Alstroemeria Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors

If you love flowers, then you have probably heard of  symbolic meanings that flowers may have. There are a lot of meanings related to flowers, so it is believed that the flowers have their special language. Since the earliest times people have tried to discover the symbolism of flowers and to interpret the messages that the flowers are sending to us. Flower symbolism attracts the attention of people even today. It helps us choose the right kind of a flower for someone we love.

Also, it helps us learn more about the history of a certain flower. There is no ceremony that could be celebrated without flowers. Also, we use flowers to show our emotions and our respect to someone. If you are also a lover of flowers, then you will certainly enjoy in this text.

We will tell you something about the alstroemeria flower. This flower is not only beautiful, but it has also many other good characteristics and its symbolism is very important. If you want to find out what this flower may symbolize, we recommend you to read this article to the end.

First of all we will tell you some basic facts about the alstroemeria flower and after that you will have the opportunity to read about its symbolism. When it comes to the symbolism of flowers, it is very important to take into account the color of a certain flower, so we will tell you something about alstroemeria flower’s colors as well.

We are sure that you will find useful and interesting information in this text, so you will be able to understand better the symbolism of the alstroemeria flower. It will help you choose the right flower for a certain occasion.

Before we give a flower to someone as a gift, it is very important to know the symbolism of that flower. The flower will help you express your emotions toward someone without saying a word. So, let’s start and see first what are the botanical characteristics of the alstroemeria flower.

What Is the Alstroemeria Flower?

The alstroemeria flower was discovered in 18. century by a botanist and baron from Sweden, whose name was Baron Claus von Alstromer. He was collecting seeds in Spain when he discovered this beautiful flower. As you can see, the name of alstroemeria flower comes from that person.

Now you may be wondering where the alstroemeria flower comes from. Actually, this flower is native to Peru, but today it can be found all over the world. That’s why the symbolism of this flower is different in different cultures and parts of the world. The alstroemeria flower is a long-lasting plant and people love to have it in a garden. It is interesting to mention the leaves of this flower, which grow upside. Other names of the alstroemeria flower are the lily of the Incas, the Peruvian lily and also the parrot lily.

The alstroemeria flower can be found in many different colors, such as yellow, white, pink, purple, orange or red. It is interesting to know that each of these colors has a special meaning, but more about that you will read later in this text.

It is important to say that the alstroemeria flower is not used in medicinal purposes. Actually, this flower is poisonous, so its healing properties are not important in this case. It is not good to make teas of this flower or to eat it.

Meaning and Symbolism of the Alstroemeria Flower

There are many symbolic meanings related to the alstroemeria flower. Some of them are friendship, devotion, fortune, wealth, etc. Now you will have the opportunity to read more about the hidden meanings and symbolism of the alstroemeria flower.

First of all we have to explain the symbolism of the alstroemeria flower related to friendship. This symbolism exists since long ago and it is associated with mutual support between two people. In most cases these people are friends or members of the family. Also, if your friend is going through a very difficult period and if you want to show your support, then you should gift your friend with this flower.

Also, we have mentioned that the alstroemeria flower symbolizes devotion, so you can give this flower to someone you love, but not only in a romantic sense. If you have a person who is very important in your life, then we recommend you to give her this beautiful flower. Also, if someone is starting a new chapter in life, an alstroemeria flower would be a great gift for that person. This way you will show your support and affection toward that person.

The alstroemeria flower can also be related to the search of new friends. It is believed that if you have these flowers in your home, it will attract new friends in your life. The alstroemeria flower has positive vibrations, so it will attract new people not only in your home, but also in your life. Sometimes the alstroemeria flower is also related to romantic relationships, so you can give it to your loved person for Valentine’s day.

The alstroemeria flower can also symbolize survival. Actually, it symbolizes that you will survive all difficulties and problems that youu have. This flower is reminding us to be strong and not to give up.

If you get the alstroemeria flower from someone, it will have a special symbolism. It will mean that you should follow your dreams and believe in yourself. You have to achieve your own goals, not only in material, but also in a spiritual sense.

Now when you know what the alstroemeria flower usually symbolizes, we will tell you in which occasions it would be good to use this flower. First of all this flower is used for celebrating friendship anniversaries. If you have your best friend, this flower is certainly the most important symbol of your friendship.

Also, if you are looking for a flower that you will give to a member of your family, then we recommend you to choose the alstroemeria flower. Now it is the time to see something about alstroemeria colors.

Colors of the Alstroemeria Flower

If you are interested in the symbolism of flowers, then you certainly know that the color of a flower plays a very important role.

Actually, the same flower can have different meanings when it appears in different colors. Now we will tell you something about the colors that are typical for the alstroemeria flower and we will explain you the symbolism of all those colors.

If you choose to have the alstroemeria flowers which are red or pink, then they will be a symbol of affection and love that you have towards your friend. Because of that it is recommended to gift your friend with a red or pink alstroemeria flower. Of course, a red or pink alstroemeria flower can be a symbol of romantic feelings as well.

The orange alstroemeria flower is usually a symbol of the goals and aspirations that you have in your life. It can also symbolize positive energy, so if you want to make someone happy, you can choose this flower as a gift.

The symbolism of the purple alstroemeria flower is related to uniqueness and elegance, so if you think that someone of your friends is unique and beautiful, then this flower could be a nice present for that person.

We will also mention the alstroemeria flowers that could be yellow, blue or white. They are usually a symbol of our worries and concerns about someone we love. It is possible that our dear person is feeling bad, so the best way to show our concern is to buy yellow, blue or white alstroemeria flowers for that person.

But, there are also other interpretations of a yellow color in these flowers. A yellow alstroemeria flower can symbolize joy and happiness, so you can use it to decorate your home. Also, we have to say that the white alstroemeria flower is a symbol of spiritual life and purity. Because of that you can use this flower for wedding decoration.

At the end of this article we can tell you what is actually a message that the alstroemeria flower is sending to us. This flower is telling us to keep our friends close to us and to show our love every day. We should respect our friends, because there are not a lot of real friends in this world. If we have a real friend, then we are happy persons and we should cherish our friendship.

Another message that the alstroemeria flower is giving to us is to be open to make new contacts and to have a developed social life. Of course, we have to mention the most important message that the alstroemeria flower is giving to us. This message is asssociated with our dreams and goals. We should follow our dreams and we should never give up, even if the situation seems to be so difficult. We have to believe in ourselves and in our own abilities.

We have a lot of opportunities in front of us and we have to believe in our success. If you want to have a positive attitude and to achieve your goals, it is recommended to have alstroemeria flowers in our garden or in our home. It is believed that these flowers will bring us good luck and positive energy.

As you could see in this text, the alstroemeria flower symbolizes relations between two people. It is usually associated with friendships, but it may be also a symbol of romantic feelings.

However, it is important to say that the alstroemeria is a symbol of something that is much bigger than passion. It is actually a strong connection between people that could last forever. We have told you that the alstroemeria flower is a symbol of devotion, support and survival as well.

Also, it is believed that if you have this flower by your side, it will certainly attract new people in your home and in your life in general. As you have seen, there are so many different meanings related to alstroemeria flowers.

We hope that now you can understand better the symbolism of this plant. Also, we are sure that you will decorate your home with this beautiful flower because it will certainly attract positive things into your life.