower) carries similar symbolic, it is fiery, optimistic, warm, brightens up gray periods, and symbolizes progression. Blue Chrysanthemum is linked to calmness, patience, inspiration, while purple stands for nobility and decency.

Botanical Characteristics of Chrysanthemum Flower

Japanese royal family cared a lot about Chrysanthemum flower, as they considered it as an important symbol of the family and high position in society, so they grew great respect for this beautiful flower. After the East, Chrysanthemum spread over all the world and captured the attention of everyone. Some people call it Chamanthi flower, while others call it winter or autumn rose.

It would be best to grow your Chrysanthemum flowers in your garden or yard, as they grow in large bushes and need space. If you plant it in a pot, the flower won’t have enough place to grow and achieve its full potential. Additionally, if you want your Chrysanthemum to be rich and dense, plant it in a warm and sunny place.

When the time comes, propagate your Chrysanthemum by cutting it. Cut it directly from the root or kindly ask a gardener to help you with this until you learn how to do this properly. After cutting, put the plant in shallow sand and add some peat. You should plant them out in periods between June and July. Some flowers might grow fragile and sick, so make sure to add some hummus to your garden so Chrysanthemums reach its unique beauty and richness.

As we mentioned Chrysanthemum flowers grow in bushes, give them about 40 cm of space, so that the plant extends to its full potential. This flower doesn’t like rain and too soaked terrains, so avoid planting in it late autumn or winter. Water your Chrysanthemums only when the sand you planted them into gets completely dry.

Even though it doesn’t stand much water in its early phases, don’t let it dry for days, as this will affect the speed of Chrysanthemum’s growth negatively. Give your Chrysanthemum sun and enough water and you will watch its magnificent growth to the fullest.

Also try to avoid watering the leaves of the flower, as they might become dry and dark, which is oppositely from what it should be with Chrysanthemum leaves. Not only this will affect negatively the appearance of Chrysanthemum flower, but this is bad for its health too.

One more danger to it is snails, so make sure to take precautions in the spring so that you can protect it in the right way. In case things get a bit tough here, use aluminum foil and cover Chrysanthemums in your garden to protect them.

Chrysanthemum Flower – Fun Facts

Chrysanthemum comes in various forms, such as decorative ones, buttons, pompoms, or daisy-like flowers.

This flower is additionally classified into the following categories, having in mind their types to Singles, Pompons, Charms, Cascades, Spiders/Spoons/Quills, Incurved, Late Flowering Anemones, Reflexed, and Intermediate Chrysanthemums. The Reflexed Chrysanthemum has ray flowers that curve into the shape of an umbrella, while the Quill has flowers that radiate going from the center of the flower’s head.

The first attempts to breed Chrysanthemum date back to the 15th century. The U.S. started planting Chrysanthemum from 1798.

The Asteraceae family of flowers consists over 1,000 genera and about 20,000 species and this is one of the largest flowering plants families.

The history of Chrysanthemum goes back to AD 400 when Buddhist monks brought the flower with them to Japan. Japanese emperors appreciated the flower so much that their thrones were decorated with Chrysanthemums (Kikus in Japanese).

There is a tea of Chrysanthemum and it is great for relaxation, while Chinese cooks add its blossoms to soups and fries.

It takes about 3 months for Chrysanthemum flower to flower.

NASA concluded that Chrysanthemums improve air quality.


Chrysanthemum flower encourages us to keep on believing in our dreams and chase better occasions in life. Not every goodbye is the end, but there are sometimes in life when we have to go separate ways, while Chrysanthemum helps us move apart from people who were once close in a bit easier way.

Even though when you are dealing with issues and hard times, there is always a certainty that things will get better with time and that you will recover from any pain in your life.

Chrysanthemum flower will remind you of beauties of life and respire with optimism, so make sure to place it somewhere in your home, where you spend a lot of time. You will also enjoy its beautiful scent and get the spark of royalty, as Chrysanthemum is one of the noblest flowers in the world.

Support, cheerfulness, good spirits, recovery, love (both romantic and platonic) are represented by Chrysanthemum flower and that is the reason why so many people love it. Honor the cycle of life and endure bad times, as the Sun will shine into your life sooner than you expect.