Aster Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

Aster flower is a very popular flower with strong symbolism, so if you want to gift it to someone, make sure to read our article about its meaning and symbolism. As we are talking about a frequent flower, and you can easily grow it or find it in a flower shop.

Aster flower is on the list of the most extravagant flowers on the planet and its importance is huge. If this tickles your attention and you want to find out more about Aster flower, we will tell you more.

What Is The Meaning of Aster Flower?

If you want to send someone a message through a bouquet of flowers, you want to make sure you don’t offend anyone

. On the other side, for the ones who might not be as poetic with words, flowers will speak for themselves and carry over the right message. Aster flower has several important meanings, so make sure to remember all of them for the future occasions when this flower crosses your mind.

The main meanings of Aster flower are:

• Love of variety,
• Daintiness,
• Elegance,
• Patience,
• Afterthought.

Love of variety refers to multiple colors of Aster flower. You can choose between the whole spectrum of vivid colors, as this flower is ideal for any occasion and surprise someone you care about with beautiful bouquet which will send the right message.

Daintiness of Aster flower signifies gentle and kind personality, someone who is almost fragile. Do you know what are we talking about here? As women are so lovable and gentle, but still fragile, you can gift Aster flowers to any women who like classy and feminine gifts. Aster flower is not a gift for adventurous ladies, even though it is extravagant, so if your beloved one is slightly more energetic, then go for some other flower.

Similar to explanation up above, Aster flower goes with everything that is classy, elegant, and delicate. Aster flower is the best gift for a lady who cares about elegance, appearance, education, and manners, so if you want to leave an impression of a real gentleman – go for this bouquet.

Patience is one of the virtues many people find it hard to find within themselves, but if you are in contact with someone who needs your patience in the exact moment, then Aster flower will give them a sign that you are willing to cooperate and wait as much as it is needed. After all, some things are totally worth waiting, while Aster will help you and the other side overcome eventual tough period easier. Aster flower’s connection with patience is famous through centuries, as even the ancient people knew this meaning.

We all have those moments when we remember things or people that don’t exist anymore. Our emotions towards them are strong, so if you want to let out all the sorrow and pain, make sure you take Aster flower to a grave of someone you were close to and whose departure was much hurtful.

On the other side, if you want to say farewell or goodbye to someone who is going away or someone who won’t exist on this planet anymore, get Aster flowers bouquet.

The Etymological Meaning of Aster Flower

Aster flower got the name by the Greek word – aster, which means star. As Greeks thought of a star each time they saw this flower, they decided to name it as a star-flower and we are still using the original name of this flower.

You might think that Aster flower has poor origin name, but be aware of the fact that ancient cultures had a few information about the outer world, so they brought conclusions only by the things that were around them.

The Symbolism of Aster Flower

Aster flower has its own specific meanings, but it also has certain symbolic meanings sculpted by different cultures and people that lived surrounded by this flower sort. This is not a general opinion, but we are talking here about different ways different cultures through of Aster flower.

Ancient Greeks believed Aster flower helped them scare away evil spirits and snakes who were surrounding their houses. Jupiter, the god of thunder, once decided to send a flood to Earth.
When the goddess Astraea heard that, she wanted to turn into a star. When the floods covered the planet, Astraea got so upset and sad that she cried for days. Each tear of the goddess that had fallen to the Earth turned into a flower, so the ground became sprouted in Aster flowers.

Another myth tells a story about Theseus, King Aegeus’s son, who determined to go all by himself and fight the famous Minotaur. Theseus gave a promise to his father that he would fly back with a white flag in his hands to Athens if he beats the Minotaur. However, as Theseus wore a black and white flag, he forgot to change the color on his way back home, as he got out of the fight as a victor. Kind Aegeus saw a black flag, which meant that his son was no longer alive. He committed suicide believing his son is dead. Aster flowers sprouted out the ground where the King Aegeus’s blood fell.

Native American culture narrates a myth about two lost young girls in the woods. On their way through the woods, an old herb-lady met them, but as she was clairvoyant, she has foreseen the future of two girls. The old lady decided to turn the girls into flowers in order to save their lives. She turned one of the girls that were wearing a blue dress in the blue Aster flower.

Europe has its own version and symbolic of Aster flower, especially Germany and England. People living in these countries believe that Aster flower has magical powers. That is why they used Aster flower in magical potions and in spells. Aster flower symbolizes the month September in the US culture and they believe you should gift it to your spouse for your 20th anniversary.

Aster flower represents the eye of Christ in France. The French laid these flowers on the graves of dead soldiers, as this flower signifies remembrance, but also helps you say goodbye to people who are not with you anymore.

Aster Flower – Color and Meaning

The symbolism of any flower is truly important, but you should pay attention to the colors too, as it might add up or take away the real message you want to send with Aster flower. This beautiful flower comes in pink, red, yellow, purple, blue, and white color.

Pink Aster flower stands for romance, love, gentle nature, kindness, and femininity. If you believe you have met the love of your life – your soul mate, then go for a bouquet of Aster flowers, as this gesture will send a powerful message to your beloved one. Aster flower is a great gift for Valentine’s Day too, as this is a perfect occasion for revealing your emotions.

If you want to send a direct, strong, and deep message, then the most famous bold color of love – red will help you share all emotions and passions towards a special person in your life. The red Aster flower is never a wrong choice when it comes to expressing affection and love.

Yellow is a perfect color for cheering up someone. Pick yellow Aster flower if you want to make someone’s day joyful, optimistic, share positive energy and support. We all have our phases, but you still can do something about it – light the situation up with yellow Aster flower.

If you are in contact with someone who is unusual, extravagant, and unique, then there is no need to think much about the choice. Purple Aster flower is a sign of good taste, sense for beauty, and seems very royal and noble.

Blue Aster flower is a symbol of faith, stability, calmness, and depth. You can use them as decoration or separately, as this flower goes beautifully for occasions like a baby shower, birthday, or a wedding, but you can gift it to someone you love on any ordinary day too.

Another great option for wedding ceremonies are white Aster flowers, as white color symbolizes purity, innocence, faith, and spirituality. If you want to decorate your home with some fresh and elegant flowers, then white Aster will bring in pure and good energy in your oasis.

Botanical Characteristics of Aster Flower

Aster flower should be flourished in the late summer and autumn, but some varieties of this beautiful flower flourish in May too. According to its Greek and Latin name, it has got the name Star-flower. The originating countries of Aster flower are China and Japan, where Aster grows as a wild plant.

Not only that Aster has a beautiful and impressive appearance, but it has a specific scent also. Once you pick the flower or cut the stem off, the scent is only getting stronger.

Aster flower grows in height for about 80 cm, while medium versions go up for about 50cm, while the shortest Aster flowers grow up to 30 cm. Still, we can distinguish simple, shattered, long, ball, and chrysanthemum Aster flowers.

If your Aster gets enough sun, it will keep a nice shape and make fine progress. Aster flowers grow best if you face them towards the south. Additionally, plant them in sandy soils or landscapes that are fragile. You should also want to water your Aster flowers regularly, especially during the summer month. Besides water, add some slow-moving fertilizer to stimulate the growth of this plant. If you do the process in the right way, you won’t have to feed your Asters until April, and then start with feeding in August again.

Aster flowers bend and you can conclude that it is the right time for cutting it, so you can protect Aster from icing. This way you will prepare Aster flowers for the new flourishing season.

Make sure to cut Aster flowers in your garden that way so they don’t catch up with other flowers and plants in your garden. Aster flowers that blossom in autumn should be planted in the early spring, and vice versa – the ones that blossom in spring should be planted in autumn. When you prepare the ground for planting, drain the soil well, add some substrate and plant Aster flower placed in gardening pot or sack.

Your plant will get to a depth of about 2cm in March and April and it requires an optimal temperature of about 18 degrees. If you still decide to sow Aster flowers in May, they will flourish a little later. Aster is sensitive to high temperatures, but it can endure lower temperatures, so you should plant the flowers in early spring, before the first high temperatures.

Aster flowers fit perfectly to bordures of your garden and you can easily combine them with other flower species in your garden, but especially if they are low varieties. If you have some decorative herbs in your garden, Aster flowers will stand out even more, making perfect surrounding and atmosphere around your house.

Plant low varieties of Aster flowers in boxes, jars, or pots, and hold them on balconies or windows in order to make beautiful autumn decorations.

Aster Flower – Fun Fact

The ancient Greeks used Aster flowers to heal wounds and mad dog’s bites.

If you put Aster flowers in wine, the wine will taste like honey, even though there is no honey in it.

Chinese used Aster flowers as herbal remedies.


Aster flower reminds us of elegance, tenderness, kindness, and patience, but this flower also signifies remembrance so that it remembers you of people who are no longer present in your life.

As Ancient Greeks through Aster flower had magical symbolic, other cultures used it for potions and putting spells.

Even though this flower is simple and small, it is still extravagant and has a significant symbolic and teaches us many things in life.