Buttercup Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Buttercup flower is so lovely that it will make you fall in love with it the first time you see it.

Its bright and bold appearance makes a perfect addition to any bouquet so that you won’t make a mistake if you decide to gift someone bouquet with a few Buttercup flowers within.

What Is The Meaning of Buttercup Flower?

As every flower, Buttercup flowers has its own symbolic and different meanings that help us choose it among the variety of colors and scents.

The main meanings of Buttercup flower are:

• Charm,
• Humility,
• Neatness,
• Childishness.

Buttercup flower is a symbol of endless charm, so this is the perfect choice if you want to send a flirty and a bit provocative message to someone you are attracted to. This flower sends a strong, direct, and clear message so that the receiver will read the signals right away. Buttercup, or Ranunculus flower, symbolizes attractiveness, so women love being compared to this beautiful flower.

Yet, as this flower doesn’t represent strong emotions, you can easily express your adoration to someone’s beauty and personality, without being too clingy. Buttercup flower brings positive connotations within, so you can be confident with sending it.

Humility is another meaning of Buttercup flower, mostly because its appearance is a bit modest. Buttercup flower is not too extravagant as some richer types of flowers but still attracts attention by its beauty, vividness, optimism, and beauty.

When you see Buttercup flower the first time, it will remind you or neatness, as its petals are so well organized. Buttercup flower’s lines and petals are so precise and clean so you can go with this one if you are gifting a bouquet to someone who doesn’t like a bunch of flowers, but the tinier package with a strong message.

Bright colors and the size of Buttercup flowers instantly associate people of their childish and immature side. It might look like a child picked the colors, or as if someone drew it.

Nature did a perfect job with Buttercup flower so that its colors are so perky and vivacious that you will get back to younger days and cheer you up right away.

The Etymology of Buttercup Flower

The genus Ranunculus L is responsible for the creation of Buttercup flower. It is actually a mix of over 93 flower species – what makes Buttercup flower unique. This flower hides an ancient legend within.

Ranunculus was a young Libyan man famous for his beautiful and strong singing voice and it is supposed the flower got its name by this man.

Another legend tells that cows who were eating buttercup flowers in fields gave the sweetest milk in that time.

The third legend mentioned miser, fairies, and the sack of gold, while the last legend talks about coyote and his eyes. As the legends bear strong symbolism within, we will explain them further in the following paragraphs.

The Symbolism of Buttercup Flower

Ranunculus sang so beautifully, but he wanted to impress the wooden nymphs (who were hard to impress). The young man wanted so much to leave a strong impression, that he exhausted himself to death and fell to the ground where a small flower grew – Buttercup flower.

Another version of this story narrates that Ranunculus became so entranced by his own voice that he collapsed in the woods. Orpheus transformed his body into buttercup. Ranunculus flower is the first name of Buttercup flower.

The second legend, about the cows, claims that the milk they produced had so sweet taste that people believed the milk had butter in it. The name of the flower was changed from Ranunculus to Buttercup.

Long ago, a miser dragged a sack full of gold with him. As fairies who were responsible for buttercups saw this, they asked the miser for alms but he didn’t want to hear about sharing his gold. The fairies cut his sack so the coins fell out one by one out of the sack. While the coins were falling one, Buttercup flowers grew in their places.

The story about coyote and his eyes is especially popular in the USA. According to this legend, the coyote threw his eyes in the air while playing. An eagle caught his eyes, so the coyote became blind.

Instead of his eyes, the coyote used buttercup flowers to make new eyes. That is why many people call Buttercup flower coyote’s eyes.

Buttercup flower – Color Meaning

Buttercup flower is always a good idea for decorations – family celebrations, birthdays, baby showers, proposals, weddings, housewarmings, etc.

As we mentioned, these are not the most extravagant flowers among the variety of luxurious flowers, but as the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, people who appreciate the simplicity and pure beautify adore Buttercup flowers. These flowers grow in the wilderness, but you can grow it in your garden or inside your home with no problem.

Each shade of Buttercup flower has its own meaning, so if you want to send a concrete message it would be best to read on the color meaning of Buttercup flowers. The main colors of this flower are yellow and green, but you also find red, pink, and orange Buttercup flowers.

Yellow usually symbolizes new beginnings, optimism, positivity, new energy, joy, and happiness. This is a perfect way to brighten up someone’s day and make that person happy. Still, treat yourself and your home with yellow Buttercup flowers and attract positive energy and new, positive changes.

Green also symbolizes optimism, but it has a few more meanings – good health, youth, good fortune, and renewals. You might want to go to the wilderness to find the green Buttercup flower, or you can grow your own plant in your garden or home. As green symbolizes energy and positivity, this is a great color to have around or gift to someone bouquet decorated with flowers of this color.

Pink, red, and orange Buttercup flowers are made by humans, which means green and yellow are natural colors, while these three are derived.

However, as they are so beautiful, no one mind this fact. Red, pink, and orange Buttercup flowers give us the chance to enjoy the flower to the fuller.

Red is the color of love and passion, pink symbolizes romance, kindness, flirt, and love, while orange also represents emotions, passion, and love. You can mix them up and get a beautiful mix of love and vividness in one place, or add them to a bouquet as decoration.

If you are wondering how to express your emotions in a unique way for Valentine’s Day, or surprise someone close to your heart with something different then Buttercup flowers are a bingo.

Botanical Characteristics of Buttercup flower

Buttercup flower grows in meadows and this is a small flower – growing in pairs or single. Even though its natural colors are yellow and green, we have numerous hybrid colors that take a breath away.

Some people grow Buttercup flowers as ornamental plants that decorate gardens and balconies, while others appreciate cut flowers and use Buttercup for floral arrangements and bouquets. This flower grows up to 45 cm in height and 30 cm in width. You can expect the blossoms at the end of spring or the beginning of the summer. When you see the green and blue leaves – that is it.

As we mentioned that Buttercup flower grows in the wilderness, these are usually well-drained terrains exposed to sunshine. Buttercup flower doesn’t tolerate frost, so make sure to provide optimal conditions in your garden if you want to get rewarded by magnificent Buttercup flowers.

Maintaining and taking additional care is no issue, as Buttercup flower is very simple. Still, you should extract its bulbs at the end of every season. The sign to dig the bulbs is when the leaves bend completely.

After the extraction, place the bulbs in a cool and dry place so the moisture evaporates. Leave them until the next spring and then you can grow them indoors in pots or outside in your garden (just make sure the frost passes).

Optimal temperatures for Buttercup flower’s growth are around 7-10 C nightly and about 16 C during the day. Water the flower regularly and add liquid fertilizer every 10 days. As Buttercup flower is so adorable, mites and white butterflies fly around and you should use adequate fungicides to prevent them from threatening your flowers.

Buttercup Flower – Fun Facts

Buttercup flower originally comes from Iran, Turkey, and Greece, but you can see thousands of North American fields and meadows covered with these sunny flowers.

This flower might remind you of peony flower if you see a couple of them in one place or poppy flower.

Ranunculus comes from the Latin word “rana” (frog), while “unclus” means small. Green Buttercup flower reminded people of small frogs in the fields.

Buttercup flower lasts from 5 to 7 days when you hold it in a vase.


Buttercup flower reminds us of happiness and joy of life. Life is not that hard as it seems, as we have so many ways to make it more meaningful and easier, even through flowers. If you pick a bouquet of Buttercup flowers in your favorite color and place it somewhere in your home, it will attract sunshine and positive energy in your home and your life.

Material things seem like don’t make us happy, as true happiness is in details. Bear in mind that Buttercup flower symbolizes simplicity, beauty, friendship, positive vibrations, health, and renewals, so you can gift it to anyone you love – it will give over the right message.