Blue Rose – Meaning and Symbolism

Blue rose is a hybrid and doesn’t exist naturally, but this doesn’t negate the fact this is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Rose flower doesn’t have pigmentation naturally and cant’ produce the color of blue. You probably saw the purple or lavender rose, as these rose species remind of the blue rose the most.

On the other side, as the blue rose is so rare to find, some florists dye white roses to blue ones, creating artificial ones. Yet, the gardeners and botanists in greenhouses truly produce the blue rose.

One of the first blue roses appeared in 2004 but was a bit darker than the usual blue rose. If you know a lot about pink, white, or red roses, but the blue rose seems like a mystery to you, this is the right article to read through.

We will explain the main meaning of the blue rose, its symbolism, how to grow it, and reveal some fun facts you didn’t know about the blue rose.

What is the Meaning of the Blue Rose?

Just like each color of the rose, the blue color also has a specific meaning, which might be important to us if we are thinking about giving this flower to someone. What kind of message will you send with the blue rose and what is the most important meaning of this rose species?

The main meanings of the blue rose are:

• Imagination,
• Inscrutability,
• Love at first sight,
• New beginnings,
• Complex personalities,
• Manipulative powers,
• Some doors should stay closed.

Blue rose means being creative, imaginative, living freely, and being wishful. We should let our minds be completely free sometimes, as there is simply so much restrains through the life that we feel caged. Blue rose tells you to be open, creative, a bit dreamy, and ambitious. Some people associate the blue rose with spirituality, faith, and the Holy Grail.

However, even though we all have many dreams, some of them will always stay unattainable. Don’t let this hurt your feelings, as the blue rose means you will fulfill most of your wishes, but leave some space for the ones that are not meant to be. Interestingly, the blue rose hides a secret that some dreams should stay behind us, as if we accomplished them all, we would have nothing to dream about afterward. We will relate this meaning of the blue rose to the last one – some doors should stay closed.

No matter how hard we want something, sometimes it is simply not meant to be. Even though it is hard to accept the fact we have to give up on some ideas, maybe even people, we should realize that is for our own good. Even though you might think it is the end of the world at that moment, the answer and clarification of it all will follow shortly after.

Blue rose also symbolizes love at first sight and the impossibility to keep our emotions within. Our feelings will always find a way out, but the blue rose tells us that falling in love is the most beautiful thing in the world, but it doesn’t mean your emotions would always be accepted in the way you would want to. This is the reason why the blue rose might symbolize impossible or unrequited love.

Sometimes our hearts are overcrowded with feelings so deep that we can’t sustain ourselves from saying them out loud. Be brave, honest, and speak your heart out, whatever the outcome would be, that is what the blue rose is telling us.

Some cultures the blue color is the color of royal families, royal blood, splendor, and wealth. According to this, the blue rose is one of the royal and majestic flowers.

There is always a new beginning for us all, no matter what happened to us in the past. Sometimes we might be forced to start from the beginning, but who knows what the situation e are in now can bring in the future. In this aspect, the blue rose to symbolize sudden, new beginnings, that lead us to a better life.

Does this make you excited? Blue rose to express the excitement in the right way. If someone of your friends is about to start a new life, change their jobs, move to another city, start a business, start a family – give them the blue rose.

Blue roses also stand for complex personality, the ones that are not so easy to understand, but that are truly impressive and interesting. You have at least one person like this in your life and if you give them the blue rose, they would clearly understand that you appreciate their personality, no matter if it stands out from the patterns.

As we already mentioned, the blue rose is not a product of nature, but a result of fabrication, this applies to another meaning of this flower. Blue rose can signify being manipulative and shifty, according to the needs of a certain situation. Being manipulative is not a good epithet so avoid giving the blue rose to people whom you consider manipulative in order to avoid conflict or a tensed situation.

Blue rose is a great birthday present as it is unique and shows off to a receiver how special they are to you.

On the other side, you can show your loyalty and honesty to someone you fell in love at first glance, but be aware that this might be a 50/50 situation, so go with your heart open and try to understand God knows best for us. If something is meant to be, it will be, but even if your wish won’t come true – accept it.

The Symbolism of the Blue Rose

According to the main meanings of the blue rose, we can derive its symbolism easily. One of the interpretations of the blue rose says this flower is a symbol of mysteries, unattainable desires, and unrequited love. Some things feel or seem like too distant that we can’t understand them, but would want to. If this is the case with you, give the blue rose to someone whose behavior is not clear towards you.

Now, this person will open up a bit more so you two can establish the base of your relationship, which was the point of gifting the blue rose.

On the other side, as grown-ups, we are aware that love is not a matter of choice, but a matter of a heart. This means our love for someone might not be returned, but hey – that is not the end of the world!

Someone will also like you, but you won’t feel the same, that is the thing with life. Don’t be afraid of expressing your emotions, as this is a way to freeing yourself.

Other side doesn’t have to feel the same way you do, at least you would feel a huge relief. Hidden or suppressed emotions might affect our health negatively, so let it all out.

Blue rose also symbolizes mystery. Even though mysterious people get on our nerves sometimes, it is not that bad to be a bit mysterious either. Being enigmatic was highly appreciated in the past, especially during the Middle Ages. Mysterious women have always been fatal for men, as well the opposite.

There is something about being secretive that tickles imagination and makes people only think about it more and more. Send a bouquet of blue roses to someone whose behavior and appearance makes you think about them a lot and if you want to get to know them better. If this person is someone about whom many speculations exist and this person is an object of many small talks, send them the blue rose. Blue rose, in this case, symbolizes that you understand their reasons for being mysterious and appreciate their personality, no matter of other people say or think.

Another symbolical meaning of the blue rose is all those things that are impossible to achieve or unattainable ones. Blue rose is one of the few rarities in nature and it symbolizes something that is not easy to touch, approach to, or grasp. Some objects of our desires are too difficult to be achieved, but this is not the reason to be sad or depressed. Say goodbye to your unattainable desire with the blue rose and turn yourself in another direction.

Blue rose in this aspect symbolize a beautiful, but not chimerical dream you admire, but have to let go. If you are in love with someone, but your love is impossible, or if you would like to get a new job, move to another country, but there are so many reasons this won’t happen – give off the blue rose to your dream and move forward.

Blue rose is undeniable beautiful and unique. If someone’s appearance impresses you and leaves you out of breath, you don’t need any words to express how enchanted you are. Someone who is this beautiful is already aware of the impression they leave on other people and get compliments all the time.

However, if you give them the blue rose, this flower will stand out from anything they have heard or seen by that moment. Blue rose is a symbol of extraordinary beauty and this might be a perfect gift for someone you like. The rose flower in this color is fancy and imaginative, leaving a clear message for a receiver.

The very fact that the blue rose is not a product of nature gives it a touch of surrealism. In this aspect, the blue rose to symbolize something humans can’t fully understand or grasp, but don’t even have to, as the blue rose is just beautiful the way it is – no need to explain it much further.

Lighter shades of the blue rose, such as lilac rose, is a symbol of first love or falling in love at first sight. Blue rose here symbolizes enchantment, delight, romance, and happiness.

The color blue is discrete, decent, not aggressive, but calming. Blue rose is a symbol of caution and the need to stay inconspicuous. These roses also represent new beginnings and new opportunities, especially when we talk about business ventures. These new opportunities will bring you promotion, wealth, or fame.

Blue rose certainly has a unique charm and it is wrapped in a vast of mystery, not revealing itself freely. Still, there is a strong symbolic value behind the blue rose, as it stays open in some aspect.

Botanical Characteristics of the Blue Rose

Firstly put your blue rose seeds in warm water for 24 hours. The next thing to do is to put the seeds into the sand and give them some more time to germinate before moving it into the soil. Blue rose likes loose, breathable soil with good water holding capacity.

Roses are generally tolerant of drought, but still, keep the watering at some reasonable level. In order for your blue roses to grow healthily, provide them with sunlight and keep them under 20 degrees of temperature.

Blue Rose – Fun Facts

There is a video game named after the blue rose flower – Blue Rose.

Chain of famous floral shops and renamed companies carries a name Blue Rose.

Gerda Weissmann Klein wrote a book The Blue Rose, in which she tells a story about a child born with disabilities.


Nature is the most perfect creature of everything existing on the earth. However, some works of art make us completely silent even though they are not produced in nature, just like the blue rose.

Blue rose is telling us to go through life with our hearts open, being ready for both acceptance and rejection, as people have different emotions and reaction.

It is also great to be mysterious sometimes and tickle the imagination of the environment, also having respect for the ones who chose to keep the most of their privacy for themselves.

Take advantage of new opportunities in your life, as many of them happen only once. Blue rose tells us that we can shine and be truly special, just like it is if we only know when to grasp the chance.