Baby’s Breath Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Flowers are an inevitable part of our life. We have flowers in our gardens, on our balconies and also in our homes. Also, we give flowers to people we love, as a sign of respect and affection. Flowers are used for wedding decorations and all other ceremonies, as well as for the funerals. There is no occasion without flowers, so it is clear that we cannot imagine our lives without these beautiful plants. They make our environment more beautiful and adorable.

But, did you know that flowers hide something more than their beauty? They have many deeper meanings and people are trying to discover them. Since ancient times people were searching for hidden meanings and secret messages that we can receive from flowers. But why is flower symbolism so important? In the first place we can say that the flower symbolism help us choose the right flower for any occason.

Also, it informs us about the nature of a flower and also about its history. If you are also interested to know what flowers may symbolize, then we recommend you to stay with us and to read this text to the end. We are sure that you will find many interesting and useful things about the baby’s breath flower and also about all other flowers in general.

In this text we will talk about the baby’s breath flower and its symbolic meanings. This flower is known for its symbolism and it is considered to be favorite in many celebrations. If you continue to read this text, you will find out what the baby’s breath flower means and why it is considered to be so special.

Also, we will tell you something about the importance of colors for the meaning of flowers. If you read this text, you will find many interesting things about the baby’s breath flower and its symbolism and we hope that you will enjoy.

Before we start talking about the symbolism of this beautiful flower, we will tell you first what are the botanical characteristics of this flower.

What Is the Baby’s Breath Flower?

We have to say that the baby’s breath flower is usually grown as a potted plant, so it is rarely used as a garden plant. But, if you plant this flower in your garden, it will certainly look charming. It is important to say that the baby’s breath flower can be both annual and perennial. This flower will not require too much care.

This flower is usually called Gypsophilia flower. Now we will explain you the etimology of this word. Actually, gypsum is the name for a mineral that can make the soil very heavy and thick. Now you may be wondering why this flower has the name “baby’s breath“.

Actually, people have used this flower as a gift for baby showers since long ago, so the flower was named after that. There are many legends and stories all around the world that are based on the origin of a baby’s breath flower and its name.

Flowers from the Gypsophilia genus come originally from Eurasia, Australia and Africa, but today this flower can be found all over the world. It is usually used for bouquets and other flower arrangements. Later we will tell you more about the occasions in which you can use this flower.

The baby’s breath flower is known for its healing properties, so it is usually used for the production of medications that can treat leukemia. Also, it has been proved recently that this flower can be used in anti-cancer drugs because it can improve their efficiency.

Now when you have seen some basic facts about the baby’s breath flower, you will have the opportunity to read about its symbolism. We have already said that each flower has its own symbolic meaning and its secret message. If you are interested to know more about the meaning and symbolism of the baby’s breath flower, just continue to read this article.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Baby’s Breath Flower

It is known that every flower has its own symbolism. It can help us express emotions without saying anything. Also, it can help us realize some things and become aware of the world around us. Flowers remind us of the things that are really important in life. That’s why we should know what flowers symbolize and why their language is considered to be so important.

The baby’s breath flower is not an exception. When it comes to the symbolism of the baby’s breath flower, there are many things to say. First of all we have to say that the baby’s breath flower is a symbol of eternal love. It is the symbol of the love that has no end, the love that lasts forever. That’s why this flower is usually used in wedding ceremonies. Bridal bouquets are usually made of these flowers and there are also beautiful wedding decorations made of the baby’s breath flowers. We can also say that the baby’s breath flower can remind us of the loves that we had in the past, but they still live in our hearts.

The second symbolic meaning of the baby’s breath flower is related to freedom. Also, we have to mention that this flower may symbolize innocence and purity, so it is usually associated with newborn babies. There is a tradition to give this flower to a woman who has recently become a mother. In this case we usually choose white baby breath’s flowers, but more about the colors of this flower you will see later in this text. There are beautiful flower arrangements that you can make from the baby’s breath flower and to use for this occasion.

There is no doubt that the baby’s breath flower is a symbol of pureness as well. Because of that this flower could be a great gift for a baby shower. This tradition exists in many countries all over the world. The most common gift for baby showers is a bouquet of white baby’s breath flowers.

Another meaning of the baby’s breath flower is the reconnection. It means that we should reconnect ourselves with our lost loves and family members.

The baby’s breath flower also means that we should be focused on love and other good things that are happening to us. Also, all of us should try to be self-disciplined and focused on our goals in life. Even though there may be a lot of problems in your life, you should think positively and go on. You should never give up from your goals and aspirations.

Sometimes this flower may also symbolize the Holy Spirit, so it is usually a part of Christian ceremonies. In the past religious ceremonies could not be conducted without this flower. Today there are also many ceremonies in which the use of this beautiful flower is inevitable.

What a baby’s breath flower is trying to tell us is that in the past people were more connected with nature and more concerned about her. But, today people are preoccupied with some other things that are not so important. That’s why people usually forget where they come from.

However, there are flowers to remind us of our past and also of beautiful nature around us. Flower symbolism had a very important place in the past and today it is also becoming more and more popular. Baby’s breath flower is telling us to turn more to nature and to be close to our loved ones.

Now you have seen what the baby’s breath flower may symbolize and why it is considered to be so special. Also, we have told you what is the secret message that this flower is giving to us. Now it is the time to say what are the most common colors of the baby’s breath flower. When you know the meanng of the special colors of this flower, it will be much easier for you to understand the symbolism of a baby’s breath flower in general.

Colors Of the Baby’s Breath Flower

If you know something about the flower symbolism, then you know that the colors of this flower are of the crucial importance for the meaning of a flower. It is important to know that each color of a certain flower has its own symbolic meaning. When it comes to the baby’s breath flower, it can be in many different colors, such as white, blue, purple, red, yellow or maybe in orange color. Now you will see the meaning of each of these colors, which will help you understand better the symbolism of the baby’s breath flower.

The most common color of the baby’s breath flower is white color. This color is usually used for weddings and baby showers. A white baby’s breath flower is a symbol of spirituality and innocence. However, there are also some other colors in which we can find the baby’s breath flower.

For example, there is a pink baby’s breath flower, which should be used if a baby girl has been born. This flower is usually a symbol of love and gentle feelings. Apart from baby showers, you can gift this beautiful flower to any person you love and respect.

If you choose to buy yellow baby’s breath flowers, you should know that they are usually a symbol of joy and happiness, so they could be also used for wedding decorations. Also, this flower may symbolize friendship. That’s why it may be a great present for your best friend or maybe for someone of your family members.

There are also purple baby’s breath flowers, which usually symbolize royalty and nobility. These flowers have a special beauty and they are usually gifted to someone who is special to you.

Of course, there are red baby’s breath flowers and they are usually a symbol of romance and love. This is a great gift for your emotional partner. Also, if you are in love with someone and you want to show your affection and love towards that person, it is a great idea to give her a red baby’s breath flower. As you probably know, red flowers are always associated with romantic feelings.

Orange baby’s breath flowers are a symbol of optimism and joy. If you are looking for a gift for your friend or maybe for someone of your family members, we recommend you to choose this flower.

There is also a blue baby breath’s flower, which is a symbol of respect and trust. If you respect someone and if you think someone is honest, then we recommend you to gift that person with a blue baby’s breath flower. This flower is frequently used for baby showers as well.

Now you have seen all the colors in which a baby’s breath flower can be found. We hope that now you can understand much better the symbolism of that flower.

As you could see in this article, a baby’s breath flower can be used not only for wedding arrangements, but also for baby shower gifts. In most cases this flower is a symbol of love and innocence. Now we can tell you the message that the baby’s breath flower is giving to us. This flower is telling us that most important is to be with our loved ones and to be dedicated to our family.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and we are sure that you have learned a lot of things you did not know before. Now you will know what it means when you see the baby’s breath flower next time and you will know in which occasion you should use this flower.

Also, you will know to which person you should gift this flower and what this flower means when you receive it from someone. You should never forget the importance of the flowers in our lives. We hope this text helped you understand the symbolism of flowers in general. The first thing you can do now is to buy a baby’s breath flower for your home because it will certainly make it beautiful and it will bring good vibrations into your life.