Anthurium Flower – Meaning, Colors, Symbolism

People who are interested in flowers have already heard a lot about their symbolism. Since the ancient times it was believed that flowers have special language and they can give us important messages. It is interesting to know what a certain flower may symbolize and why it is different from any other flower. The color of a flower plays also a very important role when it comes to the flower symbolism.

In this text we will talk about the anthurium flower. If you have this flower in your garden, then you are aware of its beauty, but you may not know what this flower may symbolize. If you read this article, you will have the chance to find out all about this beautiful flower.

First of all we will tell you what are the botanical characteristics of the anthurium flower and then we will tell you what this flower means and represents.

Also, we will mention the symbolism of its colors, which will certainly help you choose the appropriate flower for any occasion.

We hope this article will be interesting for you and you will find important and useful information. The flower symbolism is something that attracts the attention of a great number of people and now you will see why it is so important. Now we can start and see what is the anthurium flower in general and what are its most important characteristics.

What Is the Anthurium Flower?

First of all we will tell you something about the etimology of the word “anthurium“. This word comes originally from Greece and now we will explain you its meaning. The word “oura“ means tail, while the word “anthos“ means flower. Now you may be wondering why this flower has such name, so we have to tell you that it has something to do with its physical appearance.

Actually, in the center of the anthurium flower we can see the spike which is similar to a tail. It is also important to say that the anthurium flowers has many other names as well. It is usually called the tail flower, the flamingo flower or the bull’s head. All these names are related to the physical appearance of the anthurium flower.

The anthurium flower is a part of the arum family which includes more than 1000 different plant species. If you want to have these flowers in your garden, you will not need to dedicate too much time to it and to work hardly. These flowers can adapt to any conditions and they are very resistible.

The anthurium flower has the leaves that are in the shape of a heart. These blooms may be in different colors, but they are usually in green, white, pink or red color. It is important to say that the anthurium flower has the blooms that are very resistible and they can last for a longer period of time. That’s why this flower is favorite for making bouquets and many different arrangements.

When we are talking about botanical characteristics of the anthurium flower, we have also to mention its medicinal use. Actually, this plant has been used as a remedy since long time ago. It is usually used in steam baths, because it can relieve pain in muscles, cramps and it can help people who are suffering of rheumatism or arthritis. But, this should be done only under the supervision of an expert, because the flowers of the anthurium plant could contain the crystals of calcium oxalate, so they could irritate the skin.

This flower is well-known for its beauty, so it is usually used for decoration, not only in a garden, but also for many different occasions. More about that you will see later in this article. One of the most important symbolic meanings associated with this flower is hospitality, but there are also many other meanings, so if you want to discover them, then you should continue reading this article.

We will tell you something about the meanings and symbolism of the anthurium flower, as well as something about its colors. If you are a flower lover, we are sure you will enjoy reading this article and you will find all information that you need.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Anthurium Flower

The symbolism of the anthurium flower is very rich. This flower has many symbolic meanings and it is interesting to know them. We have already said that the anthurium flower is a symbol of hospitality.

Actually, the anthurium flower has the ability to adapt itself to any environment and also the ability to produce new flowers every year. This flower is so beautiful that it will attract anyone, so if you have these flowers in your garden or in your home, they will certainly attract and invite your guests to come in. The meaning of hospitality is related to the anthurium flower since ancient times and it is present even today.

It is also believed that this flower may bring us good luck and it can be a great protection against any evil that may exist around us. That’s why it is good to have this flower at your home in any time.

Another symbolic meaning of the anthurium flower is happiness. If you have this flower in your garden or in your home, it is believed that it will bring you a lot of joy and happy moments. We have already said that the leaves and blooms of this flower are in a shape of a heart, so they remind us of love and happiness. If you have anthurium flowers in your home, it will certainly be full of positive energy and good vibrations.

This flower can be also regarded as a symbol of abundance and wealth. Actually, this flower will bring abundance in your home, but it is also recommended to have this flower in the office, because it will certainly bring you success at work.

The most common use of the anthurium flowers is the ornamental use and there is no doubt that it will make your home and your garden even more beautiful. We have already said that the anthurium flower is typical for its long-lasting blooms, so it is usually used for wedding arrangements and also for making bouquets for brides.

Also, the anthurium flower can be a great present for someone who has just graduated or for someone who has been promoted. This flower is also used for retirement celebrations in different countries. We have to mention that the anthurium flower can be a nice birthday flower as well. As you can see, this flower is a part of many celebrations and you can decide if you will use this flower singly or in a bouquet.

Now when you have seen what are the symbolic meanings of the anthurium flower, we will explain you the importance of its colors.

Colors of the Anthurium Flower

The anthurium flower can be found in many different colors, as we have already mentioned above, and each of these colors has its specific meaning. The symbolic meaning of a certain flower will to a large extent depend on its color. We will try to explain you what each color of the anthurium flower means, so it will be much easier for you to understand its symbolism.

First of all, we will mention the red anthurium flower, which is a symbol of passion and love. If you ae looking for a gift for your emotional partner, we recommend you to choose this flower. It can be also used in wedding arrangements and in many other occasion in which love is celebrated. These flowers could be a great present for the Valentine’s day and anniversaries in your relationship.

Of course, there is the white anthurium flower as well. As all other white flowers, this flower is also a symbol of something pure and innocent. It could be a great choice for bridal bouquets and also for wedding deocrations. Also, when a child has been born, you can use this flower to make beautiful arrangements.

We can also find the anthurium flower in pink color and it usually symbolizes femininity and the love of a mother. It could be a nice present for  your friend who has recently become a mother. A pink anthurium flower is a nice present for someone who you love, but who is not your emotional partner. It could be a great gift for you friend, mother or sister.

We can also interpret pink color of this flower as neutral, so if you can’t decide which color is the best for a certain occasion, you can choose this neutral color. One of the occasions in which this flower could be a great choice is when you are going to the house of someone for the first time.

We will also mention the anthurium flower in green color. It is usually considered as a symbol of hope, power and growth. This flower is natural, so you can give this flower to anyone. Also, it will certainly look great in your home. The green anthurium flower will freshen your home and give it the natural look.

The anthurium flower can also be found in purple color and it is usually considered as a symbol of spirituality and royalty. This flower is typical for people who don’t like usual things and who prefer to have something different from other people.

As you could see, these are some of the most important colors in which we can find the anthurium flowers. We hope that now you can understand much better the symbolism of the anthurium flower, as well as the flower symbolism in general. We recommend you to have anthurium flowers at your home because they will bring you happiness, abundance and positive vibrations.